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Designed for:



A high damage roaming build that inflicts both power and conditions, aided by high might stacks.





  • over . Only make this swap if you are fighting an opponent who does not deal out many conditions. You can also swap out Superior Sigil of Doom for Superior Sigil of Cleansing and take .


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Superior Rune of the Pack
Vitality +5 Agony Infusion



  • over Superior Sigil of Doom. Against condition heavy opponents, or if you drop Prismatic Converter trait for Solar Focusing Lens.






- This kit provides damage and serves multiple functions

  • - Deals power and condition damage. Is able to rapidly apply stacked effects such as and whilst rapidly removing effects that help your opponent, such as blind blind and aegis aegis , as well as profession specific skills such as . As a conal skill that channels, it is not affected by skills such as and channels/locks onto opponents when they enter stealth stealth.
  • - Deals damage when the project itself strikes and then damages upon exploding. The projectile deals one burn burn stack, whilst the blast deals two. As a blast finisher, be sure to combo this skill with , , and .
  • - Reflects projectiles, knocks back, and adds burn burn if the target is already burning.
  • - A long duration, AoE fire field that applies damage and burn burn. Use with before a fight. Useful to use on a downed opponent to prevent them resurrecting. Use holo leap (skill #2 in Photon Forge) through it to trigger Fire Aura which grants 1 might might stack for 10 seconds when struck per second per opponent and a 1 second burn burn stack when struck per second per opponent.
  • - An AoE blind. Useful for denying dangerous skills such as and the Herald elite skill , in addition to blinding down state CC skills.
  • Beware of retaliation retaliation as Flame jet (the auto attack) does multiple attacks per channel.

Off-hand Shield

  • Can't find such skill "Magnetic Shield"! Please refer to our skill index. - Reflects projectiles and can be exploded for an AoE knockback, which is also a blast finisher.
  • - A 2-second block which also inflicts stun. Particularly useful against skills such as the revenant's , soulbeast's Smoke Assault, and thief's . Whenever possible, be sure to throw the shield just before the skill/block channel finishes, as it becomes a boomerang that dazes both ways.


  • 'Bait' your opponent with skills that have obvious animations, such as and . This is done by assigning a hotkey to the stow weapon command. Stowing your weapon cancels the skill. If you are having trouble cancelling , try a movement key, or a movement key and dodge.
  • - A low cooldown, high damage, leap finishing movement skill. This will be your main movement skill. Always try to combo with combo fields such as , , and . Against melee heavy opponents, do not be afraid to use this skill a couple times or more to gain distance, or to gain distance in general.
  • - Your main source of stability stability.
  • - The main damage source from entering Photon Forge, thanks to its good power damage and several burn burn stacks
  • Be sure to regularly swap in and out of flamethrower to trigger your sigils.


  • Heavy CC. The build has two stun breaks. is one but should be used offensively to gain quickness and might. The other is . Once this expires, trying your best to gain stability from or even use to buy time and scare your opponent into going defensive.
  • Boon strip. The build is heavily reliant on boons.
  • Heavy conditions. The build has good cleanse, but builds such as condition mesmer are too much.
  • Long and high damage ranged builds. The build's range is 900, excluding prime light beam, and its main movement skill forces it into Photon Forge mode which is predominantly a melee focused function. does help to close the gap whilst dealing ranged damage.
  • The build naturally struggles against meta Holorifle. Holorifle deals better damage in Photon Forge mode, and has better movement and ranged damage. It is not a complete counter, but it is difficult to deal with.

Final Note

This is just one variation of the build, there are almost endless variants. Have fun tinkering!

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