Chronomancer - Mantra Healer

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Focused on: HealingSupportUtility.

Designed for:


Support Chronomancer that focuses on Mantrahealing and extension of the duration of boons.





  • Strong resurrection utility.
  • Alternative mantra against condition overload.



Cleric stat icon.png
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Cleric stat icon.png
Cleric stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
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Cleric stat icon.png
Cleric stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Water
Healing WvW Infusion



  • Minstrel's can be replaced by Wanderer for a miniscule increase in Effective Power but a loss in Healing.
  • Higher healing potential.


Group Support

  • The preparation of any Mantra heals group members for around 4000 health points.
  • should always be ready, if possible, to fill up gaps in the guards rotation and incoming boonrips, it also helps breaking stun when the guards Portent of Freedom is down.

This build's boon support is almost entirely dependent on the group's Guard and Herald as it no longer reapplies boons itself. Communication and timing are vital to extend important boons.

  • Depending on the groups demand, can always be coupled with , useful timepoints for usage are:
  • Guard: After and or .

Crowd Control

  • is still a strong CC and almost always a good choice to double with .
  • The follow-up skill of pulls enemies towards the curtain. Use it to hinder enemies without stability or pull them from walls.
  • slows and stuns foes, thus combines well with .
  • immobilizes a single target, useful when trying to catch an enemy that is lagging behind.

Personal Defense

  • Various Sources of Distortion are your most versatile tool to survive bursts.
    • through but for maximum effect, the signet should only be used for Distortion as a last resort.
  • is a powerful and long block against a power burst.
  • When being pressured, shattering can keep you alive due to both healing and condition remove from .

Gameplay Videos

Build rating - 3 stars
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14 Ratings
0 stars
Staub gave this build 0 stars February 2019

this build needs updating. At this stage it's utter nonsense.

2 stars
Freya gave this build 2 stars January 2019

Really? Who comes up with these builds?

1 star
The Blue Rangerr gave this build 1 star January 2019

This build lacks focus, opting for a lower healing per second utility bar than possible, focusing on mantra charges but not opting for personal stability on shatter to ensure success, and with sub optimal gearing choices.

11 More Ratings
2 stars
Xivor gave this build 2 stars January 2019

This build is meh at best. The largest group heal comes from actively charging a mantra, which is not necessarily the best option to do in battle. The usage of SoI is too situational to remain a focal point of the build. Herald has arguably a stronger boon duration boost with a lot more boon utility to offer the group. Mantra of Concentration is good, but is no better than the FB elite. At this point the only thing worth taking a Chrono for that isn't done better by another class is Mass Invisibility / Veil and arguably Gravity Well. With the changes in reveal consumables and reveals by sentries, stealth engages are entirely situational and not really good to build a meta build off of. This build doesn't even highlight these remaining strengths of the Mesmer, anyway.

5 stars
Yezalel gave this build 5 stars December 2018

Nice build to allow chrono to stay meta. keep high heal, survability and control and add dps.

Need to play in a party with a good guard to optimize the build.

Better in gvg and guild compo than in pu. Don't have to be compared with the old build, new way too play the chrono.

2 stars
Messiah gave this build 2 stars December 2018

the signet is not useful that much. the healing is based on mantra only. i would take rune of the flock for better healing output. but the hps is still low compare to scrapper not to mention healing rev which just with regen itself can out heal.

5 stars
Socki gave this build 5 stars December 2018

I tested this build, so we have the heal and control as on the classic build, we have the signet of inspiration that is played differently, we find the utility in the group thanks to the sign of inspiration, spam Heal mantra that allows heal allies, which returns very quickly thanks to the alacrity, but I keep mantra of concentration to put stab to my group and use it as a breakstun. At the level of survival no worries, we have the heal that is every time we use a shatter and proc on the mantra. We have a little dps thanks to the power of armor

5 stars
Zimbae gave this build 5 stars December 2018

This build is top, you spam the heal has 4k / 5k, like to see better than a scrapper, and you provided mass control over a scrapper, nothing to see.

Unfortunately you have to play as a team, you have to play with a guard who knows how to play, you spam the shatters for dispel and you heal, the build is really well thought out. It must be understood that the mesmer is not a guard, he is in a supporting role, he helps the heal, he up boon, he puts max control and he does a little dps, here is his role of support.

5 stars
Ichigo gave this build 5 stars December 2018

Ahhhhh best build, the mesmer isn't die, Best build, Nice heal with mantra, and up boon, maybie can play too with staff.

Thanks monko.

3 stars
Blutch gave this build 3 stars December 2018

Why would this build get 5 stars since it doesn't provides the boonshare part insurance anymore ? (might,fury,vigor and so on ...). It depend too much on the FB doing his job properly. Also focusing on providing maximum heal isn't the chrono's role as it is really unreliable and already covered by FB (even Scrapper heals a lot better). This build is good/great at the very best, but giving it 5 stars seems a little bit excessive.

3 stars
Tyroxin gave this build 3 stars December 2018

It is certainly strange to rely on the new SoI for this kind of boon duration extension with corrupt necros running rampant. Whats left is pretty much the old mantra healer for which Clerics gear shouldn't be bad (in fact, actually good for the mantra trait, but why wanderer?), but I still see no reason to run it over Minstrel considering Bountiful Oil.

5 stars
Myzuchi gave this build 5 stars December 2018

Must build wvw zerg for mesmer

5 stars
Enzolior gave this build 5 stars December 2018

very good build from a great player

5 stars
Riki gave this build 5 stars December 2018

Perfect build , spam shatter to have alacrity , maximum heal by spam mantra , meta build !