Guardian - Meditation Celestial

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Focused on: Direct damageSupport.

Designed for:


WvW Roaming guardian build with extremely high sustain and strong mixed damage, meant for any small and medium-scale WvW fighting.

Skill Bar



Greatsword Scepter/Focus

Orb of Wrath
Orb of Wrath
Fire a slow-moving orb at your foe.
Damage.pngDamage: 224
Range.pngRange: 900
Symbol of Punishment
Symbol of Punishment
Symbol. Strike foes in the target area repeatedly.
Damage.pngDamage: 121
Damage.pngSymbol Damage: 395
Might.pngMight (5s): +30 Power, +30 Condition Damage
Book.pngNumber of Impacts: 8
Targets.pngNumber of Targets: 5
Duration.pngSymbol Duration: 4 seconds
Radius.pngSymbol Radius: 180
Range.pngRange: 900
Chains of Light
Chains of Light
Immobilize and make your foe vulnerable with ethereal chains.
Damage.pngDamage: 84
Immobilize.pngImmobilize (2s): Unable to move.
Vulnerability.png3Vulnerability (6s): 3% Incoming Damage, 3% Incoming Condition Damage
Range.pngRange: 900
Ray of Judgment
Ray of Judgment
Pass a ray over foes and allies. Foes are damaged and blinded. Allies gain regeneration and cure one condition.
Damage.pngDamage: 151
Blind.pngBlind (3s): Next outgoing attack misses.
Regeneration.pngRegeneration (3s): 390 Heal
Book.pngNumber of Bounces: 4
Range.pngRange: 1,200
Shield of Wrath
Shield of Wrath
Create a shield to block the next three attacks. If the shield is not destroyed, it explodes and damages nearby foes.
Damage.pngDamage: 756
Shield of Wrath.png3Shield of Wrath (4s): Block attacks. Explodes when it ends.
Targets.pngNumber of Targets: 5
Combo.pngCombo Finisher: Blast
Radius.pngRadius: 240

Slot Changes



Trait Variants

  • If using scepter/focus: Focus Mastery.png Focus Mastery over Smiter's Boon.png Smiter's Boon, the protection will do more than the healing does in damage negation and cooldown reduction
  • If using scepter/focus: Right-Hand Strength.png Right-Hand Strength over Inner Fire.png Inner Fire since both weapon sets will benefit from the extra crit chance and the cooldown reduction


Ascended Head (Heavy).png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Shoulders (Heavy).png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Chest (Heavy).png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Hands (Heavy).png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Legs (Heavy).png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Feet (Heavy).png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Back.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Accessory1.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Accessory2.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Amulet.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Ring1.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Ring2.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Sword.png
Carrion stat icon.png
Ascended Torch.png
Carrion stat icon.png
Superior Sigil of Energy.png
Superior Sigil of Smoldering.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Ascended Greatsword.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Superior Sigil of Energy.png
Superior Sigil of Hydromancy.png
Superior Rune of the Traveler.png6x
Superior Rune of the Traveler
Malign WvW Infusion.png8x
Malign WvW Infusion
Resilient WvW Infusion.png6x
Resilient WvW Infusion

Equipment Variants

  • Sacrifices speed for more damage
  • More stats but loss of speed and boon/condition duration buffs.

Food & Consumables


  • is the defensive food, with plenty of condition removal CC us your next biggest enemy.
  • Another good option for offensive food, the 90% total burn duration greatly increases Damage.(do not eat if using


  • For more Power Based Damage.
  • For more Condition Based Damage.


  • Applying burns to enemies will grant you nearly permanent fury usingInner Fire.png Inner Fire
  • Burning Foes are also crit 10% more often for an overall 30% extra critical hit chance.
  • Use Litany of Wrath.png Litany of Wrath near enemies to trigger Smiter's Boon.png Smiter's Boon and get extra healing from the
    Litany of Wrath Litany of Wrath
    Litany of Wrath
    Meditation. Heal yourself. For a brief time, heal yourself based on a percentage of damage dealt to enemies.
    Heal.pngHealing: 1,640
    Litany of Wrath.pngLitany of Wrath (6s): 25% of damage dealt is returned to you as healing.
  • Use Purging Flames.png Purging Flames on enemies when you are being overwhelmed with conditions. The condition clearing will happen regardless of whether or not you stand in it.
  • Radiant Fire.png Radiant Fire allows for a free Zealot's Fire.png Zealot's Fire but only while wielding a torch
  • Can't find such trait "Supreme Justice"! Please refer to our trait index In combination with Permeating Wrath.png Permeating Wrath make it so that Virtue of Justice.png Virtue of Justice Passive effect is stronger than it's active, However it's active can still be used to secure stomps thanks to Justice is Blind.png Justice is Blind and Renewed Justice.png Renewed Justice
Build rating - 5 stars
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3 Ratings
5 stars
Hooglese gave this build 5 stars October 2015

I find this build works really well in pvp. It has good sustain and good damage but can be countered hard by retaliation.

5 stars
Barent gave this build 5 stars August 2015

This build really does have it all. Great sustain and amazing damage. You can clear camps extremely quickly. Using the scepter/focus off as the secondary can be alright in slightly larger fights as well.

As far as ease of use goes I will say this build is much more forgiving than other builds. You will beat 90% of people without thinking. Against skilled opponents this build can prove a bit more challenging. Also, I can not see this build taking down a decent condition necromancer due to their condition transfer and cleanse.

5 stars
Dbest gave this build 5 stars July 2015

Strong burns despite not being a celestial build. Also great amount of sustain.

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