Herald - Power DPS (Raid)

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This build can achieve top-tier DPS (damage per second) while still providing support no other profession is able to: gives a flat +50% to all boon generated by the Herald + 4 allies, which is very valuable for boons like the Quickness Quickness and Alacrity Alacrity provided by Chronomancers, and the trait provides them a +150 Ferocity bonus. It can also generate permanent Fury Fury, Might Might and Protection on demand (you usually won't need to provide Regeneration or Swiftness even if you can), and brings a considerable amount of CC (crowd control) skills to manage break bars and enemies like the Seekers from Vale Guardian. Lastly, it has a very reliable boon removal with Mallyx's .

Note: This build achieves better results when paired with Chronomancers, in order to give them Facet of Nature and receive permanent Quickness and Alacrity in return. If your group composition doesn't include a Chronomancer, consider for personal access to Quickness and an increment in DPS.

Skill Bar



  • Since your main damage source is Sword's auto-attack chain, you can choose between Axe (better mobility), Shield (better group support + panic button) or Sword (valuable block + extra CC) for off-hand with no DPS loss.
  • Swap with if your group composition doesn't provide you enough Quickness uptime.



  • gives you up to 10% damage for 5 seconds after your last Sword attack, which means it will apply to Staff for a while after swapping weapons.
  • While it will hurt your DPS, you can consider swapping with for a boost in personal survivability if you're having a hard time.


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Superior Rune of Strength
Mighty Infusion



  • Provides you the highest DPS as long as you can keep your health above 90%.
  • is a cheap and viable alternative, but will still hurt your DPS.

Pre-fight notes

  • Be in the Chronomancer group with other 3 power DPS players. This will ensure you will all have Quickness + Alacrity all the time. Alternatively, put the healer in this group so Alacrity can help him healing if you're having a hard time;
  • Activate your before the pre-fight boon stacking. If your group can't achieve 25 might stacks through this phase, activate and as well and let them build-up a little;

Main rotation

  • Once you get in combat, keep auto-attacking with your Sword all the time (and moving if using
    ). This is your main source of DPS;
  • Open the fight with and keep , and active as much as possible;
  • Before you run out of energy completely, use one more time, switch to and activate . Switch back to when available and repeat this rotation.
  • Additional: for break-bar phases, switch to Staff and use + Chaotic Release, then switch back to Sword. can provide constant soft-CC as well if needed.

Additional Notes

  • You can use and Chaotic Release to keep unwanted company away from your allies, but keep in mind they're awesome bar breakers and are best saved for this purpose. Try using Surge of the Mists as soon as you swap weapons to take advantage of Can't find such skill "Vicious Lacerations"! Please refer to our skill index. damage boost.
  • can be used to remove Blue Guardian (Vale Guardian) and Enraged Spirit (Gorseval) protection to damage reliably.
  • can apply permanent Can't find such skill "Chill"! Please refer to our skill index. to Gorseval's Spirits, giving your group more time to kill them.
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