Druid - Shout Trooper Roamer

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Welcome to the Builds Archive. See the ones that gathered dust, were orphaned by their original writers, or became obsolete by balance patches. We keep the orphan builds together and salute the veteran builds that held a position in the good, great, or meta categories.

Focused on: Direct damageSurvivability and Mobility.

Designed for:


This build is focused in survive against any builds, either power or condition, while deal a good amount of damage and have strong burst damage in a short period of time.

Skill Bar

Juvenile Smokescale.png
Juvenile Bristleback.png

Skill Variants

Utility Quickening Zephyr.png Quickening Zephyr

Use Signet of Stone.png Signet of Stone if you want to be tankier and have an emergency button. Works better in outnumbereds.
"Search and Rescue!".png "Search and Rescue!" if playing in a group.




Ascended Head (Medium).png
Commander stat icon.png
Ascended Shoulders (Medium).png
Marauder stat icon.png
Ascended Chest (Medium).png
Commander stat icon.png
Ascended Hands (Medium).png
Marauder stat icon.png
Ascended Legs (Medium).png
Commander stat icon.png
Ascended Feet (Medium).png
Marauder stat icon.png
Ascended Back.png
Commander stat icon.png
Ascended Accessory1.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Ascended Accessory2.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Ascended Amulet.png
Commander stat icon.png
Ascended Ring1.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Ascended Ring2.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Ascended Staff.png
Commander stat icon.png
Superior Sigil of Concentration.png
Superior Sigil of Rage.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Ascended Sword.png
Commander stat icon.png
Ascended Warhorn.png
Commander stat icon.png
Superior Sigil of Concentration.png
Superior Sigil of Strength.png
Superior Rune of the Trooper.png6x
Superior Rune of the Trooper
Mighty WvW Infusion.png18x
Mighty WvW Infusion



You don't need to follow this specific stat combination. The Goal here is to hit 67% boon duration between gear, food, utilites and traits. Then the

Superior Sigil of Concentration Superior Sigil of Concentration
Superior Sigil of Concentration.pngSuperior Sigil of Concentration
Boons you apply last 33% longer for 7 seconds when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)

will complete the remain 33%, resulting in 100% boon duration.

  • Use Wanderer's and Commander's for boon duration and defensive stats
  • Use Marauder's for offensive stats



  • Plate of Mussels Gnashblade Plate of Mussels Gnashblade
    Plate of Mussels Gnashblade.pngPlate of Mussels Gnashblade
    Nourishment (30 min):
    Food.png+10% Damage Reduction+70 Concentrationn+10% Experience from kills
    - Defensive option.
  • Fried Golden Dumpling Fried Golden Dumpling
    Fried Golden Dumpling.pngFried Golden Dumpling
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Food.png+100 Concentration+25% Magic Find during Lunar New Year33% Chance for Might (5 seconds) on Crit
    - This food increase your boon duration in 20% and give you Might Might on a 33% chance on crit.


  • Bountiful Sharpening Stone Bountiful Sharpening Stone
    Bountiful Sharpening Stone.pngBountiful Sharpening Stone
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Potion.pngGain Power equal to 6% of your Healing PowerGain Power equal to 8% of your Concentration+10% Experience from Kills
    - Optimal
  • Superior Sharpening Stone Superior Sharpening Stone
    Superior Sharpening Stone.pngSuperior Sharpening Stone
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Potion.pngGain power equal to 3% of your precisionGain power equal to 6% of your ferocity+10 Experience from kills
    - Cheaper option


General You can play this build either as attrition or kiting, you have plenty of heals to survive, but would be optimal to play in the way as drop the burst and leave.



  • Slash (ranger sword).png Slash a good damaging auto attack skill that stacks might to pet on its third chain Precision Swipe Precision Swipe. It's also good to cleave downed targets when you have Quickness Quickness on!
  • Hornet Sting.png Hornet Sting > Monarch's Leap.png Monarch's Leap is a two time leap, first one going backward and second one foward. It can be used defensively because the first leap is an evade and the second leap is a finisher, which can be used to stealth.
  • Serpent's Strike.png Serpent's Strike is an evade that also poison the target. It is used defensively to avoid some big damage skill or to poison warriors/elementalist/druids and cripple their heals.


  • Hunter's Call.png Hunter's Call is a good ranged damaging skill that applies Vulnerability Vulnerability and Might Might, due to our food
    Fried Golden Dumpling Fried Golden Dumpling
    Fried Golden Dumpling.pngFried Golden Dumpling
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Food.png+100 Concentration+25% Magic Find during Lunar New Year33% Chance for Might (5 seconds) on Crit
    and sigil
    Superior Sigil of Strength Superior Sigil of Strength
    Superior Sigil of Strength.pngSuperior Sigil of Strength
    60% Chance on Critical: Gain Might (10 seconds). (Cooldown: 1s)
  • Call of the Wild.png Call of the Wild is a buffing ability that grants you Might Might, Fury Fury and Swiftness Swiftness, also buffing your pet with a new Unblockable buff, making its attacking go through blocks/aegis. It's also a blast finisher that can be used to stealth.

Celestial Avatar

Utility Skills

to nearby targets

  • "Guard!".png "Guard!" is a great damage mitigating skill. It makes your pet receive 50% of the damage you would take for a period of 6 seconds, while granting Might Might per hit.
  • Quickening Zephyr.png Quickening Zephyr is a nice offensive utility skill that grants you and your pet Quickness Quickness for 12 seconds, making you attacking faster, which is deadly against low armor targets. It's also an stun-breaker.
  • 24px "Strength of the pack!" is one of your most important skills. It grants you several boons and make you able to stack some Might Might.

How to Stack Might

In order to might stack you should use:

  • Non Elite Skill Method:
  1. Call of the Wild.png Call of the Wild
  2. Hunter's Call.png Hunter's Call
  3. Swap weapons
  4. Wait your pet finish its chain attack
  5. "We Heal As One!".png "We Heal As One!"
  • Using Utility Skill Method:
  1. "Guard!".png "Guard!" when you know you and/or your pet will be taking damage
  2. "We Heal As One!".png "We Heal As One!"
  • Using Elite Skill Method:
  1. 24px "Strength of the pack!"
  2. Attack your target and Swap pets to Bristleback using Spike Barrage.png Spike Barrage
  3. After Spike Barrage.png Spike Barrage ends channel, use "We Heal As One!".png "We Heal As One!"

and you should have 25 might stacks.

How to Burst

Burst with pet:

  1. CC your target by using Smokescale's Takedown.png Takedown or Lunar Impact.png Lunar Impact to trigger the Ancient Seeds.png Ancient Seeds trait.
  2. Swap pets to Bristleback and use Spike Barrage.png Spike Barrage

Burst in Celestial Avatar:

  1. Lunar Impact.png Lunar Impact
  2. Natural Convergence.png Natural Convergence also triggering Ancient Seeds.png Ancient Seeds trait.

Burst with Quickness:

  1. Weapon swap to staff after enter combat
  2. Quickening Zephyr.png Quickening Zephyr
  3. "We Heal As One!".png "We Heal As One!"
  4. Solar Beam.png Solar Beam with quickness is strong

How to remove conditions

This build is packed with condition removals, so they shouldn't be an issue at all, unless you commit mistakes or get unlucky at some point.

How to Combo Heals

How to Combo Stealth

How to Stomp


  • Chain CC when 24px "Strength of the pack!" is on cooldown
  • Condition bombs when your condition cleanse skills/Celestial Avatar are on cooldown.

Gameplay Videos

  • YouTube:
    Updated Build Guide
  • YouTube:
    Build Guide

Youtubers & Streamers

Build rating - 4 stars
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7 Ratings
0 stars
Nathanel gave this build 0 stars August 2017

absolute horsecrap. no dps and no healing power and proper traits for support or even resses what druids are commonly used for. all it has is the sustain of a bruiser but lacks the damage. so bassically u got a pile of utter crap money was wasted on in our case that doesn't die as quickly as a power ranger/druid woo weeh. it's shit. don't make my mistake don't waste money and effort on this crap.

5 stars
Andrea gave this build 5 stars June 2017

A fun and well-balanced build. Unfortunately it does not go against conditional classes from which it is easy to escape. Played for 3 or 4 months I enjoyed it.

0 stars
Andu gave this build 0 stars March 2017

This build is pretty bad. Has a very bad weakness to immobile condition when covered with a couple of conditions else, and lacks enough cleanses to survive a sustained condition, that are most of the roaming.

i still don't understand why players still think this build is any good.

4 More Ratings
5 stars
Muddysneakers gave this build 5 stars October 2016

How would this fare in full Minstrel gear? The +healing would make for nice group/solo CA heals and you get to keep your boon duration.

5 stars
Henadde gave this build 5 stars May 2016

Great build. Evasion, condi cleaning and good combos. If you find yoursef on +2v1, i think glyph of equiality/tides can help, instead of "Guard". Longbow could be used since celestial shadow is on trait, but it's completely optional. 100% in my opinion.

5 stars
Eirh gave this build 5 stars March 2016

If you play this build right, you should never die in a 1v1, between all those insane amounts of mobility, stealth, survivability, sustain etc. it offers. It's a bit on the weaker side when it comes to dealing AoE damage, but that's mostly a weakness that you have with rangers in general and not really specific for this build.

I'm not convinced that you actually need Purity and Generostiy AND Cleansing as sigils. I'd swap at least purity for Air or Blood. I'd also suggest using any kind of lifesteal food, if you get the crit chance for it. The lifesteal counts both as damage and heal for Celestial Avatar, allowing you to take the 2 handed training trait.

If you want to play a power based druid roaming build THIS is the build that you should take as the basis for what you want. It absolutely deserves a "Great" rating, both for the build and the presentation here.

5 stars
Donee gave this build 5 stars February 2016

This build made me super happy. It's the most fun i had in game in a good time. Being able to engage or disengage any profession/specialization, run from entire zergs using stealth combos/traits. I rarely die using this, most of times its when i go yolo on 1v3+, but still sometimes i am able to kill some of them and still escape.

Great mobility, great damage/burst, great survivability. Just be aware for reapers and condi mesmers, they are your worst enemies. Reapers because of boon corruption and condi mesmers because you know ... the high amount of confusion/torment stack nearly instant with low cooldown. Manage your condition cleanse correctly, keep your distance and you shall be the winner of ANY fight. ;)

Its one of the best builds for solo roaming and one of the most useful in group roaming, because of heals and great rezz capability.

I don't know how to compare it with others builds. Tbh, i think Longbow builds "could" be doing better because you never need to go meele, but are incredible boring and non versatile, also losing half of your mobility, which is not good in WvW.

If you want have a blast dusting off your old ranger, this is the build. I know i am having a blast since i decided to work on it, post HoT release. ;)

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