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Focused on: Farming.

Designed for:

This build is pending an minor update. It's still perfectly functional, but needs to be brought up to current standards.


This build was created a long time ago mainly for Mad King's Labirynth organized farms, but can also work in farms like Lake Doric leather farm. It offers an absurd amount of mobility and amazing synergy of traits to keep you moving and tagging everything around you.
TagDevil is ineffective in solo farming or champion farms like Istan, it doesn't offer good dps nor high bursts, and like every other farming build you need Advanced Logistics mastery trained, without that you can't farm effectively.
Check Synergy section to understand how this build works and Game Options section to set your game options right to make farming easier for you and your squad.

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There are no good variants in traits or skills for tagging. Although you may consider different armor set (with more health and less damage to allow others to tag). There are also some swaps in traits you can do without crippling your tag potential too much:
  • instead
    if you are in an organized, high mobility group and you need more distance on your dodges to catch up with the group, or you are sure you can tag everything with just and you need those dashes to be in front (if you are the commander for example).
  • or
    can be used for some additional Swiftness Swiftness if you feel Caltrops are not tagging mobs, but because there is really no need for extra Swiftness Swiftness duration,
    is the best option.
  • can be swapped to anything, but while it's not synergizing with anything it's still useful.
Players without expansions can choose Deadly Arts for
, other traitlines increase your damage too much for just tagging.


Shaman stat icon.png
Shaman stat icon.png
Shaman stat icon.png
Shaman stat icon.png
Shaman stat icon.png
Shaman stat icon.png
Shaman stat icon.png
Shaman stat icon.png
Shaman stat icon.png
Shaman stat icon.png
Shaman stat icon.png
Shaman stat icon.png
Shaman stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Shaman stat icon.png


Use any gear you want, having dedicated 0 dps items like Shaman's stats for just tagging is perfect because you don't have to strip to lower your damage.
For the second weapon set, you can use staff for for some AoE damage, or Pistol/Pistol for the safe alternative when forced to fight bosses, but you should only need your short bow (the second short bow is only for
should you ever need more initiative to use ).

Rune suggestions

You can use whatever rune set you want, or no runes at all. In some rare cases, you will need more sustain or more mobility, but keep in mind you might very easily overkill it, making you "too fast" for the rest of the group.
  • for some healing.
  • Swiftness Swiftness duration bonus runes like or .
  • should be used only if you are willing to wait for rest of your squad or you are having trouble catching up with a front (be warned that this is that "overkill" rune set).
  • if you can't keep permanent Swiftness Swiftness (which should be impossible).
As a bonus, two last options will offer boon duration, increasing your Vigor Vigor uptime.


Synergy in this build is like no other, in most builds few traits are just fillers, in this build, only
is not synergizing with the rest (but still comes in handy). Let's break it down:

You are tagging everything around easily with bouncing and while dodging with
, rest of the group will tag too, eventually killing mobs, will then refill your endurance allowing you to dodge/dash constantly, that translates to permanent Swiftness Swiftness with
, additionally
converts every dodge to movement-impairing condi cleanse.
Furthermore successful evade will heal you with
, remove additional condition with Can't find such trait "Escapist's Absolution"! Please refer to our trait index and grant Vigor Vigor with
However evading is not your only source of Vigor Vigor, you will get it while using healing skill ( with
) and with
. Vigor Vigor itself has effectiveness increased by 50% with
(which also extends boons duration). Even with that obnoxious endurance regeneration, you can still refill endurance with or (even more with
Should you ever need to close the gaps with not only have 3 more max initiative with
, but also you gain 2 when using with
and 3 on weapon swap with
, and even if you will ever run out of initiative, you have additional shadowstep skills to skip boss or catch up with your squad: , and .


For maximum farming efficiency use
, or
(or other Halloween utility). To further increase your MF, use all possible Magic Find boosts, for more info go to Magic Find


Game Options

  • Check "AoE Loot on Interact", "Autoloot: Autopickup" and "Autoloot: Quick interact" (requires Advanced Logistics mastery) - without that you will spend too much time picking up the loot
  • Uncheck "Promote Skil Target" so game won't "stick" to one target
  • Uncheck "Stop Autoattacking on Target Change" so you won't stop attacking when changing the target (if you have autoattack on)
  • Check "Autotargetting" so the game will choose target you are facing while attacking
  • Check "Allow Skill Retargetting" so your skills won't be canceled when changing the target
  • Ctrl+Rclick your to turn OFF autoattack so you won't make too much damage
  • Bind a key to "Autorun" (it makes life easier during hours-long farm)
Thanks to all this you will be able to hit every target only once or twice with just spamming while trying to target different mobs with every attack with just your camera. That will allow others to tag and minimize the chance to be kicked from the squad for "stealing" loot by doing too much dmg.
Least tiring option: Apart of all the above, you can also turn on Action Camera (preferably bind a key to "Toggle Action Camera"), it works very well in simple to navigate maps like Mad King's Lab because you can keep pressing left mouse button to keep using and alternate your movement with just strafe buttons while autorunning.


  • Spam on different targets, use dodge within range of 300 of enemies, try to hit every target as little as possible (preferably only once) to allow others to tag.
  • When fighting larger groups (for example door event in Mad King's Lab), use , and , try to dodge over the enemies to utilize
    and keep using when other skills are on cooldown.
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1 Ratings
5 stars
Takazi gave this build 5 stars last month

Shortbow thief is so underrated for this kind of stuff, great for istan, leather, anything realistically. personally i use the daredevil variant with some poisons since it's technically me dealing that damage, tagging even more mobs. if its an event where i want to tag everything and be somewhat stationary (e.g akili) this also works with deadeye, using shadow flare (tag even more stuff and has a shadowstep) and the trait collateral damage. Another option is playing medic thief and taking some heal power, skelk venom and shadow arts with shadow refuge, melandru elite (human) to get resses off in difficult places such as in doric when the comm and squad leaves someone to die. Overall a very versatile and flexible build.

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