Mesmer - Chrondition Shatter Sustain


Hey, I just took a glance at your build; it looks wonderful. But, I believe we are using the elite spec instead of the original profession for a rule of thumb in build titles. For example, your build title should look like "Chronomancer - Condition Shatter Sustain". Chronomancer - Settler's Condition Shatter would be even a greater title in my opinion. Foxman525 (Elementalist Icon Color.png /u/ Necromancer Icon Color.png) 13:18, 4 November 2015 (UTC)


Thank you! This is my first one and I'm still struggling through it. Trying to hit all the right notes and make it the same format as everyone else's. Any critiques are greatly appreciated. How do I delete this page now, since I have moved it to the different titled page? I can't seem to find a delete button. :(