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Focused on: Direct DamageCondition DamageAoE PressureBoon RipSupport.

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A versatile revenant build that punishes condition focused builds, good AoE Condition/CC, strong boon removal, boon support and decent mobility.

Skill Bar




  • - Lose sustain on legend swap for Might Might when gaining Fury Fury.
  • - Become less dependent of Swiftness Swiftness for mobility at the cost of an extra condition to be transfered upon using
  • - Lose Torment Torment on Chill Chill and gain more health and sustain when having Resistance Resistance. This makes
    a lot less potent, but ideal for Amulets/Runes with less vitality that compensates with more offensive stats. This combined with Protection Protection can reduce damage up to 53%.
  • - Gain more Damage with upkeep, ideal if using amulets that focus on critical chance, however this will make handling boons like Swiftness Swiftness harder.
  • - Use to obtain 100% critical chance with certain amulets for
  1. Note that
    on legend swap has priority over
    which means conditions will transfer first and then be cleansed if any is left over on yourself.


Superior Sigil of Agility
Superior Sigil of Agility.pngSuperior Sigil of Agility
Gain 5 seconds of swiftness and 1 second of quickness when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Energy
Superior Sigil of Energy.pngSuperior Sigil of Energy
Gain 50% of your endurance when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Revocation
Superior Sigil of Revocation.pngSuperior Sigil of Revocation
On hit, remove a boon. (Cooldown: 10s)
Superior Sigil of Energy
Superior Sigil of Energy.pngSuperior Sigil of Energy
Gain 50% of your endurance when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Rune of Lyssa
Superior Rune of Lyssa.pngSuperior Rune of Lyssa
(1): +25 Precision (2): +5% Condition Duration (3): +50 Precision (4): When you use a heal skill you gain a random boon for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 10s) (5): +100 Precision (6): When you use an elite skill, convert up to 5 conditions into boons. (Cooldown: 45s)
Wizard Amulet
Wizard Amulet.pngWizard Amulet
+1050 Power +560 Precision +560 Vitality +1050 Condition Damage
  1. Since
    doesn't have
    , having
    on each weapon set will compensate for the lack of endurance generation.


  • Swapping to staff can be viable, but this'll take away a lot of conditions, cleave and some cleanse due to the loss of mace and shield, switching to Swashbuckler is highly recommended if done so.
  • Changing
    can also balance CC sustain with the Corruption trait line still effectively transferring conditions, however it requires condition damage to do any good damage.
  • Changing to
    instead of
    to keep 100% critical chance and add 10% more damage while ganking at the loss of extra cleansing. This can make up for the loss of Devastation
  • Furthermore, putting traits to
    will get poison to stay permanently if never cleansed, making Regeneration Regeneration alongside most healing skills a lot less effective and keeping enemies in combat longer while back to
    also since the shield is no longer used, if committing
    also to switch back
    since the Might Might gained from it is beyond better compared

  • Finally replacing Axe to Sword is also another alternative for more Power cleave while Torment Torment on
    still applies because of Chill Chill.
  1. In practice, Power Shiro with Corruption for condition sustain can work if willing to ditch Devastation bonuses.


  • Can't find such rune "Superior Sigil of Courage"! Please refer to our sigil index. - More Might Might for your overall damage output.
  • Can't find such rune "Superior Sigil of Annulment"! Please refer to our sigil index. - Remove 2 Boons on the next hit whenever swapping legends/weapons.
  • - More cleansing on swap legends/weapons if conditions still give trouble.
  • Can't find such rune "Superior Sigil of Purging"! Please refer to our sigil index. - Have conditions being passively removed at the risk of losing damaging ones for transfers.
  • Can't find such rune "Superior Sigil of Exploitation"! Please refer to our sigil index. - Add more power damage.
  • Can't find such rune "Superior Sigil of Exposure"! Please refer to our sigil index. - Compliment the overall damage when swapping legends/weapons on the next hit.
  • Can't find such rune "Superior Sigil of Misery"! Please refer to our sigil index. - Make Torment Torment last longer.
  • Can't find such rune "Superior Sigil of Stagnation"! Please refer to our sigil index. - Add an extra cripple on legend/weapon swap.
  • - If
    is often used.
  1. Note that
    on legend swap has priority over
    which means conditions will transfer first and then be cleansed if any is left over on yourself.


  • - Trade off vitality and condition damage for 100% critical chance and ferocity.
  • - Trade off vitality for expertise.
  • Can't find such amulet "Grieving Amulet"! Please refer to our amulet index. - Trade off vitality for ferocity.
  • Can't find such amulet "Swashbuckler Amulet"! Please refer to our amulet index. - Trade off condition damage for 100% critical chance.
  1. Note that with 100% Critical Chance
    will trigger more often.


  • - More endurance upon the activation of
  • - More damage directly overall.
  • - Favor condition damage a bit more while complimenting ferocity.
  • - More Damage, but over condition duration.
  • - Compliment
    and mitigate weakness against blockable ranged attacks.
  • - Make Chill Chill furthermore annoying and inflict Torment Torment as well upon using any heals if traited with
  • - Make Chill Chill furthermore annoying, increase power damage when chilling and easily create Ice Nova's often with
  • - A more defensive option that makes good use of
  • - Increase boon duration overall.
  • - Better Might Might duration with extra condition damage, also perfect if using
    a lot.
  • Can't find such rune "Superior Rune of the Lynx"! Please refer to our rune index. - If managing swiftness is a problem and still willing to keep
  • - Same reasons as Rune of the Lynx, except have some Boon Duration as well.
  • - Increase Swiftness Swiftness granted and it's effectiveness for kitting.
  • - Gain the ability to transfer conditions on yourself from teammates outside of
    to either heal better with
    or send them right back with legend swap. This can also be helpful for
    without having to use
  • - Decrease condition duration inflicted to yourself but also condition damage with extra Might Might and Boon duration.
  • - Decrease condition duration inflicted to yourself with some toughness and access to 4 sec Resistance Resistance whenever using an elite skill every 20 seconds.
  1. Note that having less condition duration on yourself can affect how heavily your transfers punishes.


  • Note: This build is comparable and can still be played like Power Shiro in terms of kitting and roaming (Sword 3 and Staff 3 and 5 for mitigation), but instead now have the ability to manage conditions/debuff at loss of
    , while less mobile chasing wise, having stronger teamfight potential along with the
    leap to move around places freely and conditions to inflict to those who disengage or chase, Chill Chill being helpful to slowdown targets.
  • At the start of any game it's a must to always be on
    to the team, most of the time this'll be the primary stance to constantly buff yourself with Fury Fury, Swiftness Swiftness and Might Might. Once engaged, use
    on point to free upkeep and gain energy. Whenever
    is used, immediately use the
    otherwise a good CC chain could mean death or being forced to swap legend which
    is best used while under condition pressure, not power.
  • While Sword autoattacks apply Vulnerability, with help of
    this gives possibility to inflict Torment Torment via 33% Chance on critical hit and
    to which if 4 stacks of torment is reached, a boon will be stolen with
    that recharges every 10 seconds.
    can also be very devastating as it will apply twice the Torment Torment to whoever stays in the AoE, ideal for point pressure or downed players as otherwise should be used for mobility, which will slow down anyone going down the same path.
  • The pressure of
    after a CC in +1 fights can be extremely deadly for the target who may willingly press too many keys carelessly, such as an Elementalist Scepter, Mesmer Shatters or Necromancer Shades.
    also passes through targets which makes it extremely good to use right after
    at the furthest foe, ripping boons off multiple targets, it's also viable to passively inflict the confusion if the energy is available safely so that multiple bursts of actions can punish as well.
  • The strongest points of this build are the ability to return conditions very often with the use of legend swapping with
    and also an extra transfer with
    , against a team which has a strong condition spike you can suck up with
    from teammates/be hit with conditions then either return them with enough stacks and/or heal with
    then return them to those who are within the radius. This is especially good against Burn Guardians who it's possible to wait and stack all the possible Burning Burning on yourself with Resistance Resistance then transfer the Burning Burning with ridiculous ticks that can instant down them.
  1. Note that
    should be used diligently in the stance since it's the only stunbreak and still be exposed to more CC after, make sure that being CC'd/dodge after/legend swap/have enough energy to do anything else is possible, otherwise there will be nothing to keep yourself out of trouble.
  • While having too much energy in the
    , no conditions or can see the next fight coming up, it's ideal to activate
    willingly to pulse Protection Protection at nearby teammates for the incoming bursts which saves the
    effect then swap to
    and debuff foes, do not rely on
    in this case as you might run out of energy before it's possible to use, practically if things turn for the worst and have been hurt badly, activating it before swapping out or running out of energy can save yourself in a pinch from a burst or conditions as those will be transferred and should be after the effect of
    wears off when swapping legends, make sure to stay in the radius of
    via the use of
    . Otherwise, if you have too much energy in
    , spamming
    on a crucial position, using often
    on a heavily buffed/CC'd enemy(It's important to do it only every time confusion ends to keep pressure on foes.) or even use
    a lot around the team if necessary(Make sure to not do it too fast, otherwise it'll interrupt itself.). However,
    is not viable all by itself since autoattack while not gaining upkeep can limit options pretty quickly, though combined with certain runes/traits it can make sense to activate it often or cast before skills that mitigates damage away like
    , the pulses unlike
    are unblockable and immune to Blind Blind.
  • Playing with
    if selected will require a lot of energy management for the performance of the build, as everything else written above follows, when having little energy or being on a halt, a lot of skill chains can still be achieved to be effective. Such as using
    when energy is low enough while using multiple facets then swap legends to gain extra energy and go overboard with the skills, the opposite is true with
    when it can help you keep the energy low and trigger the trait again to which you can then allow yourself to turn on
    immediately to mitigate a lot of damage.
  • of
    is not without it's uses either, having
    along the way can drastically make your sustain last long upon a swap. Being that leaping with
    or use
    to drain the energy then swap legends to have both Resistance Resistance and Protection Protection then extend it further with the rest of the boons can be extremely beneficial with or without the team around, it also pairs really well with Firebrands that drops a large amount of boons quickly.
  • There is a an advanced trick that can be pulled off with
    , since it passes through walls, it's actually possible to hit enemies that tries to kite or LOS away behind cover/walls, jumping while casting the skill also increases it's height which contributes to reach to certain higher areas/slopes that are connected, like Battle of Khylo middle section or the stairs in Legacy of Foefire middle section as well.
  • can deny a lot of safe spots enemies can use like the boxes on Eternal Coliseum on sides, the AoE will cover the entire climbing spot if used right. Use the extra energy wisely since when someone backs up, that means you have the momentum on your side.
  • While Revenant doesn't possess any way to revive faster, it's possible to activate
    to pulse Protection Protection mitigate any power cleave from foes like
    and increase the chances of succeeding by using
    as well. If the cleave is condition based, it's possible to take a huge burst to heal from then send it back to the attacker, if the downed player has too much conditions, using
    which eases the pressure a bit can also mean all the difference to remove one condition and grant a few seconds of Resistance Resistance to the downed, especially if someone is reviving them along while swapping/stunbreaking with
    also applies either legend bonuses too. If the revival has been taking too long and many conditions are inflicted to yourself,
    will heal quite a lot more for each conditions that after doing so assuming you have very high number of stacks to either swap legends or use Mallyx
    if the enemy isn't careful to avoid it, which will punish them with those dangerous stacks of conditions via transfers.


  • Strong CC users. IE Thieves with
    , Warriors with
    . Because thieves get insane mobility and instant dazes, the best defense is to
    and use least skills as possible other than autoattacks while the AoE pulse punishes them for getting too close. Against warriors however always try tank every hits and keep the evades for their CC or Burst as
    will not roll yourself out of danger.
  • Unblockable/Range Users. IE Rangers with
    , Deadeyes, Power Mesmers, the best way to fight dangerous foes with range is to use either
    then pressure with the rest of the kit.
    can also be combined with the following to mitigate their first burst while making up for the distance as the lack of
    there is nothing else but normal evades to avoid unblockable damage. With Deadeyes, unless Revealed Revealed with
    to which
    can help landing it, catching them in Stealth Stealth with a
    can also punish them, always disengage behind cover until it's possible reveal/pull again. As for Power Mesmers, they will generally have the distance advantage, but getting close to them while avoiding their burst, the conditions kit can be very oppressing to their lack of cleansing which makes up for the lack of range in the build.
  • Strong cleansing builds. Anything that has a lot of cleanses constantly and passively such as Holosmiths with
    or Weavers with
    will be really hard in 1v1, the only way to deal with those is apply proper Confusion Confusion otherwise they will reset over and over as there is no heavy power spikes on the build, in such cases switching to the suggestive variant of the build above will be a better way to deal with it.
Build rating - 3 stars
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5 Ratings
1 star
Hanz gave this build 1 star 2 days ago

Revenant has 2 viable legends in PvP, and Mallyx isn't one of them. Sadly, even for a condition build you're better off playing Shiro and going Retribution so that not every build in the meta steamrolls you instantly. This isn't the most optimal way to play condi rev, and even the optimal one would get a 3/5 at best from me.

Other thing is, you're listing too many options to the point where you could just say "run whatever you randomly click first in the pvp tab"

4 stars
Settra The Imperishible gave this build 4 stars 6 days ago

It is not completely clear will this build work in higher pvp divisions, but the idea of anti-condi rev is pretty valuable and has a great potential in theory. I'll try it next week and share some basic results.

4 stars
ShaoAZ gave this build 4 stars 4 weeks ago

Been playing the default build in the past month of season 14 reaching up to platinum 2 occasionally. While being a lot of fun, it's been surprisingly effective at killing it's shiro counter part or anything that relies on boons like holosmith or soulbeast for as long you didn't stand still while being creative with the rest of the skills. It's up to wonder if it's not because it throws people off to see Mallyx, however the biggest struggles have truly been the same as shiro, the instant cast type of builds really tears through Revenant no matter what, it really puts in perspective how Jalis or Riposting Shadows can make a difference, but does it really make a difference when you're nearly immune to conditions altogether? Scourges or any type of condition build just melts, unless possessing a lot of cleanses really put up a fight if not stalemates due to the transfer potential, it's only through well put kitting, combo's and BE's that you can overcome these usually, there's really a lot of strategies involved with this one, unlike shiro's very simple approach and brute force, I'd say it's really up to how good and knowledgeable the player is to out maneuver the opposite player, probably the same if not slightly higher skill ceiling than shiro. Whether comes the time for people to be forced to stay on the point, the AoE is just an oppressing force that will quickly rake up thousands if not the damage award itself

2 More Ratings
2 stars
Zyxqt gave this build 2 stars 4 weeks ago

There is not reason to play this build over S/S Power Shiro, and it becomes completely unplayable at higher ranks when people don't stand beside you not using any cooldowns. This build is a fun meme that can be entertaining if you play in Bronze, but not much else.

5 stars
Grizzaw gave this build 5 stars 4 weeks ago

nice one, but i prefer rune of resistence for better anti condi solution

Its good if you know how to "dance" infights and know other classes build rotations as well

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