Engineer - Comeback King Engie Core Spec

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Focused on: ConditionRoamer1v1er.

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A tanky Core Condition spec that uses A.E.D. and Barrier to extend life and turn a losing fight into a winning one. This build is Medium difficulty to learn and play. It is made for those who don't have Holosmith accessible to them.





  • A.E.D activates when you take damage that would normally down you. Instead, you gain a large chunk of your health back. This skill is great for dealing with the current condi meta. Because of how A.E.D. works an engineer can keep playing aggressively even though it might be losing the fight. Once A.E.D. is activated by the player, people tend to back off so that they don't trigger it and at that point, you continuing to pressure them really puts you at an advantage in the fight. A.E.D. is also great for 2v1s. The reason why A.E.D. is great for the condition meta is because it removes all damaging conditions from you when it activates after the short duration.
  • The Flamethrower in this spec is used for keeping people at a distance and for some skill-shots that will be explained in the tips and tricks section. The Flamethrower's Toolbelt skill is great for applying heavy pressure to targets.
  • This Kit when combined with Streamlined Kits does quite a bit to set you up to beat melee based specs. The glue trail from using Streamlined Kits is one the most annoying things that a Melee based spec will have to deal with. Switching to Elixir Gun at the beginning of a fight against a Holosmith or a Warrior and trapping them in the glue trail will set them up for the combos you can do with this build.
  • The toolbelt skill for Elixir B is your main and only source of stability. This will enable you to make sure you can use A.E.D. without being interrupted. You can replace this with for stealth and invulnerability. (for another stun break with stability) or (to fight Daredevil Staff Thieves or Revenants) or with (This applies a consistent hit of burning which is great for sustained damage pressure against tankier specs or specs with more cleansing. The Smoke field it produces when dropped is also useful for defense). The might stacks you can gain also help with damage. Feel free to change this to anything you feel is beneficial to win your fights. This can also replace Elixir B for added CC in order to really hit hard on characters with good condi cleanse.


  • Supply Crate is used in this spec as a second condition removal and another full heal from the toolbelt skill, . This skill removes 14 conditions (I don't know why they say 14, a person usually has only 6 most of the time anyway). That's a really powerful condi cleanse.



  • This trait is great for maintaining sustained damage on your targets. Without this trait it will be very hard for the Engie to maintain good sustained pressure because landing other burning attacks would be inconsistent. On the hand, Incendiary powder allows all attacks towards your target to apply burning.


  • This is your first stunbreak in the build. It triggers when you are hit with any type of crowd control skill or blinded and it makes you immune to blind for 10s. When combined with the trait , it applies 5 stacks of might as well as fury. Great for improving the survivability of this build.
  • This trait gives swiftness and you activate a skill when swapping to one of the kits. The best kits to use this with are Bomb kit or Elixir Gun. Elixir Gun leaves a glue trail when you swap to it whilst the icon for this trait is on your skill bar (when you don't see the icon, it means this skill is on cooldown). As said earlier this skill works against melee attackers the best because you can trap them in it for more than a few seconds as will be explained in the tips and tricks/rotation section.
  • This trait reduces the cooldown of your gadgets, and boosting them to have extra effects when used. For instance A.E.D. activates a Shocking Aura after it heals you and as mentioned earlier Reactive lenses applies 5 stacks of might.


  • This build can gain near infinite vigor uptime because of the combination of Elixir B from the trait, , and . This means you don't really need a Sigil of Energy but you can take it in order to have even more incredible energy regeneration for dodging more often.
  • Emergency Elixir Emergency Elixir This build has a lower amount of Maximum health than most builds and this trait helps alleviate that by giving you some barrier to compensate for the lower maximum health.
  • This is mainly used for might-stacking with Elixirs. You have quite a few passive elixirs from the Alchemy trait line and this enables you to maintain a high level of damage even with a few amount of condition variety.


Superior Sigil of Energy
Superior Sigil of Energy.pngSuperior Sigil of Energy
Gain 50% of your endurance when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Exposure
Superior Sigil of Exposure.pngSuperior Sigil of Exposure
Your next attack after you swap to this weapon while in combat inflicts 5 stacks of vulnerability for 5 seconds. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Rune of Sanctuary
Superior Rune of Sanctuary.pngSuperior Rune of Sanctuary
(1): +25 Vitality (2): +5% Boon Duration (3): +50 Vitality (4): +10% Boon Duration (5): +100 Vitality (6): Gain a barrier with health equal to 20% of any heals you receive.
Rabid Amulet
Rabid Amulet.pngRabid Amulet
+900 Precision +900 Toughness +1200 Condition Damage



  • Superior Rune of Sanctuary Superior Rune of Sanctuary This Rune is used because of the great amount of healing that A.E.D. gives when it activates. That large amount of healing results in about 2k barrier being given to you which technically increases the amount of healing that this skill gives.


  • Heavy CC can really put you down. That is why Elixir B is used in this spec to counter it.
  • PROT HOLO: To defeat these guys a player of this specc has to use a series of well chained CCs after they've used their stability skill from Corona Burst. The chain CC looks something like this; => => or => (use the skill shot tip below) => Normal weapons whilst walking close to them => + (A.E.D. toolbelt skill) => + => + => + Can't find such skill "Acid bomb"! Please refer to our skill index. => and they should be down. Hard to pull off but not impossible.
  • MIRAGE: Hard to beat but because you have good condi cleanse with and Supply Crate's toolbelt skill , you can turn this fight around and put pressure on them. It is a difficult fight and a lot of dodging at the right time is required to win it. Make sure to watch and learn when your opponent will shatter their clones and dodge into the clones not away from them so that the shatter whilst you're mid dodge. This will give you more of an advantage.


  • When playing this build, never run away when you're low. Just make sure you can pop A.E.D. safely and keep pressuring your target. This will force them to keep fighting you. If you run and they see you pop A.E.D. they will know to stow weapon and wait till it fades away but if you keep fighting and just pop A.E.D. in the middle of a string of combos, they may not notice the difference and this gives you an advantage. Against more experienced players, this is the best way to play the build.
  • Flamethrower Skill-Shot with Flame Blast: When using FT, make sure to use by placing the ground target behind the enemy. This will make sure it will roll through them and explode behind them, allowing you to get 3 stacks of burning from the skill. This is always best to do when you've manage to land an immobilize from streamlined kit skill; Glue trail.
  • Elixir Gun; Glue Trail: When the Can't find such skill "Streamlined Kits"! Please refer to our skill index. trait icon is up on your skill bar, this means that the skill is ready. Switching to Elixir will leave a glue trail at your feet. When using it with a melee class approaching a node, simply stand in one place while switching to Elixir Gun. Standing in one place would make the glue trail overlap under your feet, then dodge backward when the Melee class charges at you. They would get stuck in the glue puddle for an obscene amount of time if they don't have a skill to break out of the immob and you're free to hit them with everything. You can even place Napalm on top of them because of the immob being so effective.

Another way to use it in the middle of a fight is to dodge through your opponent whilst Glue Trail is on and then stand behind them because they can't turn around to hit you.

  • Flamethrower : This skill can be used to secure a stomp and it can also be used in the middle of a fight when you're right up close to your target to prevent them from hitting you with a particular skill. Don't imagine that it is weak at all. It is useful in the right situations.

Usage/Gameplay - Vs Spellbreaker - vs Rampage Spellbreaker - Vs Power Reaper - A Full Match Where A Core Engie Shines

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1 star
Zhao gave this build 1 star August 2019

Watched the video, but nowhere in there did I see any evidence of you "carrying" your team to victory as the title states. If anything, you were a hindrance. Gadget Holo can accomplish everything this build hopes to accomplish and more. Your damage is essentially non-existent against anyone with even basic condi cleanse. Your own condi cleanse is bundled up into two burst cleanses, one that can be completely negated and another with a long cooldown. In between that you can only rely on your supply crate and blasting the one light field you have. Even gave it a shot and tried it out, but the build just doesn't stand up well at all against anyone that is decently skilled. Only place I could see this working would be Bronze or maybe Silver tier.