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Creates a skill tooltip. Uses {{Skill lookup}} to find skill ids.

{{Skill|<skill name>}}
  • Please, refer to this page for all skill names available.


{{Skill|Rock Barrier}}

{{Skill|Boil (elementalist)}}


{{Skill|Anguish Swipe}}

{{Skill|Endure Pain}}


Firebrand's tome skills are not whitelisted in the API as of August '18 and can't be displayed by this template. The old gw2skills template should be used for them.

;Tome of Justice
{{gw2skill|Chapter 1 Searing Spell}}
{{gw2skill|Chapter 2 Igniting Burst}}
{{gw2skill|Chapter 3 Heated Rebuke}}
{{gw2skill|Chapter 4 Scorched Aftermath}}
{{gw2skill|Epilogue Ashes of the Just}}
;Tome of Resolve
{{gw2skill|Chapter 1 Desert Bloom}}
{{gw2skill|Chapter 2 Radiant Recovery}}
{{gw2skill|Chapter 3 Azure Sun}}
{{gw2skill|Chapter 4 Shining River}}
{{gw2skill|Epilogue Eternal Oasis}}
;Tome of Courage
{{gw2skill|Chapter 1 Unflinching Charge}}
{{gw2skill|Chapter 2 Daring Challenge}}
{{gw2skill|Chapter 3 Valiant Bulwark}}
{{gw2skill|Chapter 4 Stalwart Stand}}
{{gw2skill|Epilogue Unbroken Lines}}
Epilogue: Unbroken Lines Epilogue: Unbroken Lines
Epilogue: Unbroken Lines
Recalling the memory of heroes past, enchant nearby allies with formidable defenses.
Aegis.pngAegis (4s): Block the next incoming attack.
Protection.pngProtection (5s): -33% Incoming Damage.
Retaliation.pngRetaliation (3s): Reflect incoming damage back to its source.
Stability.pngStability (5s): Cannot be knocked down, pushed back, pulled, launched, stunned, dazed, floated, sunk, feared or taunted.
Unbroken Lines.pngUnbroken Lines (PvE, 5s): 300 Toughness
Unbroken Lines.pngUnbroken Lines (PvP/WvW, 5s): 200 Toughness
Radius.pngRadius: 600

Ambiguous skill names examples




{{Skill|Static Field|1}}

{{Skill|Static Field|2}}




Examples - API down

When the official API is down, tooltips will be exchanged simply by skill icon and its name, pointing to the official english wiki.

{{Skill|Healing Rain}}

Healing Rain.png Healing Rain

{{Skill|Legendary Renegade Stance}}

Legendary Renegade Stance.png Legendary Renegade Stance

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