Has canonical name

This text property identifies the canonical name of the game asset being described, as distinct from the wiki page name which may include a disambiguation suffix.

Showing 20 pages using this property.
"Aftershock!"  +
"Chilled to the Bone!"  +
"Eye of the Storm!"  +
"Fear Me!"  +
"Feel My Wrath!"  +
"Feel the Burn!"  +
"Flash-Freeze!"  +
"For Great Justice!"  +
"Guard!"  +
"Hold the Line!"  +
"Nothing Can Save You!"  +
"On My Mark!"  +
"Protect Me!"  +
"Rebound!"  +
"Receive the Light!"  +
"Retreat!"  +
"Rise!"  +
"Save Yourselves!"  +
"Search and Rescue!"  +
"Shake It Off!"  +
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