Berserker - One Trick Divider

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Focused on: Direct damage.

Designed for:


A Berserker PvP build made for the sole purpose of spamming Arc Divider Arc Divider in team fights, hoping to wipe the enemy team in a cast or two. If that doesn't work out just shift the blame to the support whilst waiting for respawn.

Best paired with a support Firebrand that makes up for Berserker's lack of sustain.

Skill Bar


Slot Changes


If you don't need the unblockable attacks, Signet of Might Signet of Might can be replaced by:

  • - mobility, evasion, CC.
  • - better defense against conditions, more adrenaline.
  • - stability, sustain, trait synergy.


  • Greatsword is the only thing that matters, the second weapon set is optional. Sword/Shield was chosen as a defensive set which lets you kite and block, but replacing sword with either a Mace or an Axe could also work.



  • and can make this build even more deadly by trading almost every bit of sustain you still have.


Superior Sigil of Exploitation
Superior Sigil of Exploitation.pngSuperior Sigil of Exploitation
Deal 5% extra damage to targets below 50% health.
Superior Sigil of Agility
Superior Sigil of Agility.pngSuperior Sigil of Agility
Gain 5 seconds of swiftness and 1 second of quickness when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Cleansing
Superior Sigil of Cleansing.pngSuperior Sigil of Cleansing
Remove 1 condition when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Energy
Superior Sigil of Energy.pngSuperior Sigil of Energy
Gain 50% of your endurance when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Rune of the Revenant
Superior Rune of the Revenant.pngSuperior Rune of the Revenant
(1): +8 to All Stats (2): +10 to All Stats (3): +12 to All Stats (4): +14 to All Stats (5): +16 to All Stats (6): Gain 2 seconds of resistance when you use a heal skill. (Cooldown: 10 seconds)
Valkyrie Amulet
Valkyrie Amulet.pngValkyrie Amulet
+1200 Power +900 Vitality +900 Ferocity



  1. Enter combat
  2. Max out your adrenaline bar with
  3. Optional to avoid getting blocked
  4. to refresh the CD of Arc Divider
Build rating - 4 stars
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7 Ratings
5 stars
Person who is unkown gave this build 5 stars May 2019

Fun build for unranked nothing more

2 stars
Hanz gave this build 2 stars May 2019

Let's not get carried away, this build is a meme. Everything about berserker sucks, except for Arc Divider which is broken - but after the nerfs, it's slightly less broken. It wasn't consistent enough to be truly viable before the patch and a 25% nerf certainly didn't help it.

Can it work? Sure. Is it worth playing? Not really, it's really just a one trick that can be easily outplayed.

5 stars
Icy` gave this build 5 stars May 2019

Tried this with Eagle+Deadshot, Eagle+Cavalier in high gold/low plat NA with decent results. Tried with Bull's charge, which is pretty decent.

Ok, so I took this build in today, and yeah, really liking the Valk amulet choice and the (actual) Signet of Might to tear through bunkers. The one from Arms trait procs when target is <50% health, which also helps for fleeing blocking foes =) 4.5 stars, but keep in mind this is still a meme!

4 More Ratings
4 stars
Rugesun gave this build 4 stars May 2019

I would play it with axe+shield. Shield is a must, for prtection and extra CC. Axe IMO is the ebst beacuse the primal burst can fit nice with the greatsword, gaining extra might. Bullcharge is another good option, for an extra CC and a cleaning of immovilze. Shake it off is compulsory to wear, and maybe Rampage is OP, however Headbutt is another nice optioon to turn on Berserker mode, extra CC and can combine nice for 1v1 and 1v2. Just a lack of sustain if the rivals survive the entering combo, but this is not a problem because you'll learn to use it and bait the cleanning skills :D

I main war at PvP and PvE and I prefer the power berserker for the burst. Maybe it's not meta, but definitely it's funny and can fit well in most of the competitive games

4 stars
Senkei gave this build 4 stars May 2019

played 7 games with it so far, 6 of which were wins, amazing burst capability, however very easy to counter/interrupt midcast by being cc'd.

4 stars
Aquamarine gave this build 4 stars May 2019

A massive damage overwhelming build with little to none skills. Spin to win.

4 stars
Nathanel gave this build 4 stars May 2019

I don't know how but this build simply works in this new powercreeped post june 23 patch meta. The sheer lack of sustain should normally do u in in a meta that encourages builds to have as little as weaknesses before. But we have countless of onscreen evidence by creator of this build himself tramadex that it is simply working even in high plat.

Its like revenant on release but even more inbalanced. Thjs build is simply carried by its sheer damage. Its a one trick pony as the title implies but it keeps getting players. Mabu because the quality declined. Fact is it works. Its simply the sheer damage.