Chronomancer - Boonshare Mantra Spam

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Maybe it never coalesced into something brilliant. Maybe it never made it off the ground floor. Maybe we based our better ideas off of it. Basic builds are anywhere from downright bad to just shy of being good enough to showcase. These builds share the widest ratings and can lead to wildly differing levels of success.

Focused on: SupportUtilityHealing.

Designed for:


A support build that spams via to provide group healing as well as activating for group boonshare.





  • - Mobility and a stun breaker.


  • - For single target focus.



  • - For an offensive option.


Superior Sigil of Life
Superior Sigil of Life.pngSuperior Sigil of Life
Gain a charge of +10 healing each time you kill a foe, five if you kill an enemy player.
Superior Sigil of Transference
Superior Sigil of Transference.pngSuperior Sigil of Transference
Outgoing healing effectiveness is increased by 20%.
Superior Sigil of Water
Superior Sigil of Water.pngSuperior Sigil of Water
30% Chance on Hit: Heal nearby allies around your target (360 radius). (Cooldown: 5s)
Superior Sigil of Transference
Superior Sigil of Transference.pngSuperior Sigil of Transference
Outgoing healing effectiveness is increased by 20%.
Superior Rune of the Monk
Superior Rune of the Monk.pngSuperior Rune of the Monk
(1): +25 Healing Power (2): +5% Boon Duration (3): +50 Healing Power (4): +10% Boon Duration (5): +100 Healing Power (6): +10% outgoing heal effectiveness to allies, +1% outgoing heal effectiveness for 3 seconds whenever granting a boon to an ally (max 10)
Mender's Amulet
Mender's Amulet.pngMender's Amulet
+1050 Power +560 Precision +560 Vitality +1050 Healing power



  • Superior Sigil of Renewal Superior Sigil of Renewal
    Superior Sigil of Renewal.pngSuperior Sigil of Renewal
    Heal Nearby Allies on Weapon Swap (360 radius). (Cooldown: 9s)
  • Superior Sigil of Benevolence Superior Sigil of Benevolence
    Superior Sigil of Benevolence.pngSuperior Sigil of Benevolence
    Gain a charge that grants 0.5% outgoing healing effectiveness toward other allies each time you kill a foe, five if you kill an enemy player.



  • Use shatters to grant boons, clear conditions, heal, and deal damage.
  • The build relies on proccing frequently. Cast as often as possible, and try to fit your other skills in the time when you are using up the charges since casting Power Spike does not interrupt other skill casts.
  • Activate at the end of the cast time of a skill, rather than before casting, to fit more skills inside the split window.
    • Try to split your longer cooldown abilities so you get more usage, generally the elite, , , and shatters especially and .
  • All of your shatters give a stack of Stability Stability, so don't be afraid to use them just to keep yourself safe.
  • Stand in your wells to benefit from .
  • Cast from your utility bar when you have a wide variety of boons. Boonsharing with all boon types is the ultimate boonsharing goal, although if some of your boon-proccing skills are on a fairly long cooldown (such as shatters), then feel free to use regardless.
  • It is perfectly fine if activates with little boons.


  • isn't only for dealing damage - it's your second, short CD which can be handy when you are expecting a burst but ran out of dodges.
  • The chain skill of , is one of your key skills. You can Immobilize Immobilize the target so he/she can't dodge your burst - the shorter version is simply using the Swap Blurred Frenzy Mind Wrack combo.
  • Not only does interrupt, but it also grants Quickness Quickness to allies it passes.


  • can be used even while CC'd which can save your life. can also be used while turning around abruptly to move forward. is able to teleport onto some ledges which are too high to jump onto, serving as effective shortcuts. See PvP Guides.
  • can be used on downed players to interrupt stomps or rezzes as well as grant boons while standing in it.
  • While stomping, use to move out of focus, and then back to the downed enemy right as you're about to stomp. This may also be done with and .
Build rating - 3 stars
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4 Ratings
0 stars
Exciton gave this build 0 stars April 2017

The build has decent support but is lacking in other department. The self-survival is much worse compared to tempest, scrapper and druid in both 1v1 and teamfight.

0 stars
Forgotmypasswordlulz gave this build 0 stars April 2017

Chronobunker died with season 1 and this won't bring it back.

5 stars
Chex112 gave this build 5 stars April 2017

The build does pretty well for a bunker/support mesmer, the damage isn't great, but it can spike the unsuspecting foe. It boasts massive boon support and moderate healing for team fights, but can be shaky solo, if proper clone upkeep & positioning isn't used. Overall it may not be a grab and go build, but it can be very useful in most aspects if played correctly.

1 More Rating
5 stars
Utrex gave this build 5 stars April 2017

Modest healing rates (~4.4k outgoing heals about every 6-8 seconds from Mantra of Pain not including Well of Eternity), strongest boonsharing build in terms of variability, lots of crowd control, is able to dish out mediocre DPS (but good in terms of bunker/support builds), can bunker against most builds but most of all, it solves one of the biggest dilemmas support builds face and that is mobility offered by Portal. This isn't a pure healer build as it relies on boonsharing as well. To sum this build up, it enhances allies so they have a better chance of winning teamfights via boons, offers some healing and condi cleanse, lots of crowd control, some DPS, and offers great team mobility.