Build rating - 3 stars
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3 Ratings
0 stars
Baescons gave this build 0 stars September 2020

No damage no sustain. Not even as good as old archived builds let alone what’s been being played in 2s and 3s. Only reason to play it is if you want double scourge in 2v2s - this could be so 1 is support while you closer to power with rez signet, but Rez signet will just take all you hp away and you will be farmed if paired with anything besides support.

Edit: lost last bit of viability now that the only good trait was reworked to abasically f tier, in pvp currently, trait.

5 stars
Princ152 gave this build 5 stars August 2020

Baescons comment completely incorrect. Power scourge can do just fine on its own. Very nice semi-ranged pressure with dagger and axe combined with barrier and condi corrupt on shades alongside areal denial.

4 stars
Thelonius gave this build 4 stars June 2020

Definitely hard to switch from Reaper to Scourge, but it sure feels more resilient and you bring more to the team than just raw damage.