Firebrand - Quickness Greatsword

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Power Quickbrand is a powerful build in open world due to its high Quickness Quickness uptime and myriad of defensive skills combined with the high burst of Guardian.


This build is at its best when roaming, where it can make use of its primary damage weapon, Greatsword, and abuse symbols via . It is capable of handling most situations by itself.


Guardian's zerging options aren't as powerful as other classes, but it can make do by using STAFF. Staff's slow projectiles aren't good for fast zergs, but it can make do in a pinch. The build also offers extremely high support to nearby allies.

Skill Bar


Zerging Variant

  • When zerging, you should equip a STAFF and GREATSWORD.

Weapon Variants

  • Your second weapon set is fairly flexible. Sword/Focus is suggested because it provides a good mix of defense, AoE damage, and mobility. Depending on what you need, you can run Axe (AoE damage and crowd control), Hammer (crowd control), Scepter (ranged and high damage on bosses), and/or Shield (crowd control and projectile defense).

Skill Variants

  • If you need to replace a skill, you should always replace before anything else.
  • - grants more retaliation uptime for boss fights.
  • - more crowd control.
  • - more condition cleanse.
  • - blinds enemies.
  • or - if projectiles are a problem.
  • if you need stability.


Build Code



  • - if running or .

Zerg Variant: Zeal

When zerging, it is beneficial to change out traits that rely on symbols in the Zeal traitline.

Roaming Variant: Honor

For extremely difficult content, it maybe worth taking Honor instead of Zeal. This is a significant damage loss but allows you to dodge more often. Note that you will need to avoid using to maintain the passive. It is advised that you run Scepter and Focus with this variant.


Ascended gear and stat infusions are not required; you can use exotic gear with the same stats.

Standard Equipment

The standard equipment for open world.
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Superior Rune of Strength
  • Gear: Berserker stat icon.png Berserker's gear offers higher DPS but significantly less defense.
  • Runes: ,

Zerg Equipment

  • When zerging, you should equip a GREATSWORD and LONGBOW. Your LONGBOW should have and


Combat Food

For difficult encounters, consider food which increases your damage, such as
or food which grants you extra defense, such as
, and Can't find such food "Bowl of Orrian and Meat Stew"! Please refer to our food index..

Farming Food

In general, you should use event food when farming for profit.

  • Any ascended food is superior to any other food you could use. Steak for power, flatbread for conditions.
  • - Use for general farming.
  • - Use for when you need to max out magic find.
  • - more sustain (requires crit chance)
  • Anything - Any food is better than none, but you should prioritize the food above before using any other food.
  • ,
    - general farming
  • - good damage option with +karma



  • Retaliation Retaliation is a massive damage boost so you should try to have it up as much as possible. Your main retaliation sources are , , and . Always make sure you have retaliation before using your high-damage skills (e.g. by casting before anything else).
  • is your strongest burst damage opener due to the high flat damage of its skills and the Quickness Quickness it generates. Use
    Chapter 3: Heated Rebuke Chapter 3: Heated Rebuke
    Chapter 3: Heated Rebuke
    Ignite the air around you in an expanding burst.
    Damage.pngDamage: 160 (0.45)
    Radius.pngPull: 240
    Book.pngNumber of Targets: 5
    Radius.pngRadius: 240
    Range.pngRange: 900
    to pull enemies together if needed, followed by
    Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath
    Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath
    Detail the suffering in fire and blood inflicted during Vabbi's occupation.
    Damage.pngDamage: 1135 (3.2)
    Bleeding.pngBleeding (2s): 44 Damage
    Burning.pngBurning (2s): 262 Damage
    Book.pngNumber of Targets: 5
    Book.pngPulses: 5
    Book.pngDuration: 4 seconds
    Book.pngInterval: 1 second
    Radius.pngRadius: 360
    Combo.pngCombo Field: Fire
    Chapter 2: Igniting Burst Chapter 2: Igniting Burst
    Chapter 2: Igniting Burst
    Ignite the air around you in an expanding burst.
    Damage.pngDamage: 195 (0.55)
    Burning.png2Burning (6s): 1572 Damage
    Weakness.pngWeakness (4s): -50% Endurance Regeneration, 50% Fumble (Unrestricted)
    Book.pngNumber of Targets: 5
    Radius.pngRadius: 240
    , and immediately closing the tome.
    • The cooldown of resets off every kill thanks to .
  • Once you've gone through your main damage skills are , , , , , and . Swap between your weapons using these skills whenever possible, and fill with autoattacks.
    • Never interrupt your autoattack chain as all the damage is loaded in the last hit.
  • This build has access to a lot of short bursts of Quickness Quickness from mantras and . Use them to speed up the cast time of your burst damage skills.
  • Fight enemies in your symbols to get the damage buff from .


  • Use and to block incoming attacks.
  • , , and blind enemies.
  • , , , or
    Chapter 3: Valiant Bulwark Chapter 3: Valiant Bulwark
    Chapter 3: Valiant Bulwark
    Manifest the shimmering purity of the desert sun, reflecting enemy missiles.
    Duration.png5 seconds.
    Radius.pngRadius: 240
    Book.pngReflects Missiles
    Range.pngRange: 900
    can be used against projectiles.
  • has many good defensive skills. You can go into it and press a few skills (including
    Epilogue: Unbroken Lines Epilogue: Unbroken Lines
    Epilogue: Unbroken Lines
    Recalling the memory of heroes past, enchant nearby allies with formidable defenses.
    Aegis.pngAegis (4s): Block the next incoming attack.
    Protection.pngProtection (5s): -33% Incoming Damage.
    Retaliation.pngRetaliation (3s): Reflect incoming damage back to its source.
    Stability.pngStability (5s): Cannot be knocked down, pushed back, pulled, launched, stunned, dazed, floated, sunk, feared or taunted.
    Unbroken Lines.pngUnbroken Lines (PvE, 5s): 300 Toughness
    Unbroken Lines.pngUnbroken Lines (PvP/WvW, 5s): 200 Toughness
    Radius.pngRadius: 600
    if possible) to quickly stack defensive boons.
  • Remember to always dodge and sidestep attacks if possible. Don't get hit by anything you can move out of.


  • You have a lot of small heals in and .
    • Always press
      Epilogue: Eternal Oasis Epilogue: Eternal Oasis
      Epilogue: Eternal Oasis
      Purify your allies with the waters of Amnoon and increase the healing they receive.
      Epilogue Eternal Oasis.png[PvE] Eternal Oasis (8s): 33% Heal Effectiveness
      Epilogue Eternal Oasis.png[PvP/WvW] Eternal Oasis (8s): 20% Heal Effectiveness
      Book.pngConditions Converted to Boons: 5.
      Book.pngNumber of Allied Targets: 5
      Range.pngRange: 600
      first as it increases the healing from all your other skills.
  • To cleanse conditions, you can use
    Chapter 2: Radiant Recovery Chapter 2: Radiant Recovery
    Chapter 2: Radiant Recovery
    Release a torrent of pages describing the water cycle of the Elon River. Heal allies and grant them swiftness.
    Heal.png[PvE] Healing: 457 (0.77)
    Heal.png[PvP/WvW] Healing: 388 (0.5)
    Book.png[PvE/WvW] Conditions Removed: 3
    Book.png[PvP] Conditions Removed: 2
    Book.pngNumber of Allied Targets: 5
    Radius.pngRadius: 240
    . You can also use in the light field from your symbols.
    • If having lots of trouble with conditions bring .

Crowd Control

  • Binding Blade
    Binding Blade
    Throw blades at your foes, causing damage over time. Bound foes can be pulled to you. The effect ends when a foe moves out of range.
    Damage.pngDamage: 369
    Targets.pngNumber of Targets: 5
    Duration.pngMaximum Blade Duration: 10 seconds
    Radius.pngMaximum Leash Range: 600
    Combo.pngCombo Finisher: Whirl
     Forward arrow blue.png 
    Pull your foes to you.
    Radius.pngLeash Range: 600
    Range.pngRange: 600
  • Chapter 3: Heated Rebuke Chapter 3: Heated Rebuke
    Chapter 3: Heated Rebuke
    Ignite the air around you in an expanding burst.
    Damage.pngDamage: 160 (0.45)
    Radius.pngPull: 240
    Book.pngNumber of Targets: 5
    Radius.pngRadius: 240
    Range.pngRange: 900
  • Chapter 2: Daring Challenge Chapter 2: Daring Challenge
    Chapter 2: Daring Challenge
    As the tales recount of Turai, taunt your enemies by issuing an insightfully inciting challenge.
    Damage.pngDamage: 497 (1.4)
    Taunt.pngTaunt (1s): Involuntarily attack foes.
    Aegis.pngAegis (3s): Block the next incoming attack.
    Radius.pngRadius: 240
  • (as a last resort)
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4 Ratings
5 stars
Primethium gave this build 5 stars October 2018

This build does a lot of burst damage thanks to the tome of justice. In addition the easy proc of quickness adds to the dps. A really fun build if you got bored of dragonhunter. Gave me a fresh new look at my guardian

5 stars
Pleasebean gave this build 5 stars October 2018

This deal slight less damg than Dragon Hunter but it offer a ton more minor supports along with very strong stunbreak, condi cleanse very fit for paladin theme. I love it

4 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 4 stars September 2018

The fastest spin in the west. While this build is more complex than other Guardian builds, and doesn't have the same sustained damage, it has unparalleled burst damage and utility.

1 More Rating
5 stars
Aldath gave this build 5 stars August 2018

Cant't believe it's not condi!

This build is simply amazing. With mantras you have a constant way to buff yourself up and mantain quickness, aegis and retaliation easier than Core Guard and DH. I've even been using it for T1 and T3 fracs and it works like a charm. Of course it falls of for harder instanced content like T4s, CMs and Raids, but for everything else it's simply one of the best and most fun builds I've played.