Necromancer - Minion Master

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Focused on: Direct damageBunkering.

Designed for:


An easy to pick up Necromancer build, the Minion Master is most comfortable holding side points, engaging in small scale fights, and contesting neutral objectives. Offering strong sustained single target damage and CC, along with high sustain and immense amounts of health and armor, the player focuses on supporting the minions with healing and movement disabling effects while simultaneously using Life Force generation and smart Death Shroud usage to stay alive.

Skill Bar


Slot Changes


  • Summon Bone Minions Summon Bone Minions
    Summon Bone Minions
    Minion. Summon two bone minions.
    Damage.pngDamage: 159
    - Great skill for burst, especially with Death Nova as it will deal decent AoE damage plus two poison fields and two blasts on those fields for AoE weakness. Without Death Nova the skill loses a lot of its luster, so consider Shadow Fiend if not going the Death Nova/Spite MM route.
  • Summon Shadow Fiend Summon Shadow Fiend
    Summon Shadow Fiend
    Minion. Summon a shadow fiend to attack foes.
    Damage.pngDamage: 350
    - Has a nice consistent DPS and a good active skill with a blind and the largest base Life Force generation off a single hit Necromancer has. Be warned the active has a 3s delay that causes the minion to stop moving while channeling, so plan accordingly.


  • Consume Conditions Consume Conditions
    Consume Conditions
    Corruption. Feast on your conditions, gaining health for each one consumed. You become vulnerable.
    Heal.pngHealing: 5,240
    Heal.pngHeal per Condition: 724
    Vulnerability.png5Self Vulnerability (4s): 5% Incoming Damage
    - A great all-around heal for any Necromancer build. Full condition removal on top of potentially the largest self-heal in the game, and scales well with Healing Power. Take as a general option, only swap away if you are confident you can handle conditions.
  • Signet of Vampirism Signet of Vampirism
    Signet of Vampirism
    Signet Passive: Heal when struck by a foe.
    Signet Active: Heal yourself and mark a foe. Allied players will siphon life from that enemy.
    Damage.pngActive Life Siphon Damage: 200
    Heal.pngActive Life Siphon Healing: 392
    Heal.pngInitial Self Heal: 3,960
    Heal.pngPassive Heal: 325
    Signet of Vampirism.png25Vampiric Mark (6s): Life is siphoned when struck by players.
    Radius.pngPassive Heal Cooldown: 1 second
    Range.pngRange: 1,200
    - SoV is a very nice passive heal, ends up outscaling Blood Fiend's passive healing baseline, with an easier to fulfill condition (being attacked vs making sure a minion lands its attack constantly), and healing power scaling. The active is also very strong, allowing you to still have a presence in teamfights by singling a target out, and even in 1v1s the heal active will often force enemy defensive CDs. Should be considered for Soul Reaping builds, though the passive doesn't work in Death Shroud it helps you stall when Death Shroud is down until you can refill your Life Force, and should be the primary choice for Spite builds.



Superior Sigil of Blood
Superior Sigil of Blood.pngSuperior Sigil of Blood
50% Chance on Critical: Steal Health. (Cooldown: 5s)
Superior Sigil of Renewal
Superior Sigil of Renewal.pngSuperior Sigil of Renewal
Heal Nearby Allies on Weapon Swap (360 radius). (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Hydromancy
Superior Sigil of Hydromancy.pngSuperior Sigil of Hydromancy
Damage nearby foes and chill them for 2 seconds when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Leeching
Superior Sigil of Leeching.pngSuperior Sigil of Leeching
Your next attack after swapping to this weapon while in combat steals some health. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Rune of Melandru
Superior Rune of Melandru.pngSuperior Rune of Melandru
(1): +25 Toughness (2): +35 Vitality (3): +50 Toughness (4): -10% Incoming Condition Duration; -10% Incoming Stun Duration (5): +100 Toughness (6): -15% Incoming Condition Duration; -15% Incoming Stun Duration
Cleric Amulet
Cleric Amulet.pngCleric Amulet
+900 Power +900 Toughness +1200 Healing Power



  • Superior Rune of the Pack Superior Rune of the Pack
    Superior Rune of the Pack.pngSuperior Rune of the Pack
    (1): +25 Power (2): +10% Swiftness Duration (3): +50 Power (4): 25% chance when struck to grant nearby allies might, fury, and swiftness for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 20s) (5): +100 Power (6): +125 Precision; +20% Swiftness Duration
    is a more offensive option.


  • You will build up life force incredibly quickly in combat from Dagger/Staff auto, skills like Locust Swarm, and minion deaths. If you are at full life force, switch over to your death shroud to mitigate damage so that you will not waste any additional life force.
  • Know when to try for a finisher or DPS an enemy down. You won't have stability or skills to guarantee stomps, so stomping should only be done when you have an ally and are stomping enemies with single target CC (Necromancer, Warrior, Engineer), so that you or your ally tanks the CC and the other finishes the stomp. Against other enemies you should attempt to DPS them down with Dagger auto, Locust Swarm, and minions, blowing up Bone Minions once the enemy is downed to stack massive poison to stop enemy healing. By using Dagger auto/Locust Swarm, you will often refill Life Force completely, giving you a massive advantage in future fights. Alternatively if there are other enemies you can ignore the enemies unless they are being ressed (in which case refer to the previous statement for DPS/cleave).
  • Doom Doom
    Make your foe flee in fear, increased duration at close range.
    Damage.pngDamage: 24
    Fear.pngFear (1s): Flee
    Fear.pngFear duration under 600 units (1½s): Flee
    Range.pngRange: 1,200
    should be held onto and used to interrupt key skills like heals or to ensure you land important skills like
    Dark Pact Dark Pact
    Dark Pact
    Immobilize your foe.
    Damage.pngDamage: 183
    Immobilize.pngImmobilize (3s): Unable to move.
    Range.pngRange: 600
    Dark Path Dark Path
    Dark Path
    Send out a claw. If this attack hits an foe, you teleport to that foe and chill nearby foes.
    Damage.pngDamage: 61
    Bleed.png3Bleeding (5s): 638 Damage
    Chill.pngChilled (5s): -66% Movement Speed, -66% Skill Recharge Rate
    Book.pngNumber of Targets: 5
    Radius.pngRadius: 240
    Range.pngRange: 1,200
    , or as a final quick CC if you see an enemy close to being downed and want to guarantee it.
  • Wail of Doom Wail of Doom
    Wail of Doom
    Screech a wail of doom in a cone pattern, dazing foes.
    Daze.pngDaze (2s): Unable to use skills.
    Book.pngNumber of Targets: 5
    Range.pngRange: 600
    against Guardians should be kept to interrupt
    Shelter Shelter
    Block attacks while healing.
    Heal.pngHealing: 4,555
    Duration.pngBlock Duration: 2 seconds
    . Unless Soul Marks are equipped with staff, this is the only way to interrupt blocks and have a reliable AoE CC, so try to hold onto it instead of using it as part of a rotation, unless you are guaranteeing a kill.


  • Morphed Morphed - any transformation such as
    Signet of Humility Signet of Humility
    Signet of Humility
    Signet Passive: Reduces incoming duration of stuns, dazes, fears, and taunts.
    Signet Active: Transform your foe into a moa bird.
    Radius.pngDuration Decreased: 20%
    Duration.pngDuration: 10 seconds
    Range.pngRange: 1,200
    Toss Elixir X Toss Elixir X
    Toss Elixir X
    Elixir. Toss your Elixir X, transforming enemies at the location into moas.
    Morphed.pngMorphed (3s): Transformed into a moa bird.
    Book.pngNumber of Targets: 3
    Range.pngRange: 900
    will destroy all minions under your control.
  • AoE Cleave/Teamfights - The more players in a fight, the more residual AoE damage there is flying around, which will be able to kill minions. Make sure to place Flesh Wurm out of harms way, and try to engage your minions aggro at 900 range to keep Bone Fiend and Blood Fiend (if you have it equipped) out of the way, as they will never move closer than they have to to attack, but won't back up to kite either. Also remember that Bone Minion maximum efficiency is achieved through instantly killing them after summoning, so don't leave them alive to possibly die in fights, and use Beyond the Veil, Transfusion, and Renewal Sigils or any other AoE defense if you have it to keep minions alive through heavy AoE. Cleric builds will be better at this than others, but don't underestimate your ability to defend your minions just as much as they defend you.
Build rating - 4 stars
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6 Ratings
5 stars
Victim gave this build 5 stars February 2016

Like any build that specializes too heavily, it is situational. If the enemy isn't great at AoE, or if you are bunkering home, most times you will be tanky enough to handle 1-3 people. The problem comes in when trying to roam or trying to team fight. If you get caught out by many of the new specializations, Dragon Guardian especially, your pets will melt. I recommend only roaming on temple to hold down Still and/or Tranq and early on forest roam to kill monster. If you have a good supportive team, try bunkering mids. In Stronghold try bunkering in mid until your team moves to full offense, then block your gates.

When it comes to tanking, this build is very strong, but only as long as you have pets. When fights go wrong or too long, shroud is key. Keep in mind that when you get surrounded by an entire team, or if the AoE is too much, 4-5 in shroud are great ways to contribute to the fight. You will most likely die solo in these situations, but if you can't bunker, stalling for your team is the last option.

This build isn't the best, but it is simple enough to get players into the swing of Necromancer. Probably the best non-HoT build in my opinion. If you have HoT, most likely best to run a reaper build.

0 stars
Eloid gave this build 0 stars February 2016

- 0 damage

- Not too much utility just transfusion

- Pet die soo fast

- No condi pressure (It is what the necro does better)

5 stars
Versepelles gave this build 5 stars September 2015

This build is quite tanky and survives well even Xv1 situations. Hard countered by Moa.

3 More Ratings
5 stars
SnipingMayhem gave this build 5 stars August 2015

A tanky build with high single target damage. Great in skirmishes and fights over side points but loses potency in team fights due to the AOE killing minions

5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars July 2015

An entry level build for Conquest, ideal for newer players. EDIT: AI's finally fixed.

5 stars
Billaboong gave this build 5 stars July 2015

A build to play for fun. The alternatives for necros are much better but this offers an unique gameplay.