Berserker - DPS Leech Tank

Hello, Internet!

This is my versatile warrior build, most effective in PvE or PvP.

On all weapons, armour and accessories use +Power, +Toughness and +Vitality.

Weapons: Greatsword, Rifle.

Sigils: Force (+5%dmg), Accuracy (+7%crit).

Runes: 6 Warrior.

PvP Amulet: Paladin.

Specs: Discipline 2 3 2, Defense 2 2 3, Berserker 3 3 3.

Skills: Heal Sig, Endure Pain, Dolyak Sig, Might Sig, Head Butt.

Playstyle: This is a simple setup for an all-round warrior player, rebind keys as preferred. Never cast any signets as any stunbreaks will heal you, and the passive regen is too good to waste on a small hp boost. Weapon swap for more dps output, or survivability due to condi cleanse. Basic Kill Combo - Headbutt, Berserk, Burst/Hundred Blades, Whirlwind; shoot fleeing enemies with rifle barrage. Don't forget to dodge! Activate Endure Pain before or during painful encounters.

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)

- Sir Lotarius

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