Grease Coakes

I have a build i'd like to submit to metabattle or maybe two builds for mesmers. Where would I submit it? Do I describe the build here without the GW2 forum build calculator?

The first mesmer build is for Cat Mage who's all about attack for pve or pvp

You may of seen this build I posted on the Gw2 website

4,6,0,0,4 He uses a GS and sword/torch

Under Domination I grab the major traits "Empowered Illusions" and "Cleansing conflagration"

Under Dueling I get "Phastasmal Fury" "Deceptive Evasion" and "Triumphant Distorion" Cat Mage uses "Ether feast" "decoy" "Arcane thivery" "Phantasmal disenchanter" and "Moa"

pvp I use celestial amulet and traveler runes

High crits leads to high damage plus Triumphant Distortion leads to being invincebale after a kill AND when you summon your illusions they get a chance to do damage with a second of invincabilty.

Gate Guard is all about staying alive and defense dealing condition damage.

0,0,6,4,4 He uses a staff and scepter/torch

Under Chaos I pick "Illusionary Defense" "Chaotic dampening" and "Prismatic understanding" I get boons whether it's my cloaking spell or not.

Inspriation I have "persisting images" and "Malicous sorcery"

Illusions is "Compounding power" and "Phantasmal Haste"

pvp I use Carrion amulet with traveler runes

Gate Guard uses "Ether Feast" "Decoy" "Phantasmal disenchanter" "Veil" and Mass "invisbailty"

have questions or comments email me [email protected]

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