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Goruu gave this build 0 stars November 2015

I am giving this a bad rating because the build is simply bad.

Sword/torch + something that isn't a condi weapon is a terrible condi weapon set. You cannot simply rely on long unreliable cooldown skills to do the damage. In paper, the burn stacks from bonfire and flame trap sounds amazing, but it is not really a good condi-only pressure. You might say that burning guardian achieves this even though their weapon autoattack don't have burning. The difference between this build and condi guardian is the ramp up time. A condi guardian can stack 15 burning instantly while a ranger has to stack them up over 10 seconds or so. Sword/torch on the other hand is amazing as a celestial build as it offers power/precision/ferocity as well.

After testing this build, my theory was right. After laying down all my traps + bonfire, my opponent simply just used condi removal to escape and I am left with nothing. I have no power/prec/ferocity to continue pressuring, I have no condi skills I can use to kill my opponent. This build is simply a one-trick pony and it is easily avoidable with a big time window to avoid the worst of it.