Holosmith - Melee Conversion Holosmith

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Maybe it never coalesced into something brilliant. Maybe it never made it off the ground floor. Maybe we based our better ideas off of it. Basic builds are anywhere from downright bad to just shy of being good enough to showcase. These builds share the widest ratings and can lead to wildly differing levels of success.

Focused on: Node holding and teamfighting.

Designed for:

Melee Conversion Holo - a durable node holder with more teamfight presence than spellbreaker.

Skill Bar




Superior Sigil of Enhancement
Superior Sigil of Enhancement.pngSuperior Sigil of Enhancement
Deal 0.5% extra damage per boon on yourself.
Superior Sigil of Exploitation
Superior Sigil of Exploitation.pngSuperior Sigil of Exploitation
Deal 5% extra damage to targets below 50% health.
Superior Rune of the Water
Superior Rune of the Water.pngSuperior Rune of the Water
(1): +25 Healing Power (2): +5% Boon Duration (3): +50 Healing Power (4): 25% chance when struck to remove a condition. (Cooldown: 30s) (5): +100 Healing Power (6): +15% Boon Duration; When you use a heal skill, you and nearby allies are healed for a small amount. (Cooldown: 10s)
Demolisher's Amulet
Demolisher's Amulet.pngDemolisher's Amulet
+1050 Power +1050 Precision +560 Toughness +560 Ferocity

Equipment Changes


  • Superior Rune of Leadership Superior Rune of Leadership
    Superior Rune of Leadership.pngSuperior Rune of Leadership
    (1): +8 to All Stats (2): +5% Boon Duration (3): +12 to All Stats (4): +10% Boon Duration (5): +16 to All Stats (6): +10% Boon Duration; when you use an elite skill, convert up to 3 conditions into boons of all nearby allies. (Cooldown: 45 seconds)
  • Superior Rune of the Monk Superior Rune of the Monk
    Superior Rune of the Monk.pngSuperior Rune of the Monk
    (1): +25 Healing Power (2): +5% Boon Duration (3): +50 Healing Power (4): +10% Boon Duration (5): +100 Healing Power (6): +10% outgoing heal effectiveness to allies, +1% outgoing heal effectiveness for 3 seconds whenever granting a boon to an ally (max 10)
    (try it out with
    for a potentially interesting alternative)


  • Superior Sigil of Energy Superior Sigil of Energy
    Superior Sigil of Energy.pngSuperior Sigil of Energy
    Gain 50% of your endurance when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
    Superior Sigil of Cleansing Superior Sigil of Cleansing
    Superior Sigil of Cleansing.pngSuperior Sigil of Cleansing
    Remove 1 condition when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
    as other sigils for more survivability in outnumbered fights.


Elite specialization basics

  • Holosmith grants access to the Photon Forge (sometimes referred to as holo mode) and introduces a new resource: heat. Heat is generated passively while the forge is active, or by activating forge skills. Higher CD skills generally generate more heat.
  • Reaching maximum heat (150) should be avoided as overheating damages you and locks you out of the forge until heat goes back to 0 (you don't get any of the healing from
    ). Going above 100 heat will grant you a great source of might from
  • is used to activate the forge, after which your weapon skills will be replaced by 5 new ones. You can't exit the forge for at least 5 seconds, so be careful about reentering with high heat levels, you also get a nice condition converter when you leave photon forge (based on your heat levels just like your sword skills) thanks to

Forge skills

This is where a good chunk of the damage comes from

  • Although the auto attack chain got significant nerfs in March 2018, it can still do considerable cleave damage especially with Quickness Quickness.
  • will be used to maintain permanent Swiftness Swiftness and Vigor Vigor (through
    ), keep using this skill out of combat as well but don't build too much heat. Holo Leap also does considerable damage while in combat. Keep in mind that this is a Leap Finisher, so always try to combo it with either a Light Field for Light Aura Light Aura or a Water Field for healing, you can also combine it with an Ice field for
    Frost Aura Frost Aura
    Frost Aura
    Protect yourself with frost armor that reduces incoming damage by 10%. While active, it chills foes that hit you. Each attaker can be affected by this only once per second.
    Frost Aura.pngFrost Aura (7s): -10% Incoming Damage
    Chill.pngChilled (2s): -66% Movement Speed, -66% Skill Recharge Rate
  • will be the only source of Stability Stability in the build and a good source of Might Might, granting up to 5 stacks per use. There's a second attack too which goes off after a short delay. This should be the first skill you use after entering holo mode.
  • can be useful for reaching targets trying to escape, but won't be used much.
  • is an excellent AoE CC and also a Blast Finisher. You can also fake cast it by stowing your weapon right after activation in order to bait enemy dodges.
  • Leaving photon forge with a good amount of heat gives you access to a lot of healing from

Sword and Shield

Sword has a great auto attack chain that deals good damage (its damage increases with heat tiers you reach) and reduces the cooldown of the other sword skills, they're also all improved with heat tiers, especially when above 100 heat thanks to

  • is only really ever worth using above 100 heat, since the damage is incredibly mediocre under 50, barely average between 50 and 100, but great above 100.
  • is a really great source of quickness above 100 heat, and decent over 50 heat.
  • is a great projectile reflect that can be used for CC and/or a blast with
  • is a great way to block and get rid of stability from attacking foes, while also interrupting skills like
    , while also giving you access to


  • There is a lot of cleansing (that will convert conditions into boons thanks to
    ) in the build, they are:
    combined with protection you apply to yourself from
    combined with
    ; as well as
    , and finally Light Field blasting (you get a light field from
    • If you want access to more frequent cleansing, consider picking up the turret instead of detonating it, you'll lose a bit of healing in exchange for 25% CD reduction.
    • Alternatively, detonating the turret in
      sacrifices some AoE healing but cleanses one additional condition.
  • Your
    gives you access to many fields, including a pulsing blind and light field from
    , which is great to mitigate damage from warriors in
    , who you'll be facing often while holding node, you also get an ice field with
    to use leaps and blasts onto to give you
    Frost Aura Frost Aura
    Frost Aura
    Protect yourself with frost armor that reduces incoming damage by 10%. While active, it chills foes that hit you. Each attaker can be affected by this only once per second.
    Frost Aura.pngFrost Aura (7s): -10% Incoming Damage
    Chill.pngChilled (2s): -66% Movement Speed, -66% Skill Recharge Rate
    (5 seconds from leaps and 3 seconds from blasts for allies around you).
  • , its toolbelt skill
    , and
    are Water Fields.
  • Aim to only use
    above 50 heat to increase its effectiveness.
  • ,
    can CC people long enough to set up a burst.
  • You can stack a lot of healing with your pulsing heals from
    , and Regeneration Regeneration.
  • Both Engage Photon Forge and Disengage Photon Forge can proc weapon swap sigils, and so can your kits.

Top Streamers

Build rating - 3 stars
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4 Ratings
5 stars
Bobruler0896 gave this build 5 stars August 2018

In my honest opinion though; the basic build is 'okay', you just have to re-tune it to your playstyle. I do honestly believe the S/Sh works a lot better for this build. Rifle is too lack-luster and useless for anything other than auto-spamming. Plus you get a lot more tankiness and easy access cleansing with shield o/h.

0 stars
Hanz gave this build 0 stars August 2018

It's not that different from the Rifle build. If Sword/Shield was good enough we could just add this version as a variant - but it isn't.

S/Sh just adds more of the same. There's plenty of sustain/cleansing already, and photon forge already provides you with everything that's needed for melee. You do not need a second melee set, especially not if it costs you damage, CC, range, and mobility. Rifle is much better overall.

I don't really agree with the double kit either. The elite I can understand, but I'd never run double kit with holo forge.

The GM trait on Holosmith may make it seem like you get more heat management but you don't, Thermal Release Valve is just better. Your trait option is better for burst damage but suffers in longer fights (which is going to be inevitable with this setup). Prismatic Converter would be an absolute must for this build too imo.

0 stars
Snipermaster199 gave this build 0 stars July 2018

Great build! love playing it just will take a lot to get used to!

1 More Rating
5 stars
Shirin gave this build 5 stars July 2018

Great build ton of sustain and lots of fun to play!

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