This page is an official policy on MetaBattle.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

Administrative Policy[edit]

Administrators are users with special powers that are in charge of maintaining MetaBattle. By following the official policies, an administrator is granted the power to - Protect, Block and Delete- as they see fit.

An administrator has the rights to use their power at any given time in case of policy violations regardless of user standing - that is, an anonymous IP and a user that has stood on the wiki since its creation are expected to be treated the same in terms of administrative actions.

Despite their powers, administrators do not have any additional say in content on this wiki. Most of the administrators are active editors just like any normal editor. Any conflicts between those two parts should be solved by following the conflict policies. An administrator should not protect a page, block or delete a user in case of disagreements. An administrator is therefore not allowed to ban a user they are directly involved with; instead, he will ask another administrator to examine the situation from a neutral perspective.

In case of vandalism, such as page blanking and inserting false information, the violator may be warned - or simply banned, based on the severity of their actions. Repeated violations will lead to harsher punishments. Link spammers will be permanently banned.

List of Administrators[edit]


Username Talk page Main Area Email IGN Skype Location
The Blue Rangerr Talk WvW Section E-mail User
Hanz Talk PvP Section E-mail User Hungary
Troupe Talk PvE Section (Fractal/Dungeon & Raid) E-mail User Australia
Galaxian Talk Owner E-mail User Sylvari.6083 Muki941 Sweden

Back Up[edit]

Username Talk page Main Area Email IGN Skype Location
Antivirus Talk Backup Server Admin E-mail User Kotayba04 Sweden


Username Talk page Main Area
Chinkeeyong Talk Open World Section (PvE)
Jerem Talk PvE Section
Josepepowner Talk PvE Section
Billaboong Talk Guides Section
DefineLies Talk WvW Section
Chase Talk Design/UI/UX, Programmer, Templates, Server Admin
Casual Talk PvE Curator - Ranger
Leks Talk PvE Curator - Engineer / Elementalist
Haru Talk WvW Section
Auron Talk Policy
Valento Talk Semantic MediaWiki / Templates
Eremko Talk Templates
Dantes Talk PvP Section
Thor Talk PvE Section
Arete Talk WvW Section

Administrative Tools[edit]

Abuse Filter[edit]

The Abuse Filter allows admins to prevent potentially harmful edits before they can be made by checking edits against predetermined conditions. If you believe an edit of yours was blocked by the filter in error, contact any administrator or anyone who has been granted the right to modify the filters.

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