Necromancer - Condimancer

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Focused on: Condition damage.

Designed for:


Condition AoE damage build for Necromancers in medium - big WvW zerg fights. Most of the damage output will be given to enemies over conditions and spread like a plague.

Skill Bar


Weapon Sets

Staff is a long range weapon putting the marks with conditions to good use. Scepter is used for the bleeding stacks while also giving an AoE bleed and a nice burst with . in the second set is used to transfer conditions you dealt to yourself to enemies or even for the sake of cleansing conditions, while is another AoE bleed which goes well with 's bleed.

Slot Changes

  • If you change Soul Reaping for Blood Magic, consider taking these skills.
    • over
    • over
    • over


Alternative Traitline

Take this instead of Soul Reaping if it plays better and for more support on allies. Change into for signet synergy.


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Dire stat icon.png
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Superior Rune of Perplexity
Vital WvW Infusion



  • is a nice alternative when in need of some hybrid damage and stats.
  • and are cheaper options while also providing good stats.
  • Switch more pieces of armor or trinkets to more defensive stats as needed.

Food & Consumables

  • will increase the condition duration by a good 40%, meaning more DoT.
  • is the cheap version of the Koi Cake mentioned above with 36% duration increase.
  • is precision and condition damage food to go. It'll boost your damage overall and provides a bit of precision for the minor trait that has a chance of applying bleed on crit.
  • gives you a nice condition damage boost which depends on your toughness.

Weapon Skill Usage

  • Cast and on the enemy zerg to apply 5 bleed stacks on multiple targets. These are two skills you will use often when on scepter/dagger.
    • Can be cast when having your back turned to the enemy, which makes it only stoppable by interrupts.
    • Using to transfer those conditions one applies to themselves with corruption skills will make it another potential condition burst.
  • Staff marks are multiple condition applying AoE skills and with the trait of making the marks unblockable it'll be essential to use these.
    • for two bleed stacks with a low cooldown is also a bread and butter attack.
    • applies poison and chill conditions which will be nice to use on an enemy melee zerg, heightening their cooldowns.
    • will transfer conditions from you to enemies, being a good condi-cleanse.
    • takes one stack of stability off of the enemy zerg.

General Skill Usage

  • into will first of all turn the buffs of one enemy into conditions and when using even transfer all these badies to enemies like a plague.
  • is another bit of AoE to keep enemies' buffs low and turn them into conditions. Alas it will also be good pressure to keep enemies from just cleansing all the conditions off of them.
  • is used for whenever all of the skills in your arsenal are gone or your HP is low.
    • Activating will proc Foot in the Grave for quick stability.
    • It will also cast and on enemies.
      • makes sure that you stay alive longer while also applying bleed on crit.
      • applies the torment condition, dealing good damage on multiple targets and even more while the enemies move.
      • on an enemy near you can save you.
  • form will help you survive a good time and applies conditions in a nicely ranged AoE.

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5 stars
Palefinger gave this build 5 stars July 2015

I think this build provides the framework to run an effective condition based necro in roaming and zerg settings. Some specializations/weapons/utilities can be swapped for personal preference but the overall build is where it should be to spread conditions quickly and provide excellent survivability.