Holosmith - Explosive Rifle

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Focused on: Direct damageMobilityControl.

Designed for:


A Holosmith sPvP build for the February balance patch.

Skill Bar


Slot Changes


  • is also a viable option

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Superior Sigil of Intelligence
Superior Sigil of Intelligence.pngSuperior Sigil of Intelligence
Your next three attacks after swapping to this weapon while in combat has a 100% critical chance. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Energy
Superior Sigil of Energy.pngSuperior Sigil of Energy
Gain 50% of your endurance when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Rune of the Daredevil
Superior Rune of the Daredevil.pngSuperior Rune of the Daredevil
(1): +25 Power (2): +35 Toughness (3): +50 Power (4): +65 Toughness (5): +100 Power (6): Next attack is guaranteed to crit after completing a dodge roll while in combat.
Berserker Amulet
Berserker Amulet.pngBerserker Amulet
+1200 Power +900 Precision +900 Ferocity


Elite specialization basics

  • Holosmith grants access to the Photon Forge (sometimes referred to as holo mode) and introduces a new resource: heat. Heat is generated passively while the forge is active, or by activating forge skills. Higher CD skills generally generate more heat.
  • Reaching maximum heat (100) should be avoided as Overheat Overheating damages you and locks you out of the forge until heat goes back to 0. The best tool for heat management is dodge rolling, which vents 15 heat per roll via and does some moderate AoE damage.
  • is used to activate the forge, after which your weapon skills will be replaced by 5 new ones. You can't exit the forge for at least 5 seconds, so be careful about reentering with high heat levels.
    • Both Engage Photon Forge and Disengage Photon Forge count as toolbelt skills and will work with related traits. Both skills can proc weapon swap sigils too.

Forge skills

This is where most of the damage comes from

  • Although the auto attack chain got significant nerfs in March 2018, it can still do considerable cleave damage especially with Quickness Quickness.
  • will be used to maintain permanent Swiftness Swiftness and decent Vigor Vigor uptime (through ). Keep using this skill out of combat as well, but don't build too much heat (manage with dodges accordingly). Holo Leap also does considerable damage while in combat. Keep in mind that this is a Leap Finisher, so always try to combo it with a Water Field for healing.
  • is an important source of Might Might, barrier, and damage. There's a second attack too which goes off after a short delay. This should often be the very first skill you use after entering holo mode. Keep using this skill on CD while in the forge.
  • can be useful for reaching targets trying to escape, otherwise it should only be used if you can make sure that all of its projectiles are going to land (for example if the target is CC'd). Great for single target burst, but should be avoided when cleave is required.
  • is an AoE CC and also a Blast Finisher. You can also fake cast it by stowing your weapon right after activation in order to bait enemy dodges.


  • The only sources of cleansing in the build are and .
    • If you want access to more frequent cleansing, consider picking up the turret instead of detonating it, you'll lose a bit of healing in exchange for 25% CD reduction.
  • Both and its toolbelt skill are Water Fields.
  • fills both an offensive and defensive role. The Quickness enhances your burst when you can afford to sacrifice one of your stun breaks.
  • , and can CC people long enough to set up a burst.
  • The best thing you gain from Explosives is . This procs every time you dodge and adds a massive extra hit on your next attack, which means dodging now adds to your burst damage. guarantees that this is always a critical hit.


  • is the only true long range damge skill you've got. It's mostly used as a filler for ranged poking when you've got nothing better to do.
  • 's damage is negligible, this skill's primary purpose is to set up burst or CC chains with the Immobilize Immobilize.
  • is best used in melee range where it inflicts rather heavy AoE damage.
    • Note: this skill is NOT a projectile and cannot be reflected!
  • can knock downed enemies off of capture points, bleeding them out while you cap thus delaying their respawn.
    • knocks you back upon activation. To negate this you can try building Stability Stability through before using the skill.
  • is good for 3 things: mobility (both in and out of combat), pressure (the second part of the skill deals some heavy AoE damage), and interacting with combo fields such as (it's a Leap finisher).
Build rating - 4 stars
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3 Ratings
5 stars
T1cko gave this build 5 stars 4 weeks ago

Nice Build. The Explosive entrace + Daredevil combo has some nice Burst.

3 stars
Advanced mechanics gave this build 3 stars 4 weeks ago

i tried it after patch. dosnt work with the amount of conditions being thrown around atm. lacks condicleanse and real utility. the dodge is great but this is just focusing on making it spammy. you are better off running protection holo atm till condi meta dies down

5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars 4 weeks ago

Most popular holo build of the current patch at the moment.