Nov 19 Content Update: Whispers in the Dark

November 19, 2019 Overview

You can read the official patch notes here:

A few important highlights from the patch notes:

  • Grothmar Valley now rewards Icebrood Saga Mastery experience. Given that there are several new masteries with this update, you may find this very useful!
  • Living World Season 3 and Living World Season 4 daily achievements have been condensed into new achievement categories. Each day will offer daily achievements for one map from the season, cycling through each map in order of their release.
  • Players can now have two different NPC allies summoned by consumable items active at once.
  • Bjora Marches Strike Missions have been set as featured Strike Missions, with public instance support.
    • They seriously cranked up the challenge level of Strike Missions. More on these another time.
  • Several nice bug fixes!

Gemstore Update

Today saw the return of several items to the gemstore and the introduction of a new springer mount: The Infernal Horror.

The Infernal Horror Springer

This bad boy's available now for 2,000 gems!


Returning Skins

Raven's Helm and Mantle - 400 gems each



The Raven's Spirit Glider - 350 gems (discounted)


Braham's Bitterfrost Frontier Pack - 2,000 gems


All or Nothing Appearance Package - 2,000 gems


Black Lion Chests

The Black Lion Chest has been updated to the Dark Whispers Chest for now. This comes with several benefits - straight from the patch notes:

  • The new Fine Black Lion Dye Canister—Blue has been added as the guaranteed item for the duration of this chest.
  • The new Celestial Axe Skin is available as an uncommon drop for the duration of this chest.
  • The new Infernal Horror springer skin is available as an uncommon drop for the duration of this chest.
  • The Searing Chain Gloves return as an uncommon drop for the duration of this chest.
  • The Bloodstone and Phoenix weapon collections are available as uncommon and rare drops respectively for the duration of this chest.
  • Unused versions of the Glyph of Bounty and Glyph of the Scavenger are available as rare drops for the duration of this chest.

The Celestial Axe skin is a doozie!


Whispers in the Dark

The newest episode of the Icebrood Saga was released today and with it came new locations, masteries, weapons, and achievements! We'll avoid story spoilers in this article but we will be discussing the new map, masteries, and weapons below.

There will be some mild spoilers below.

The Bjora Marches

A new living story episode comes with a new map! The Bjora Marches sits just Northwest of Grothmar Valley and is home to all sorts of new enemies to fight. The map uses a new currency, Eternal Ice Shards, and its specific map vendor requires a combination of gold, karma, and Ice Shards.

The map is home to a plethora of nodes and events. The events seem to be on a fairly short timer and several champions roam the map, making it relatively easy to farm a lot of experience very quickly. The map only has one waypoint, Jora's Keep ( [&BCcMAAA=] ), which branches out into other areas of the map via roads.



While on the map you will occasionally encounter a Blizzard. This places a debuff on you, called Freezing Cold, which begins stacking from one up to twenty. When it starts, the debuff places an effect around the edges of your screen that resembles snowflakes. This effect grows larger as the stacks increase: once at ten stacks and another at fifteen. Upon reaching twenty stacks, you will be frozen in ice and rapidly begin taking damage. To escape, you must use the skill provided on your skill bar to break free. Failure to do this will (likely) kill you.


You can seek refuge from the blizzards in the Raven's Shrines or by entering any interior. There are three large shrines located just outside of Jora's Keep. These shrines are "always" active during the blizzards but will be under assault by waves of enemies. There are also several smaller shrines that you can activate throughout the map, provided you have the mastery to do so.


Anette Eymundrdottir

This map's primary vendor is Anette Eymundrdottir, located just south-east of Jora's Keep Waypoint. She sells items for a mixture of karma, gold, and eitrite ingots, and eternal ice shards. Ingots are looted from various chests around the map (requires Essence Manipulation) and eternal ice shards are the map's primary currency. These can be earned from events or mined with a pickaxe from nodes.

On top of the standard map fare, such as the portal scroll or ice shard home instance node, Anette sells the skins for each of the Boreal weapon set. Each skin costs two gold and twenty-five eternal ice shards. Buying a skin will also unlock the ability to purchase the recipe for the "Restored" version of that weapon. Each recipe costs two gold and fifty ice shards. The weapons require at least 400 in the relevant crafting discipline to craft and require a berserker's orichalcum imbued inscription alongside their normal weapon components. It's important to note that these weapons are able to be traded.

Interestingly, Anette also provides the opportunity to trade your Ice Shards for map currencies from Season 4. You can trade twenty-five eternal ice shards and 2,688 karma for ten of any one currency.

The Boreal Weapons

Anette sells each of the Boreal weapon skins (note: these are not weapons themselves). Each weapon has a standard and a "restored" version. The standard versions are bought as skins and the restored versions must be crafted or bought from the trading post. The restored version of the weapons looks similar to the standard version but adds blue accents.

Boreal Weapon Gallery

You can view a gallery of each of the Boreal weapons here:

Icebrood Saga Masteries

With the release of Whispers in the Dark comes a collection of eight masteries to unlock. Two of these have a very specific use within the story mission itself while the other six allow you to take advantage of map-specific content such as buffs and chests. Each mastery costs one Icebrood Saga mastery point and is trained using a separate experience track than any previous masteries. Experience is gained in the same way as any other mastery track; farming Icebrood Saga maps and events.


Raven Attunement

Raven Attunement features two new masteries: Raven Bond and Raven's Light. By the end of the story

  • Raven Bond allows you to interact with "Raven Locks", which are essentially just magic barriers. This has some nice, specific uses in the story and is used frequently on the map.
  • Raven's Light allows you to activate Raven Barriers and Light Shrines, both of which are extremely important in both the story and on the map.

Essence Manipulation

The other three mastery tracks feature masteries that allow you to make use of three types of "essence": Resilience, Valor, and Vigilance. These essences provide you with powerful buffs and abilities when farming the map and each type of essence corresponds with fighting a different type of enemy. We'll leave the enemy types alone for now as that strays into some spoiler territory.

What's Next?

The Commander's story is sure to continue in the next episode of the Icebrood Saga, but with that story comes a new page for Metabattle as well. From now on we're releasing articles every week detailing patch notes, story content, gemstore updates, and achievement guides. We hope we can be of great service to such an excellent community and will strive to maintain the level of quality you expect from us.

Next week tune in for a full guide of all achievements in this episode. For now, we're signing off.