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The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great.

Focused on: SupportCondition damage.

Designed for:


Expansions required:

GW2 Path of Fire logo.png
GW2 Heart of Thorns logo.png


This build provides 100% Quickness Quickness and high Fury Fury uptime on a closely stacked group while having very strong personal DPS. It pairs well with a Renegade - Boon Support Power DPS providing alacrity.





Unscathed Contender.png Unscathed Contender

Glacial Heart.png Glacial Heart

Permeating Wrath.png Permeating Wrath


Right-Hand Strength.png Right-Hand Strength

Radiant Fire.png Radiant Fire

Amplified Wrath.png Amplified Wrath


24px Liberator's Vow

Stalwart Speed.png Stalwart Speed

Loremaster.png Loremaster


Ascended Head (Heavy).png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Shoulders (Heavy).png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Chest (Heavy).png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Hands (Heavy).png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Legs (Heavy).png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Feet (Heavy).png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Back.png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Accessory1.png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Accessory2.png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Amulet.png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Ring1.png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Ring2.png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Axe.png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Torch.png
Viper stat icon.png
Superior Sigil of Smoldering.png
Superior Sigil of Bursting.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Ascended Scepter.png
Viper stat icon.png
Superior Sigil of Smoldering.png
Superior Rune of the Firebrand
Malign +5 Agony Infusion
  • If struggling to maintain boons on the party, replace
  • If you are running with a Support Chronomancer, you can afford to replace
    for a noticeable DPS increase.





Gameplay Example: Lucky Noobs [LN] - Mursaat Overseer | 10man Off Meta Comp | 4:38 Left | Support 🔥 Firebrand PoV

24px Potent Haste, 24px Restoring Reprieve, and "Feel My Wrath!".png "Feel My Wrath!" are used to maintain quickness on your group.
Be very careful not to use the last charge of your mantras unless the fight is nearly over or personal/party healing is desperately needed. A safe way to use 24px Restoring Reprieve can be to only use it when all charges are available so that 1 charge can always be used for sustain.

Otherwise follow the rotation found in Firebrand - Condition DPS

Build rating - 4 stars
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2 Ratings
3 stars
Elite Aegis gave this build 3 stars April 2019

I don't know if it's a mistake or what...but running 'Stalwarts Speed' is unnecessary, just bring 'Liberators Vow' only. The quickness isn't doubled if you heal+aegis, therefore its one of the other, and since this is a vipers set up it would be significantly more beneficial to take 'Legendary Lore' for the increased burning duration. Also, 'Glacial Blow' is a trait for hammers only...this is not a hammer build, use 'Absolute Resolution' instead so you can insta aoe cleanse 3 condis when you open tome 2. Might wanna get a discount double check on that quickness uptime too...

5 stars
Screaming gave this build 5 stars April 2019

Provides an absurd amount of DPS on a simple rotation while providing practically permanent and easy to access quickness for its subgroup, and it can provide even more if you are running a FB/Renegade/Chronomancer composition where you can sacrifice some boon duration due to Signet of Inspiration.

It may not be meta, but it's extremely strong considering the amount of DPS it can do while also providing quickness.

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