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Incredibly tanky Stability and cleanse bot that replaces Firebrand and Scrapper to some extent. While it lacks and resistance from Chapter 4: Stalwart Stand in , it gains in significant Stability uptime, cleansing, and Aegis application. The addition of adds significant survivability.





Mobility + condi cleanse meme over staff


  • In higher pressure situations, the block is a lot more useful than the group heal and condi cleanse (which doesn't proc until it has finished casting, anyway).


  • When your subsquad is lacking regeneration, this could be considered over or . You should already have protection capped with your mace and shield skills.


  • When you're playing against really bad groups and don't need the invulnerability. Also benefits from reduced cooldown and condition cleansing.


  • In the core build, the instant cast virtues benefit from trait options more than the tomes would in the Firebrand build.

  • The biggest trait change here is , which greatly improves Stability uptime from and the additional blocks from . With Trooper runes, the shouts cleanse 2 conditions now, making each shout as effective as pre-nerf for cleansing conditions.

  • is what makes this build worty of consideration. The base cooldown of is 45 seconds. lowers this to 38.25 seconds, and further lowest this cooldown by 1 second each time an Aegis you apply blocks an attack. Realistically, this means that the cooldown of is 20-22 seconds.

  • is a little bit more efficient than for Aegis output.


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PvE weapon swap.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Trooper
Concentration WvW Infusion


  • , Mint Creme Brulee, Bowl of Spiced Fruit Salad, and Spiced Pepper Creme Brulee all work fine.
  • or .



  • for extra healing and boon duration, but you lose out on more effective shouts.
  • for boon duration and resistance. This is a close second to



  • Under General Options / User Interface, enable "Always show squad health bars" and "Always show party health bars".
  • Disable "Thick squad health bars" and enable "Thick party health bars".
  • Under "Squad Options", disable "View as a grid".


  • doesn't really do much but apply some Might and Retaliation.
  • cleanses 5 from yourself and 3 from your party without a cast time, which is a significant improvement over , which you cannot use while CC'd.
  • provides Aegis, Stability, and a 5-man stun break.


  • If Guardian didn't provide this much Stability, you wouldn't run it as a support.
  • Your Stability uptime is improved based on your effectively you apply Aegis with , , , and .


  • With and , all of your shouts have a 20% decreased cooldown, cleanse 1 condition, and convert 1 condition into a boon.
  • Small consideration, but your cleanse occurs before your conversion does, so 1 condition will just cleanse while 2 will result in a cleanse and a conversion.
  • DO NOT use while in a dome. You will die very quickly. So long as you actually get the Resistance, it's very useful for instantly cleansing your party of conditions and/or acting as a stun break for yourself.
  • is borderline useless without traiting heavily into shouts, but is used here mainly for the application of Aegis. The recent buff makes this a little better, especially early on in fights when the big cooldowns of your enemy are used.
  • is very self-explanatory. Should be used as your second stability skill, after .


  • Your main weapon set
  • You'll rarely be completing your auto chain, but the last hit applies some healing.
  • should be used off-cooldown during fights. Offensively, it effectively strips Aegis from many targets each tick. Defensively, it applies some Regeneration, though that should already be covered in your subsquad.
  • is a block for yourself and then Aegis and Protection for you and 4 allies. If you notice the skill isn't proccing, you can walk into a red circle to trigger the Aegis application for your group.
  • should almost be used off-cooldown, so long as you didn't just apply Aegis from or . 5-man Aegis and Protection.
  • has a small heal attached to it but it's most useful for disrupting domes or CCing people in your domes.


  • Swap into Staff when your and have cooldowns of 9 seconds or longer.
  • to heal your squad or trigger blast finishers.
  • to pop enemy Aegis or give group swiftness between fights.
  • when it's safe for Might and heals
  • for CC.
  • Switch back to Mace/Shield as soon as you're able.


  • Heavy and prolonged pressure. You should be able to get out of most ruts because you have 3 stun breaks, lots of condi cleanse, and (and then another stun break and massive cleanse). If you die, you either used your cooldowns poorly, positioned poorly, or got marked.
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