Engineer - It Werfs Flammen (Condi Core)

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archived 3.21.21 due to lack of votes


A fairly straightforward core open world PvE build that focuses on abilities and stacking Burn Burn on enemies for damage. This is primarily intended to make unlocking Scrapper and Holo less of a chore for players who own the expansions; unlocking either of these elite specializations will provide a plethora of stronger build options. Nevertheless, this is still a reliable solo build for F2P players that also provides some group utility and can work as a tagger for open world zergs in a pinch.

  • Doesn't require any expansions
  • Easy to play with a low skill floor
  • Strong AoE tagging potential
  • Good mobility thanks to , access to Swiftness Swiftness, and permanent Stability Stability
  • Decent survivability thanks to fast endurance regeneration and defensive gear focus
  • Short range, which can be an issue when tagging or in some fights
  • Must use several skills to build up to maximum damage-over-time
  • Low damage ceiling
  • Requires kit-swapping for optimal damage rotation




Healing skills
  • for more boons, at the expense of a cleanse and a blast finisher.
Elite skills
  • for additional long-range damage and utility, at the expense of close-ranged control and sustain.


  • can be taken for better tagging ability, or if using which does not benefit from reduced cooldown of .

Scrapper Variant

Firearms and Alchemy are both mandatory for this build because of the synergy between and . Upon unlocking the Scrapper elite specialization, Tools can be swapped out for Scrapper which provides more bonuses for using the flamethrower at a cost of reduced endurance regeneration.

  • If using this variant, consider swapping for and using the .
  • can be taken instead of if desired, though this build will struggle to maintain a meaningful amount of barrier.


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PvE weapon swap.png
Dire stat icon.png
Superior Rune of Balthazar


  • Ascended gear is not mandatory - exotic gear with the same stats is fine.
  • can be run in place of on a budget.



  • Any ascended food is superior to any other food you could use. Steak for power, flatbread for conditions.
  • - General farming.
  • - When you need to max out magic find.
  • If you don't have the above foods, just use whatever you have on hand. Any food is better than none at all!
  • , , - General farming.


This food assists with more difficult content, such as bosses or bounties.


  • or


    • or are cheaper alternatives.



In short, our primary damage comes from stacking Burn Burn effects on one or more targets to take full advantage of Can't find such trait "Thermal Vision"! Please refer to our trait index, while keeping up Might Might and other useful boons. It's worth noting that does not affect condition damage and is less useful than it may first appear; it does still means a minor damage bonus though.

  • You should be using the kit a majority of the time.
    • is our autoattack. It inflicts Burn Burn in a decent AoE cone but has fairly limited range.
    • inflicts AoE Burn Burn at a fair range and counts as a blast finisher to take advantage of combo effects.
    • also inflicts AoE Burn Burn and to create a fire field for our blast finishers to trigger an AoE Might Might boon.
    • also inflicts AoE Burn Burn but is generally more useful as an interrupt ability instead of for damage purposes.
  • Dual pistols are primarily used for which deals a lot of burning damage. Use this skill off of cooldown whenever possible.
    • can also deal reasonable damage over time thanks to and Can't find such trait "Thermal Vision"! Please refer to our trait index.
    • Be sure to use before to inflict guaranteed Burn Burn as well.
  • inflicts additional stacks of AoE Burn Burn at close range.
  • gives free stacking Might Might over time whenever the is equipped.
  • and mean even more boons, including even more Might Might stacks.
  • If you can't stay in melee range in an engagement for whatever reason, you'll be reduced to using Pistol attacks from afar. Also consider using if you find yourself at long range often.


  • means permanent Stability Stability for near-immunity to CC.
  • The above, plus our many other boons, mean excellent mileage from .
  • can be used to evade attacks and quickly retreat from dicey situations.
  • and can be used to blind enemies.
  • Remember to always dodge and sidestep attacks whenever possible; this build has a lot of endurance regeneration thanks to and easy access to Vigor Vigor, so there's no excuse for not dodging!


  • heals you and your teammates, plus cleanses conditions. Never leave it out for extended amounts of time; the healing you get from the passive regeneration is worse than if you pick it up and put it down again.
    • It also creates a water field on placement. Using a blast finisher (blowing up the turret, for example) in this field will cause a good amount of AoE healing which can be useful for emergencies.
  • drops an additional on use. It also grants the use of which removes boons and drops medkits for even more sustain, especially in a team setting.
  • The passive health regeneration from and can really add up over a long fight - don't underestimate them.

Crowd Control

  • has an AoE stun effect.
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