To Do[edit]

  • fix register set up, tabbing doesn't work, field is not auto-focused, etc.
  • Calendar based on this (google calendar? share file with organizers so they can tweak/delete it then custom skin it on our main page is a possibility).
  • Class Guides for PvE (Map Completion/Story/Running around, Gathering, Farming, Dungeons, Weapon Sets, Armor Sets, etc.) to replace "Other" guides section

Skill Rotations Template

  • rotation= - Split, " x" split, boxes | rotation-loop=repeat "skill" until rotation is back up | title= | description= | hsplit= true (how to incorporate normal generic skills like drop bundle and what not into this...)
  • hsplit, vsplit
  • title
  • float boxes
  • combos inside rotations (make combos a skill. create unique icons perhaps for each combo or a generic symbol for all combos or a profession symbol for combos, enter in namespace like "Profession/Skill/Combo/CnD Steal" and it can have it's own hover over info explaining it. BOOM! then we don't have to worry about the difficulty of how to properly chain combos together on a thief for instance.
  • upload drop bundle and swap weapons icons
  • potential rotation icon background? or entire box background...?


  • Twitch, get title name, auto update.
  • Check if "top streamer" is online. Show online if they are. Embed stream in page and add link to stream.


Next level contents TOC box on right

  • Fix to top right section; start at header, move to top of screen on scroll
  • Collapse on scroll down to "hide" mode
  • Possibly an extension for this is already done


  • All the weapon, heal, utility, elite skills have an excessive border. They should be redone as 54x54 or 52x52 with 2px border perhaps. In game it's an interesting set up, not sure we can replicate perfectly on this wiki.
  • Borders around trait icons