Firebrand - Burn Firebrand

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The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great.

Focused on: Condition damageSupportUtility.

Designed for:


A self-sufficient build bringing limited Stability Stability as well as personal Might Might, Fury Fury and very high AoE DPS.



Skill Variants


  • better party support but lose a very strong block.


  • generally useful group condition cleanse.
  • further close range burning application.


  • good group stunbreak.



  • if Fury Fury uptime isn't an issue


Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Trailblazer stat icon.png
Trailblazer stat icon.png
Trailblazer stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Trailblazer stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Dire stat icon.png
Dire stat icon.png
Superior Rune of Balthazar
Malign WvW Infusion




  • Try to maintain 100% Burning Burning duration since your primary damage comes from the 2s base duration burn of
  • Viper's and Sinister can be used in place of Trailblazer's and Dire for more damage at the cost of survivability.


  • additional hits for activating
  • more damage than fire but much harder to land consistently.
  • general defensive sigil.
  • or
    trash condis to cover Burning Burning from cleanse.


  • highest damage option if unconcerned about condition duration.
  • alternative hybrid damage option when unconcerned about duration.


  • - Alternate offensive option but reliant on frequent kills.
  • - Alternate Defensive option, also provides a slight boost in condition duration.
  • - High bonus of burning duration but requires adaptation of the equipment accordingly.
  • - Defensive option.


  • is your main source of damage. Place
    carefully to proc it as much as possible.
  • Use Chapter 1: Searing Spell as your primary attack.
  • Activate Epilogue: Ashes of the Just as often as possible while allies are in range.
  • When it can be placed safely Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath is your highest damage ability.
  • Rotate between your weapon sets while
    is on cooldown, use your symbols off cooldown and fill time with
  • is a powerful AoE bomb, it can be used when a commander calls for wells or other ground damage spikes.
  • should be thought of as a dps ability, the reflected projectiles will proc
Build rating: 95%
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4 Ratings
Silver Medal - Good
Tyroxin said this build was good November 2017

The foundations of this build are still great, being able to cause enormous pressure in groups of enemies. However, the machinery only starts to run properly at a range of 900, and is favoring a range of 600 or even less - this is a problem with rangepressure tha outranges most of this guards skills as well as hesitation of commanders to engage. In the time this guards can't do much else than occasionally placing staff 3 other variants would support the team, heal against range pressure and so on, stuff that just doesn't work very well with a burning guard.

Gold Medal - Great
Xivor said this build was great October 2017

Strong damage, good Tome support for the team. Countered by strong resistance and cleanses, but thats the same as any condi build. Relatively quick build up of condi's if playing the rotation right for a quick burst. Burn blocks are win as well.

Gold Medal - Great
Gregor said this build was great October 2017

What is there to say about good ole Fire based burning Firebrand who burns by blocking (a little tongue twister for you as you read a build review on a gayming website)

Does sick deeps, requires ur necros to put enough cover conditions (google it thats a real term) so they dont clear ur burns. So if they do that you'll be like Frank Ocean's latest album, STRAIGHT FIRE.

I'd personally take the mantra heal, as it gives u aegis and aegis blocks attacks and that causes burning which is the whole point and its cooldown isnt poop.

Heres another little tip i learned in the military, use your F3.3 skill, and thats like another wall of reflect right there. ez pz. Throw an Agglacrity sigil on one of your weapons and boom, you'll be tough actin tanactin.

1 More Rating
Gold Medal - Great
Arete said this build was great September 2017

The highest potential AoE damage in the game, but suffers heavily against coordinated groups with strong party composition due to cleanses, resistance and lack of Renewed Justice. Fairly easy to play - gear can be very tanky without minimal damage loss, landing damage is somewhat more difficult than core burn guard due to Tome of Justice positioning requirements but still fairly easy to execute.