Chobo (hangul: 초보, hanji: 初步, literally "first step") stands for "a novice player". Though MetaBattle is geared towards more experienced players, the hope of this page is to provide new players with resources to learn about the game and provide some answers to frequently asked questions.

-- Work in Progress --

Things to add:

  • Important links (Dulfy, Official Wiki, Reddit, etc.)
  • Relevant articles/links for beginners (Combos, Guild Recruitment, etc.)
  • FAQ ("does my armor stat affect PvP?")


  • Screenshot without UI: Shift + Print Screen (Or alternatively: Ctrl + Shift + H > Print Screen > Ctrl + Shift + H)


  • Ping: Shift + Click Left Mouse Button click
  • Draw: Shift + Drag Left Mouse Button
  • Set Marker: Alt + Left Mouse Button


  • You can set different skills to autoattack. For instance "For Great Justice!" on Warrior. Ctrl + Right Mouse Button click the skill to set auto-cast (Or repeat on an auto-cast skill to remove all auto-casts).


  • Call/Mark: Ctrl + T (default)
  • Take target: T (default)


  • Shift + Left Click an item, skill, trait, or waypoint to link it in chat.
  • Ctrl + Left click to directly chat.


  • Holding down alt and/or control will display names of interactables on the screen. Useful for many heart quests! -
    • Special thanks to Sryzon & many others for the tip**
  • To split your stacked items and only select a few items from a stack just alt + left click and drag to an open slot in your bag. -
    • Special thanks to Garenzy for the tip**
  • In the inventory screen if you click the cog wheel you can select deposit ALL collectibles. It's a huge time saver some people might have missed.
  • When you are doing a heart quest or just farming mats from nodes, you don't have to stop auto running. If you hold alt down to see all the yellow names pop up (like iron ore) while your running by you can hit gather while still auto running. After you character is done at the node he will continue running the direction you are looking -
    • Special thanks to Vonskrump for the awesome tips**
  • Type /wiki <search term> in the chat and it will open your browser and redirect you to the official wiki article!

for example: /wiki Iron Ore /wiki Ascalon Catacombs -

    • Special thanks to Fzninuse for the tip**
  • If you right click on a dye color in your panel, it adds that color to a favorites panel in the dye menu. -
    • Special thanks to Jatzninc & LaughingPlague for the tip**
  • In chat, typing /death(s) - lists number of times you've died.

/age - total time you have played on your character and total time. Although I'm not sure why but there seems to be missing time between total character time and total play time. / dance * - sync your dancing with other people for awesome Synchronized dance parties. -

    • Special thanks to Jiped for the tip**
  • You can set your status (in the Y menu) to LFG. Players in the same zone as you can then add LFG players by going to the Y menu then selecting the tab on the side. -
    • Special thanks to iRanga0 for the tip**

Hopefully one/some of these were a little help to you. If you know any tips or tricks that others may be unaware of, definitely post them here. I was surprised at just how many people didn't know about some of the above tips. (myself included on a few of them)

    • EDIT: Wow, this has gotten a massive response from people and there are a TON of helpful tips. Since my workload has picked up I haven't been able to add more to my original post but I WILL be adding some of the tips from below here into my OP when I get home. Thank you for your patience guys and I'm glad this has turned into a giant discussion into various unpublished commands/tricks.**

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