Guardian - Wrathful-Spirit Guard

Overview An all around PvP guardian build designed for spiking, with high health pool, moderate defense, minion control, and balanced power and condition damage.

Skill Bar

Virtue of Justice Virtue of Resolve Virtue of Courage

Scepter/Torch Orb of Wrath Smite Chains of Light Zealot's Flame Cleansing Flame

Healing Signet of Resolve

Utility Bow of Truth Sword of Justice Hammer of Wisdom


"Feel My Wrath!"

Greatsword Strike Whirling Wrath Leap of Faith Symbol of Wrath Binding Blade


Radiance Justice is Blind Right-Hand Strength Renewed Justice Radiant Fire Radiant Power Amplified Wrath

Honor Vigorous Precision Protective Reviver Selfless Daring Pure of Heart Purity of Body Force of Will

Zeal Zealot's Speed Fiery Wrath Symbolic Exposure Kindled Zeal Symbolic Power Expeditious Spirit


Sigils Scepter/Torch Superior Sigil of Intelligence Superior Sigil of Smoldering

Greatsword Superior Sigil of Intelligence Superior Sigil of Smoldering

Rune Rune of Balthazaar

Amulet Mercenary's Amulet


Before entering battle, activate your utility skills, Bow of Truth, Sword of Wrath and Hammer of Wisdom.

To spike the target activate the following abilities in quick succession : Chains of Light to immobilize the enemy. Smite to get a few AOE ticks going. While immobilized, the Spirit weapons will be on top of your target. At this point, you will activate "Feel My Wrath!" and Command skill on your Hammer of Wisdom. This will cause your target to be Knocked down for 3 seconds. While activating the previous skills, use Zealot's Flame once or twice. Then weapon swap to your greatsword.

On Greatsword, use Leap of Faith, followed by Whirling Wrath. If done while under "Feel My Wrath," the move will be done in 1/2 the time, being extremely potent.

Follow this with any other skills available on your greatsword. Weopon swap as often as possible to utilize the Sigil of Intelligence Crit bonus.

The attack chain should be completed within the 5 seconds of quickness given "Feel my Wrath"

While on the defense, or when spiritweopons are on cooldown, you are still an effective burn guardian. Utilize your weapon skills until you can pull off the full combo again.


Anti-condition builds. Getting ganked.


Build created by Justice Hunter (In-game "Quantum Correction")

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