Mesmer - Condition Chronomancer

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Focused on: TankingUtility.

Designed for:


A Chronomancer condition build for raids. Using the Chronomancer traitline lets you combine the supporting capabilities of the standard Chronomancer, while pumping out a nice amount of condition damage. The DPS is higher than the normal Powerbuild. It does have a lower Alacrity up-time in comparison with the power build. You could use this in combination with chronotank.

Skill Bar


Main Build


  • All viper's ascended weapons, ascended armor.
  • 4 exotic viper trinket's with Platinum Doubloon and 1 ascended viper's amulet.
  • Exotic viper backpack with Platinum Doubloon.


Superior Sigil of Concentration
Superior Sigil of Concentration.pngSuperior Sigil of Concentration
Boons you apply last 33% longer for 7 seconds when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Agony
Superior Sigil of Agony.pngSuperior Sigil of Agony
Increase Inflicted Bleeding Duration: 20%
Superior Sigil of Agony
Superior Sigil of Agony.pngSuperior Sigil of Agony
Increase Inflicted Bleeding Duration: 20%
Superior Rune of the Chronomancer
Superior Rune of the Chronomancer.pngSuperior Rune of the Chronomancer
(1): +25 Power (2): +35 Precision (3): +50 Power (4): +65 Precision (5): +100 Power (6): Apply 2 seconds of quickness when you cast a well.


  • Fried Golden Dumpling Fried Golden Dumpling
    Fried Golden Dumpling.pngFried Golden Dumpling
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Food.png+100 Concentration+25% Magic Find during Lunar New Year33% Chance for Might (5 seconds) on Crit
    Bountiful  Tuning Crystal Bountiful Tuning Crystal
    Bountiful Tuning Crystal.pngBountiful Tuning Crystal
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Potion.pngGain Condition Damage equal to 6% of your Healing PowerGain Condition Damage equal to 8% of your Concentration+10% Experience from Kills


  • The idea is that want to have up the 2 pistol phantasms and 1 shield phantasm at all time. They apply loads of bleeds and will provide your damage. Use Scepter skill 3 when off cooldown. Use scepter 2 when trying to block. And spam AA and use the same well rotation that the power build uses.


Thanks to World Of Enders (bootts) for sharing this build.

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