Admin noticeboard info

A number of issues can only be resolved by administrators. This noticeboard is one of the means by which users contact administrators in order to identify a problem that needs administrative attention. Although editors are welcome to directly contact particular administrators, posting on this page instead may be an easier way to let the entire administrative group know of the issue (which may be particularly helpful since it increases the odds that at least one administrator will see, and thus be able to respond to, the issue promptly).

That said, don't overuse the noticeboard! Many problems can be solved without administrative intervention, and thus this page should be reserved for issues that actually require an administrator. Blocking vandals, (un)deleting pages, (un)protecting pages, removing votes and potential mediation are all sysop duties.

In case of basic vandalism, a delete tag or a revert of the vandal's edit will usually suffice. If the user is human (not a spam or vandal bot), leave a note on their talk page letting them know that kind of editing is unacceptable, and if it continues, definitely post on the admin noticeboard about it. Always feel free to post regarding anything obscene or illegal, as that requires immediate administrative attention.

To create a new request: add an item to the list below, providing a brief, neutral summary of the issue. As a sign of courtesy, also leave a message on the talk page of any other involved users so they're aware of the discussion. If you are alerting an admin of a vandal, use the {{IP}} template, with the first parameter being the vandal's IP or username. If requesting a vote removal, please link to the build in question.

Note that this is not a talk page and that the respective moderators of each section reserve the right to remove non-administrative comments without discussion.