Deadeye - P/D Hybrid Roamer

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Focused on: Hybrid Damage.

Designed for:


A deadeye hybrid burst build for WvW, designed to quickly overwhelm targets with a wide variety of conditions and damage types. If played correctly and the correct matchups occur you can take on multiple enemies at once. ~This page is still being edited

Skill Bar

Short bow

Slot Changes


can be swapped out for a different Cantrip depending on playstyle and personal preference:

  • - Provides additional initiative, acts as a stun break, grants a random Stolen Skill, and permits recasting on demand. Useful for additional flexibility against professions with more CC skills.
  • Provides Stealth, AoE knockback, and grants a random Stolen Skill. Useful against downed targets.

Template Code




Carrion stat icon.png
Carrion stat icon.png
Carrion stat icon.png
Carrion stat icon.png
Rampager stat icon.png
Carrion stat icon.png
Rampager stat icon.png
Rampager stat icon.png
Rampager stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Carrion stat icon.png
Carrion stat icon.png
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Carrion stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Thief
Vital WvW Infusion
Malign WvW Infusion
Precise WvW Infusion



  • Using successfully on a target will give you Initiative Initiative, Stealth Stealth, a profession specific Stolen Skill, Vigor Vigor, Might Might, Fury Fury, Swiftness Swiftness, Quickness Quickness and Spider Venom from .
  • Subsequently, use , and/or on the Marked target to generate Malice efficiently.
  • Using a Stolen Skill at 5 Malice will grant Stealth Stealth and give access to , which is your most significant single attack at up to 5 stacks of Bleed and Torment.
  • Using or will grant a single random Stolen Skill, providing additional opportunities to enter Stealth Stealth, gain boons, and apply additional conditions.
  • You can also use or to gain Stealth Stealth in addition to off-cooldown.
  • should be used defensively to block incoming projectiles and as a smoke Combo Combo field with to apply Blind Blind and with to gain Stealth Stealth.

Situational Gameplay Tips

  • can be useful for rooting targets in place, especially when you have a partner who will provide damage while the target is immobile. However, the projectile is slow and prone to miss so this is not as useful as other weapon skills.
  • is helpful for repositioning against a melee opponent and remains at 3 Initiative Initiative a low-cost skill for building Malice.
  • is highly useful against opponents that have a pet, summon, or clone. The dagger will bounce off the pet and hit the nearby target up to 2 times per dagger thrown. This skill is more effective at medium-close range because the projectile is slow and tends to miss much more often at medium-high range. This works especially well versus enemies in Stealth Stealth because the bouncing dagger tracks them even though they aren't visible.
  • is useful in crowded fights and against downed enemies to gain Stealth Stealth for either defensive or offensive purposes. This can also be used to help secure stomps.

Short bow

Utility weapon, secondary set

  • is a great filler skill since the recent patches that allow targets to bleed from this skill if they are poisoned so its great for bleed spreading at a high rate of fire when many are clustered around each other if you happen to be stuck in bow slot at the moment.
  • being a spammable blast finisher has high value for your team when it comes to blasting fields for AoE Stealth Stealth.
    • Its chain skill is a solid source of downed cleave.
  • provides access to some evasion in case you're being focused by the enemy team and your defensive skills are on CD. Remains usable even while Immobilize Immobilized, but it's somewhat expensive.
  • Use on downed enemies especially if they are being revived - Poison decreases healing received by 33% which affects resurrecting speed and the initial strike interrupts foes.
  • is the #1 skill for moving around the map in general, cuts down on travel time between capture points drastically. Be careful for initiative use as the cost has increased in recent patches

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5 stars
Lithril gave this build 5 stars June 2021

Saerni's build that he allowed me to post and a really really great roaming build with potential to 1vX thanks to payback's ability to help flow into a new target,