These are for my reference and possibly for very niche play. Some could be theorycrafted, others could be one's I'm testing and need to reference.

June 23 2015[edit]

Engi Heal Turret, Tool+Grenade+Elixir+Mortar Kits

Evasive Powder Keg
Engineer-minor-trait.pngEvasive Powder Keg
Create a bomb when you dodge
Specialization line.png
Trait I.pngGrenadier
Increases your throw velocity of grenades by 100%. Increases the blast radius of grenades by 60
Explosive Descent
Trait II.pngExplosive Descent
You take 50% decreased damage from falling. When you take fall damage release a barrage of grenades
Glass Cannon
Trait III.pngGlass Cannon
Deal 5% increased damage while above 90% health
Specialization line.png
Steel-Packed Powder
Engineer-minor-trait.pngSteel-Packed Powder
Your explosions cause 5s of vulnerability
Specialization line.png
Aim-assisted Rocket
Trait IV.pngAim-assisted Rocket
You have a 33% chance when striking a foe to target them for a seeker rocket. This trait has a 10 second internal cooldown
Shaped Charge
Trait V.pngShaped Charge
You deal 7% increased damage to foes affected by vulnerability
Short Fuse
Trait VI.pngShort Fuse
Your bombs explode faster and bomb skills recharge 20% faster
Specialization line.png
Explosive Powder
Engineer-minor-trait.pngExplosive Powder
Explosions deal 10% more damage. Your turrets explode, dealing damage and knocking back nearby foes when destroyed
Specialization line.png
Siege Rounds
Trait VII.pngSiege Rounds
Orbital Strike comes down an additional time one second after the first strike. Mortar Kit ability effects last 50% longer
Trait VIII.pngShrapnel
Your explosions have a 15% chance to cause 12s of bleeding and 2s of cripple
Thermobaric Detonation
Trait IX.pngThermobaric Detonation
Evasive Powder Keg is now a blast finisher

gm can be bot

Optimized Activation
Engineer-minor-trait.pngOptimized Activation
Using a toolbelt skill grants 2s of vigor
Specialization line.png
Static Discharge
Trait I.pngStatic Discharge
Discharge a bolt of lightning when you activate a toolbelt skill
Reactive Lenses
Trait II.pngReactive Lenses
When blinded or disabled you activate utility goggles
Power Wrench
Trait III.pngPower Wrench
Tool kit skills recharge 20% faster and deal 10% more damage. Turret repairing abilities are 100% more effective
Specialization line.png
Mechanized Deployment
Engineer-minor-trait.pngMechanized Deployment
Your toolbelt skills recharge 15% faster
Specialization line.png
Streamlined Kits
Trait IV.pngStreamlined Kits
Equipping a kit creates and attack or spell and grants you 10s of swiftness. This trait has a 20 second internal cooldown
Lock On
Trait V.pngLock On
Striking a foe in stealth analyzes them, revealing them and inflicting them with 10 stacks of vulnerability for 8 seconds. This trait has a 20 second internal cooldown
Takedown Round
Trait VI.pngTakedown Round
Striking a foe above 50% health places a delayed explosive at their location. This trait has a 10 second internal cooldown
Specialization line.png
Excessive Energy
Engineer-minor-trait.pngExcessive Energy
Deal 10% more damage while your endurance is above 90%
Specialization line.png
Kinetic Charge
Trait VII.pngKinetic Charge
After evading a strike the next toolbelt skill you use is recharged instantly. This trait has a 20 second internal cooldown
Adrenal Implant
Trait VIII.pngAdrenal Implant
Endurance regeneration is increased by 50%
Trait IX.pngGadgeteer
Gain static charges when struck. At 5 charge levels your next gadget skill use is overcharged and recharges 50% faster

master can be mid

Hidden Flask
Engineer-minor-trait.pngHidden Flask
Drink an elixir B when struck while below 75% health
Specialization line.png
Invigorating Speed
Trait I.pngInvigorating Speed
When you gain swiftness you also gain 6s of vigor. This trait has a 5 second internal cooldown.
Protection Injection
Trait II.pngProtection Injection
Gain 3s of protection when you are disabled. This trait has a 5 second internal cooldown
Health Insurance
Trait III.pngHealth Insurance
While using Med Kit your outgoing healing to others is increased by 15%.
Specialization line.png
Incoming conditions have a 100% chance of being converted into a boon. This trait has a 15 second internal cooldown
Specialization line.png
Inversion Enzyme
Trait IV.pngInversion Enzyme
Elixir Gun abilities which remove conditions now convert them into boons instead
Self-regulating Defenses
Trait V.pngSelf-regulating Defenses
When struck below 25% health you consume an Elixir S
Backpack Regenerator
Trait VI.pngBackpack Regenerator
While using a kit you passively recover health
Specialization line.png
Alchemical Tinctures
Engineer-minor-trait.pngAlchemical Tinctures
Elixirs remove a condition from affected allies. Boons you apply last 20% longer
Specialization line.png
Trait VII.pngHGH
Elixirs grant 2 stacks of might for 20s and their other effect durations are increased by 20%
Stimulant Supplier
Trait VIII.pngStimulant Supplier
Drop a stim pack when you use a heal skill. This trait has a 10 second internal cooldown
Iron Blooded
Trait IX.pngIron Blooded
Incoming damage is reduced by 2% for every boon on you

WvW Backline Dreamteam[edit]

Team Comp

  • Venom Share Thief (Control)
  • Mantra Mesmer/Guardian (Support)
  • 1-3 Glass Staff Eles (Preferred for Lava Font, control, and healing potentials)
  • Up to 2 Wellomancers
  • Up to 1 Ranger

Control and Support

  • Venom Share Thief
    • 100% condition duration affects allies' venoms
    • Shares 2-6 stacks of might
    • Leeching venoms on allies are based on power of thief
    • Provides AoE Fury for burst
    • Variants
      • Valk can be Zerk/Soldier's
      • Runes can be Hoelbrak
      • Koi Cakes can provide the missing 4% condition duration for 8x the cost
  • Mantra Mesmer
    • Role is support
      • Provide stability via mantra
      • Provide 100% swiftness uptime
    • Spams pain mantra for max AoE DPS (can be put on auto-attack)
    • Can moa target if called for or time warp to speed up group burst
    • Halting Strike is for Staff 5 (or GS 5)
    • GS Trait is to help increase damage of pain mantra, not for GS damage
  • Guardian
    • Role is support
      • Provides 100% swiftness uptime
      • 8.25s, 5s, elite charge, 5s stability for the party
      • Opts for providing base heal with virtue over converting conditions with shouts (that job should be given to a healthy base of warhorn warriors whose effects work on up to 10 players, and we have virtue+elite+virtue for 3 & 3 condis removal)
      • +100% might duration, provides 12 stacks with staff
      • GS for travel

DPS Roles

Each class below should be:

  • Moving to maintain 10% damage modifier from food
  • Rely on Thief for venoms/snares
  • Rely on Mesmer for swiftness/stability


  • Glass Staff Ele (Preferred!)
    • Consistent ranged AoE dps that isn't affected by reflects
    • Does a great job of stripping stability/interrupting enemies (and doing DPS at the same time)
    • Provides water fields
    • Semi-Control with immob/chill
    • Semi-Support with water auto (no target required to heal party members), 3 geyser, 5 condi clearing/healing
    • Ult Roation
      • [Earth]
      • 4 (interrupt line)
      • 5 (no target required immob)
      • 3 (reflect projectiles)
      • 2 (delayed burst explosion)
      • [Air]
      • 5 (interrupt + dps)
      • 3 (target required I think, possible aoe Interrupt)
      • 2 (delayed burst explosion)
      • [Fire]
      • 2 (best for spreading venoms and DPS) <-- Start here if "bombing" with venoms
      • 3 (applies burning, helps do more dps with modifiers)
      • 5 (great aoe coverage)
      • 4 (back away from damage, focuses meteor shower if timed right)
      • [Water] (For support/control)
      • 2 for AoE DPS, still does decent damage, but in more "delayed burst" format
      • Auto-Attack without target to heal around you
    • Variants
      • Swap Armor of Earth or Ice Bow for Mist Form
      • Drop 4 points out of Air and into Water for Cantrip Mastery and Cleansing Wave
  • Wellomancer (Higher spike, greater aoe size, way longer CD on skills)
    • Higher "burst" than ele, mostly not affected by reflects.
    • Burst Rotation
      • [Axe/Focus]: Blood is Power > Well of Suffering > Well of Corruption > Death Shroud > Life Blast until wells wear off
    • 100% critical hit chance! (94% without fury, 44% without Death Shroud)
    • Staff is for simple tag spam, not for DPS (best dps is 4 skill and it has a cooldown, good to camp with auto attack as it can pierce and does pretty good damage for it's range)
    • Axe/Focus provides hard hitting skills and strong life force production
    • Lich Form is good for 5; be very wary of auto attacking, it can be reflected back onto your team!
  • Power Ranger
    • Surprisingly good AoE damage with Barrage, but shines with it's long range heartseeker against single targets
    • Spotter is a great choice to increase Eles DPS (as well as control/support roles), but wouldn't make much sense for the necros in your party (as they already hit 100%). If you end up not fighting from 1200+ very often (if you're with your group you probably aren't) then it should be taken anyways to increase your own DPS.
    • Pack runes are chosen for power/precision attributes, not the mini aoe signet of rage for party on hit; Ranger runes are viable as well
    • Predator's Instinct can be chosen for Adept Marksmanship, Cripple + Chill venom will considerably slow your target's movement
    • Rotation [LB]: 5 > 2 > (Keep your pet alive if using Ranger runes)
    • Semi supporty with water field/condi removal heal, full condi cleanse from party util, warhorn for fury+swiftness, entangle for immobs
    • Sword/Warhorn can be replaced by GS for movement. Getting bloodlust stacks is as easy as hitting barrage on LB and swapping weaponsets waiting for kills (Selfish, but can be done)

Specialization Theories[edit]

Thief will rely on SA for condi cleanse, stealth on steal (perhaps works untargeted, and then will be a mini aoe stealth), and venom share of basi which is OP while reducing it's cd. Thief will choose Trickery for the usual steal buffs. SD will choose acro for sword trait reducing steal recharge, DP will choose deadly arts for very high damage (<32% dmg modifier) with steal (auto stealth) backstab combo.


Running builds Meta/Great (heh)

  • engi lol 40s swiftness in a split second
  • ranger
  • ele swap staff+dd and fire/air attune, use 3 on both conjures and 3+4 on elite, blink on cd = wow micro.
  • war and thief


General - Condi Zerg Warrior


Pure burst staff eleAdeptMasterGrandmaster

Can't find such trait "Elementalist"! Please refer to our trait index Can't find such trait "Elementalist"! Please refer to our trait index Can't find such trait "Elementalist"! Please refer to our trait index Can't find such trait "Elementalist"! Please refer to our trait index

Can't find such trait "Elementalist"! Please refer to our trait index
  • Full zerk, Str runes, Staff+Force and Bloodlust, but want to try Str+Bloodlust at least in theory craft.
  • Ether heal
  • Armor of Earth / Mist Form
  • Lightning Flash
  • Glyph of Storms (Earth is seriously OP, aoe blinds every second for 10 seconds, can you imagine if all ele's were running this??)
  • attempted conjure axe, lightning hammer, ice bow as alternatives -- will try arcane shield as another.
  • FGS
  • Using
    Pyromancer's Puissance Pyromancer's Puissance
    Pyromancer's Puissance
    Each fire spell you cast grants you might.
    Might.pngMight (10s): 30 Power, 30 Condition Damage
    led to almost max stacks of might in pvp test with str sigil... kind of super gross.
Power Necro for Duo GankAdeptMasterGrandmaster

Can't find such trait "Necromancer"! Please refer to our trait index Can't find such trait "Necromancer"! Please refer to our trait index Can't find such trait "Necromancer"! Please refer to our trait index Can't find such trait "Necromancer"! Please refer to our trait index

Can't find such trait "Necromancer"! Please refer to our trait index
  • Axe/Dagger
    • 2 channel for stealthing targets
    • 3 can be used on stealthed targets
    • 4 can be noscoped and is used for condi removal
    • 5 is great against power classes if they're not smart enough to cleanse/run around for 8 seconds
  • Dagger/Focus
    • 2 channel for those going into stealth
    • 3 strong immobilize -- basically the on demand "Panic Strike" of the build
    • 4 can be noscoped again and does good damage in melee
    • 5 is great for removing boons or helping burst a toon down
  • Death Shroud (6s CD)
    • Provides 3.75s of stability
    • Removes a condition
    • Not used much apart from 3 to fear instantly when entering and 2 to gap close
    • Usage: 3, 2, 5, 4 or else just life blast
  • Signet of Vampirism
    • Provides okay-ish passive heal (pretty lckluster)
    • Allows to help burst in a duo gank, (each player can get in at most 5 hits, it requires a full partyto use up all the stacks)
  • Corrupt Boon
    • To de-stabilize players or otherwise hurt those stacking lots of boons
    • Can activate/deactivate DS rq to lose poison
  • Summon Flesh Wurm
    • Can be used like lightning flash for mobility
    • Stun breaker/Gap opener
  • Signet of Undeath
    • Can be fully cast under stability via DS on/off
    • very small radius, best to just try and get one key player back up or your duo partner
  • Lich Form
    • Duh, power necro
    • 1 can be reflected, and it's slow so it can be timed dodged the first few times -- be careful
    • 3 helps you land your big marks but it has a small range, so use in mele
    • 4 mark for jagged horrors, not that great imo
    • 5 super boon strip on downed section