ValentoExt is a small suit of parser functions to handle various string operations. It was developed by Valento in collaboration with Galaxian to aid in creating specific templates for this wiki (Metabattle), although it can also be used by other wikis if they see fit.

It currently offers the following functions:


Counts how many times <string2> is contained in <string1>.

{{#scount:One, Two, Three, Two, Two, Four|Two}}

Duplicates <string> <n> times, separating with an optional delimiter <delim>.

{{#duplicate:NyanCat|5|, }}
NyanCat, NyanCat, NyanCat, NyanCat, NyanCat
{{#uniquearr:<string array>|<delim>}}

Removes duplicated entries from <string array>. A delimiter <delim> is required so the function knows how to split the string array correctly to re-adjust it.

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