Daredevil - S/D Condition

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Focused on: Condition damageControl.

Designed for:


A Daredevil Sword/Dagger build for PvP which utilizes condition damage, soft-CC spam, and boon stealing to gank targets who lack access to mass condition cleansing.

Archive note: fell out of use completely after repeated nerfs to core skill/traits, and the removal of Sigil of Fallibility

Skill Bar

Short bow

Slot Changes


If you don't need the sustain of Signet of Agility then it can be replaced by:



Superior Sigil of Venom
Superior Sigil of Venom.pngSuperior Sigil of Venom
Increase Inflicted Poison Duration: 20%
Superior Sigil of Revocation
Superior Sigil of Revocation.pngSuperior Sigil of Revocation
On hit, remove a boon. (Cooldown: 10s)
Superior Sigil of Venom
Superior Sigil of Venom.pngSuperior Sigil of Venom
Increase Inflicted Poison Duration: 20%
Superior Sigil of Energy
Superior Sigil of Energy.pngSuperior Sigil of Energy
Gain 50% of your endurance when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Rune of the Lynx
Superior Rune of the Lynx.pngSuperior Rune of the Lynx
(1): +25 Power (2): +35 Condition Damage (3): +50 Power (4): +65 Condition Damage (5): +100 Power (6): +25% Movement Speed
Carrion Amulet
Carrion Amulet.pngCarrion Amulet
+900 Power +900 Vitality +1200 Condition Damage



  • Superior Rune of the Traveler Superior Rune of the Traveler
    Superior Rune of the Traveler.pngSuperior Rune of the Traveler
    (1): +8 All Stats (2): +5% Boon Duration (3): +12 All Stats (4): +10% Condition Duration; +10% Boon Duration (5): +16 All Stats (6): +25% Movement Speed
    adds some condition duration.
  • Superior Rune of Thorns Superior Rune of Thorns
    Superior Rune of Thorns.pngSuperior Rune of Thorns
    (1): +25 Condition Damage (2): +10% Poison Duration (3): +50 Condition Damage (4): +15% Poison Duration (5): +100 Condition Damage (6): +20% Poison Duration; gain 50 condition damage for 60 seconds when you're hit by a poisoned foe. (Cooldown: 10s)
    gives up the movement speed boost but offers higher burst damage.



  • Share your venom(s) with as many allies as possible, including pets and minions.
  • Use Infiltrator's Strike.png Infiltrator's Strike to initiate fights. Preferably it should be activated from a safe spot like behind a pillar where you can retreat with Infiltrator's Return.png Infiltrator's Return.
  • Use Infiltrator's Arrow.png Infiltrator's Arrow to move between capture points.
  • Cloak and Dagger.png Cloak and Dagger is a very situational skill and won't see much use in combat. Some applications of C&D include stomping downed targets in stealth or interrupting very important skills with Tactical Strike.png Tactical Strike.

Dealing damage

  • Most of the build's damage comes from the simple Infiltrator's Strike.png Infiltrator's Strike (IS) + dodge combo. IS will immobilize the target while applying 2 stacks of Poison Poison thanks to the traits Panic Strike.png Panic Strike and Potent Poison.png Potent Poison, meanwhile the dodge will trigger Lotus Training.png Lotus Training + Uncatchable.png Uncatchable under the target. This is great for initiating fights and poking at dangerous targets.
    • Note: there's a small delay between the teleport and the Immobilize Immobilize application on Infiltrator's Strike.png Infiltrator's Strike. If you dodge too soon you may miss the second part of the skill so pay attention to your timing.
  • Against targets with several/important boons try to land the Flanking Strike (thief dual).png Flanking Strike + Larcenous Strike.png Larcenous Strike combo in order to steal them. Using Infiltrator's Return.png Infiltrator's Return inbetween to port out and then jump back with Steal.png Steal + Larcenous Strike can make it a bit less predictable while stealing up to 5 boons.
  • Spam Choking Gas.png Choking Gas and dodges atop downed enemies to deny any rez attempts.

Extended burst combo

This chain blows a lot of cooldowns and should only be used on targets that already used most of their defensive skills. Wasting all of this on a Contemplation of Purity for example would be a huge misplay.

  1. Basilisk Venom.png Basilisk Venom
  2. Spider Venom.png Spider Venom
  3. Infiltrator's Strike.png Infiltrator's Strike
  4. Dodge
  5. Steal.png Steal in the middle of the dodge
  6. You have 3 options for ending the chain
    1. Another dodge for even more condition pressure
    2. Sword #3 chain for unblockable damage and boon stealing in case the target has Resistance Resistance
    3. Swap to Short bow to daze the target with Choking Gas.png Choking Gas

Condition cleansing with weapon skills

  • Can't find such trait "Escapist's Absolution"! Please refer to our trait index will provide constant cleansing during combat. Aside from dodging there are 2 ways to trigger this trait:
  • There's a 3rd skill not related to traits, which is Infiltrator's Return.png Infiltrator's Return. Note that this is slightly more expensive than the other methods because it's a chain skill with a grand total of 5 initiative cost for the sequence while the other two only cost 4 under the right circumstances. This however is the only one that can cleanse conditions out of combat.
  • On S/D spamming Flanking Strike will be the slightly cheaper method, but only if you don't activate its chain skill (to do that make sure you don't have anyone targeted while casting the skill). However cutting out the chain skill should only be used to disengage from heavy pressure, as otherwise Larcenous Strike.png Larcenous Strike is a quite powerful skill and well worth its cost.


  • Heavy CC
  • A good Bunker Firebrand can almost completely negate the impact you'd have in fights
Build rating - 4 stars
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14 Ratings
4 stars
Baescons gave this build 4 stars September 2018

condi thief historically has been ez to play hard to counter, though it received some big nerfs so it isn't as common. the burst however is there and its really good for hunting down other thiefs - 5 stars for its flexibility -1 for the burst nerfs

5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars July 2018

Took several huge hits this month. Before the patch this was a controversial build, a case could be made about any rating from good to meta, now it's more about useless vs passable. I think we can forget about solo 100-0ing people who got no CDs, but this can still do okay as part of a coordinated spike. May or may not archive it this month, I'll play a few more games and give it a week or two to see if people still play it or not.

EDIT: still a solid build for soloQ

5 stars
Bennypig gave this build 5 stars May 2018

This build is very situational. It is super useful when you know there will be a spellbreaker going for your home and this build can easily kill the spellbreaker if you can avoid popping his full counter. This is also very effective in killing mes too. However if the other team has a very good FB, you can do nothing in teamfight. Also, core guard can easily kill you but you can do no damage in 1v1 to him too. If the opposite team has a tanky comp, you should better switch to power S/D.

11 More Ratings
0 stars
Norcast gave this build 0 stars May 2018

This build simply doesn't excel at any one role, and because of this it is not an efficient choice at a higher level of play. The pressure that this build can put into team fights is practically null vs a team with a firebrand or with a scourge to some extent. This build is proficient at killing enemy thieves, but is generally too slow to the point where the enemy thief can sway the fight before going down or dieing and again, because of this, the impact this thief has on the fight is almost entirely negated. This pretty much boils this build down to a side point fighter role, which at the moment, mesmer and spell breaker do much better when dealing with outnumbered fights.

5 stars
TsuWolf gave this build 5 stars April 2018

I really like this build but personally i would exchance dagger with pistol for more interruptions and condi with the right trait from daredevil. Yet its still a solid build and with a fast combo can 100 - 0 most of unaware players in spvp

0 stars
Pwadigy gave this build 0 stars April 2018

Again, there isn't really anything on S/D that Disenchanter mesmers can't do better. And with the nerf to almost every single aspect of this build, it's difficult to justify running it.

This is on top of the fact that pretty much all condi thief builds have the problem of finishing targets. Running condi S/D in this meta, you'll find that you can grind down targets, but never quite finish them off. It's much preferable to play power if you're going to go S/D.

However, again, if you really want to do a condi boonstrip class with mobility, utility, and damage mitigation, you'd be better off with a condition mesmer build.

5 stars
Lunar101 gave this build 5 stars December 2017

I find this spec to be a lot of fun and really effective, despite the slight condi nerf. I simply replaced the venom skill for impairing daggers and it works wonders. The slow at crucial moments is truly devastating. I seriously doubt this will fall out of favour or stop being effective unless more nerfs come in or other changes make counters more effective. Many players don't log in to prove their skill but just to have fun and I feel the negative comments as to 'lack of skill' and 'falling out of meta' are from disgruntled players who've been at the wrong end of this, which again shows that in the right (unskilled?) hands, it still gets the job done. Which is the point at the end of the day. Maybe at top end pvp levels and such it is not good, I have no idea but as GW is also full of a casual community who never run into many such players, I find it to be a very rewarding and fun spec to play for people who aren't out there with the need to carry the 'I'm so skilled' flag. I am running around in gold level and can comfortably say that at least 8/10 encounters 1v1 I am left standing. This is definitely good enough for me. I love this spec and will keep up with it. Great fun without a doubt.

5 stars
Kassy gave this build 5 stars October 2017

It had a nerf but I think that this is the build that has done the best job of surviving the expansion. Thieves have to contribute to teamfights now and this build has a better teamfight than any of the marauder builds. In addition it has an evade which adds survivability giving it an edge over the D/P builds in a Full Counter world.

5 stars
Velimere gave this build 5 stars September 2017

Just run fallibility/venom on the S/D set after the nerf and you're good to go.

5 stars
Folie gave this build 5 stars June 2017

Finally a way to enjoy S/D again :^) This build is surprisingly good and pretty fun, not nearly as good as d/p but still very playable.

I'd put PI over escapist and Pressure Striking over Bountiful Theft as optional traits for some extra damage from steal/basi in 1v1s and some serious extra group pressure, especially control on downs, which this build lacks. Escapist isn't really a huge loss, only really miss it against dumb stuff like burn guard which it can still beat without, though losing Bountiful Theft is kind of big, so you could just run PI without Pressure Striking. Energy sigil on S/D should also be put as an alternative over Compounding.

Some things this build lacks:

1. Mobility: Maybe I'm just used to being wherever the hell on the map I want to be with D/P but this build feels awfully slow at times, even with Lynx rune, which is a lot less damage than Thorns.

2. Teamfight ability: The build kind of relies on your team to output enough offensive pressure that you can actually make impact in a teamfight, and if that doesn't happen, this build can't really turn the tides in a teamfight like a D/P +1 can.

3. Counter to mobility-hindering condis: Again I'm probably used to D/P Dash being ridiculous but if you get hit by chill/immob/cripple it feels like you have to sacrifice a CD or init just to be useful again.

4. Stealth access: No blinding powder for teammates and harder to peel yourself from a fight than D/P, especiall

5 stars
Utrex gave this build 5 stars June 2017

Great in any fight, has great mobility but slightly less than D/P meta because of no Dash.

5 stars
Forgotmypasswordlulz gave this build 5 stars June 2017

Solid, gotta say. Using spider venom always, huge dps increase if played well. Hits all the tones a thief must: mobility, damage, CC. AND it can 1v1.

5 stars
Tatata gave this build 5 stars June 2017

Mobility still decent and can definitely 1v1. Maybe struggles a little against mesmer since clones soak up some of the damage from dodges. But overall has solid versatility and is effective in team fights as well as 1v1s with choking gas and venom share.

5 stars
FeTischBoy gave this build 5 stars June 2017

I play it since 3 Days now and i really need to say its so fun to play and kinda strong in my opinion im happy to try it in ranked next week

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