Chronomancer - Glamour

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Maybe it never coalesced into something brilliant. Maybe it never made it off the ground floor. Maybe we based our better ideas off of it. Basic builds are anywhere from downright bad to just shy of being good enough to showcase. These builds share the widest ratings and can lead to wildly differing levels of success.

Focused on: SupportUtility.

Designed for:

Expansions required:

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Glamour Chrono is a self-sufficient, offensive frontline support that helps its team with strong offensive utility in the form of boonrip and CC as well as high Resistance Resistance application.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • In general, drop
    to add a different utility. With multiple mesmers available to stomp, dropping
    on some is also an option.
  • when additional Stability Stability is needed, such as a party with one or no guardians.
  • for stealth access


  • Extremely strong AoE CC with a much shorter CD than
    . Combos well with
  • Glamour skill that can hit 10 friendlies, giving Resistance Resistance and Quickness Quickness. Pulses Slow Slow on enemies.



  • If not using Staff.


  • Both of your adept traits are about equally useful, personal preference.


Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Superior Rune of Mercy
Healing WvW Infusion





  • .




  • Activate
    at the end of the cast time of a skill, rather than before casting, to fit more skills inside the split window.
    • Try to split your longer cooldown abilities so you get more usage, generally the elite,
      and Can't find such trait "Mimic"! Please refer to our trait index.
    • Shatter skills can be used inside
      without disrupting the use of other skills
    • Consider usage of
      carefully, unless the skill will make a decisive impact on the fight it is often better to wait and use it inside split for the shorter cooldown. Do not to hesitate to use it when it will have a decisive impact though - it is a very powerful skill.
  • All of your shatters give a stack of Stability Stability, don't be afraid to use them just to keep yourself safe.
  • Don't feel the need to max illusions before shattering, it is perfectly acceptable to shatter with one or no illusions out.
  • Try to land
    in places where the last tick will be able to heal your frontline such as regroups or while cleaving downs. Be careful not to obstruct Water Fields with it however.

Opening Combo

  1. Start in Sword/Shield
  2. Weapon Swap to proc
  3. Elite skill.
  4. In the aftercast of your elite skill, use
    . If executed correctly your elite will be off cooldown when you leave split. If you are having trouble with this due to ping or other factors, use your split just before the cast finishes instead.
  5. ends
  • During steps 8-10 you should cast all of your shatter skills (other than
    ), if you have difficulty using all of them, make sure to at least use


  • is your second, short CD
    which can be handy when you are expecting a burst but ran out of dodges.
  • Use the chain skill of
    to lock down focus targets for your group. Be careful of it putting you in a bad position however, be ready to dodge quickly after casting or in some situations ignore the skill.
  • Don't be afraid to hold on to
    if it isn't immediately needed, you have 10 seconds until the buff expires.
  • has no target cap and hits both allies and enemies.


  • Make use of the About Face keybinding to
    forwards quickly.
  • 's Ethereal Field is powerful at the beginning of fights, but be careful not to disrupt Water Fields later on.
  • can be used on downed players to fish for interrupts on stomps and rezzes.
  • can be combined with
    to safely finish downed players. Use
    after starting the stomp then just before the cast time finishes use
    to move back to the downed player.
Build rating: 45%
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4 Ratings
Bronze Medal - Basic
Dekong said this build was basic last month

Glamour is a lazy Boonshare Chrono build. Only thing it offers that the other doesn't it's the access to Superspeed.

Boonshare chrono is way better.

Bronze Medal - Basic
Freya said this build was basic last month

I see no value in this build compared to the one in meta section. Even the boonstrips that made this usable for a short while are nerfed.

Focus is simply better than staff. Blink is not needed on minstrel. Mimic for null field is definetly not worth instead of signet.

If anything this can be presented thourgh variation choices in the other mesmer build.

Silver Medal - Good
Xivor said this build was good November 2017

Glamours are making a slow return after boon stripping is making SoI less useful and the resistance spam of the glamour build counters the condi meta fairly decently. Good support, strong boonstrip, strong resistance uptime. Provides alacrity and quickness to buff allies, while remaining durable. Distortion share = win when used properly.

UPDATE - 20180617

Since I last voted, the Chronomancer has gone through some changes. Distortion share was removed, and the meta has shifted a bit. I am reducing my vote to GOOD to compensate. The current meta build has been refined from the one that was up when this build was first created, and the curated meta build is superior.

1 More Rating
Gold Medal - Great
Arete said this build was great November 2017

Very strong build with excellent personal defensive cooldowns making it fairly easy to play. Has the highest burst Resistance output of any build as well as massive boonrip pressure and cleansing, but runs out of steam in longer fights so usually only a great option for GvG. Uniquely suited to blink stomping and rezzing compared to other classes.

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