Virtures Action
Guardian-minor-trait.pngVirtures Action
Changes Virtue's effects. Justice: throw and tether enemies with a spear, activate again to pull. Resolve: Leap, break immobilize & AoE heal upon landing. Courage: Blocks all attacks in a cone where you are facing.
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Piercing Light
Trait I.pngPiercing Light
Traps daze enemies for 1 second when activating and have 20% reduced recharge time.
Dulled Senses
Trait II.pngDulled Senses
Enemies you knock back are crippled for 4s. Enemies your cripple are also inflicted with 8s of vulnerability.
Soaring Devastion
Trait III.pngSoaring Devastion
Upon landing, Wings of Resolve deals damage and immobilize foes for 3 seconds.
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Defender's Dogma
Guardian-minor-trait.pngDefender's Dogma
Blocking an attack causes Spear of Justice to reach its maximum charge (your next attack causes burning).
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Hunter's Determination
Trait IV.pngHunter's Determination
Gain 8s of aegis and drop a Fragments of Faith trap at your location when you are inflicted with stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, taunt, float, launch, or sink.
Zealot's Aggression
Trait V.pngZealot's Aggression
Deal 10% more damage to crippled enemies. Justices's passive cripples enemies for 1.5s.
Trait VI.pngBulwark
Shield of Courage is 33% larger and lasts 2 seconds longer.
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Pure of Sight
Guardian-minor-trait.pngPure of Sight
Deal 7% more damage at 0-600 range or deal 13% more damage above 600 range.
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Hunter's Fortification
Trait VI.pngHunter's Fortification
Remove 1 condition when you block an attack (1s ICD). Receive 10% less damage when you have no conditions.
Heavy Light
Trait VIII.pngHeavy Light
Longbow arrows knock back 240 units when foes are within 300 range, gain 6 seconds of stability when you knock an enemy back. (CD: 10s)
Big Game Hunter
Trait IX.pngBig Game Hunter
You deal 10% more damage and causes 10s of vulnerability per strike to foes tethered by Spear of Justice.