Elementalist - D/D Roamer

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Focused on: Direct damageSupportMobility.

Designed for:


D/D provides high survivability and decent damage. Stacking Might Might is required for this build.

Skill Bar


Slot Changes

Utility can be indispensable for 1vX as the first safestomp it provides often decides the engagement.

  • versus thieves.
  • versus heavy condi.



Specialization Variants

Air Fire


Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Knight stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Knight stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Superior Rune of Hoelbrak
Vital WvW Infusion


  • Aim for 350-400 points worth of all-stat(celestial), then fill in with about half zerk, half knights.



  • provides good might duration and damage.



  • - Best food overall. A non-moving ele is a dead ele, which is why this food is the most effective by far at keeping you alive when roaming.
  • - Most effective food if you don't feel like you need the -condi duration.


  • - Good for additional power since the crit chance is high enough. Or


D/D elementalist is a jack-of-all-trades. To be fully effective with it, you have to learn to play it to ALL its strengths. If you don't, you're not utilizing it's full potential.

  • Team support (!): If you can share a water + Healing Ripple + with an ally in jeopardy, that can be gamechanging. Protection from earth attunement is also often overlooked. Paying more attention to this is vital in skirmishes, since you will often get ignored while your allies get focused hard.
  • Downed control: stomps and resses are extremely powerful. Don’t forget either. You need to learn to be very aware of when allies or enemies go down. Ele is a potent resser. Swap to earth to mitigate incoming cleave on both you and the one you res. Don’t forget to swap to water for a quick heal when your ally gets up.
  • Learning to properly stack might is vital to ramping up your damage to an acceptable level, while also boosting the damage of your teammates.
  • Try to use any of your 4 available blast finishers in a fire field as often as you can, but try not to get too lost in this minigame, you gotta actually hit stuff as well :)
  • Projectile block: Often overlooked, blocks projectiles in a sizeable AoE for 2 seconds. Proper usage of this skill can be game-changing. Looking at you, .

Lightning rod adds a tremendous amount of damage if used correctly. Proper use of shocking aura makes you nigh-unstoppable.

  • Only use shocking aura when you're about to get hit.
  • Only use updraft after shocking aura expired (in a duel at least)
  • Intentionally tank lingering damaging effects to proc the stun and damage. Good examples are , and nondamaging effects such as .

Due to the long cooldown nature of the offhand dagger, it's worthwhile to bind a stow-weapon key to cancel spells without having to dodge. Most notably , , .


  • Interrupt shatter mesmer with , especially with traited mantras and mantra heal.
  • PU condi mesmer (virtually impossible to lose any matchup with)
  • Perplexity condi thief.
  • Very heavy anti-melee specs on engineer and ranger can become extremely hard to kill, losing you the 1v1 sooner or later.

Notes: interrupt mesmer isn't as effective at lower skill levels. Zerk warrior is more effective at lower skill levels, improper awareness of stability and immunities will lose you this matchup.

Video Guides

  • YouTube:
    El Cabi's guide


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Elemelentalist gave this build 5 stars July 2015

D/D is among the most prominent roaming builds currently. Considered FoTM together with mesmer.