EWeapon skill


Resolve skill ids based on class/weapon combo. Designed to be used by {{ESkillbar standard}}.

{{EWeapon skill|<unnamed param 1>|<unnamed param 2>|<unnamed param 3>|att}}

Important: The elements returned by this template must be wrapped in a container with its display property set to either table or flex.


unnamed param 1
unnamed param 2
First weapon, either one-hand or two-handed. Accepts either x (one-handed), or 2h (two-handed) to display optional slots.
unnamed param 3
Optional. Second weapon for dual-wield combo. Accepts x to display optional slots (offhand).
Optional. Attunement. Accepts fire, water, air, or earth. Defaults to fire.


{{EWeapon skill|elementalist|staff}}
{{EWeapon skill|elementalist|scepter|dagger|att=earth}}
{{EWeapon skill|thief|x|pistol}}
{{EWeapon skill|thief|dagger|x}}
{{EWeapon skill|revenant|2h}}
{{EWeapon skill|revenant|x|x}}
{{EWeapon skill|warrior|mace|x}}
{{EWeapon skill|guardian|axe|x}}
{{EWeapon skill|mesmer|scepter|focus}}