Forsaken Thicket - Spirit Vale


This is not an in depth guide about the first wing, but it should help you to decide your team composition and give you some small advices about the encounter.

Vale Guardian

Recommended Team Composition

Distributed Magic (Green AoE)
  • The four stated ranged classes will go into the green circle.
    • Being downed inside the green circle doesn't count as standing in it.
  • Alternatively Mesmers can negate the damage by using distortion
  • The AoE only spawns in the third the boss is standing in.
Unstable Magic Spike (Blue AoE)
  • Should be dodged as it does a fairly amount of damage as well as porting you away.
  • Getting ported away might kill you in phase 2 and 3 as you will get damage from the floor.
VG Area.png
  • 2x Condi + 1 PS War or 3x condi go to the Red Guardian.
  • The other 7 go to the Blue Guardian.
  • One ranged DPS or the druid can pull the Green Guardian (while standing in blue).
Magic Storm (Breakbar)
  • Strength: 2000 -> Stops the attack.
  • Should get broken quite fast in the last phase to move him properly and not getting bad Distributed Magic spawns.
  • CC Chart

Gorseval the Multifarious

Recommended Team Composition

Gorseval Area.png
  • 4-1 splitt top and bottom
  • 4 ppl left, 1 person right
  • Group 1 goes top
  • Group 2 goes bottom
  • Single person should have high amount of Soft CC's
  • It is also possible to immobilize the Ghosts when they're inside Gorsevals hitbox to kill all of them at once
  • Ranged DPS should deal with them.
  • Only clean as much as needed, don't waste too much DPS on it.
Knockback attack
  • Should be dodged, blocked or insta stunbreaked (e.g.
    Gale Song
    Gale Song.pngGale Song
    Trigger "Eye of the Storm!" when a foe attempts to control you by stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, fear, taunt, or launch.
    ) otherwise it will result in a DPS loss.
  • Always appears after an attack.
  • You can't dodge it, so you have to walk out.
  • Getting into an egg is a DPS loss.
  • In case you get Egg'd, spam the Special Action key. (Check your settings for it!)
  • The Eggs can be destroyed by team members.
  • The dark fields deal quite some damage, besides applying 25 stacks of vulnerability.
  • Breakbar-Strength: 4500 -> 4.5 seconds of knockdown.
  • Can be slowed down to expand the damage phase.

Sabetha the Saboteur

Recommended Team Composition

Sabetha Area.png
  • 2 of the ranged DPS alternating the cannons, third person might have to help out.
  • Alternative determine 4 people, 1 for each cannon.
  • Deactivate the rotation of your minimap .
Flak Shot
  • Always goes to the person standing furthest away from the boss.
  • Can be done by Druid, Ele or Reaper .
Sabetha Flamewall
  • You can control the starting direction, she starts on a player -> stack together.
  • You should never get killed by the Flamewall.
    • You can't block or evade the Flamewall, but you can use teleports to get to the other side.
Sapper Bomb + Cannon
  • Sappers throw bombs on a specific target.
    • Use your action key button to throw the ground target bomb on the bumper plattform.
  • Try to be at full life when going up, the Bandit Sniper might kill you otherwise.
  • You can launch yourself or another team member.
  • When going back, make sure that you won't get hit by Sabetha's Flamewall.
Heavy Bomb
  • Kick'em as fast as possible otherwise they will slowly destroy the platform.
  • Sidestep the cone AoE so you wont get killed, you can just walk through her as well.
  • Breakbar-Strength: 1000 -> 5 seconds of stun with 50% increased damage.
  • You really should break him, otherwise he might knock off some of your teammates.
  • CC Chart
  • Don't get hit by his Flamethrower attack, you can walk through him.
  • Destroy the turrets as fast as possible.
  • Don't stand in it, you will get hit by all the fireballs.