Ranger - Bunker Druid Roamer

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Maybe it never coalesced into something brilliant. Maybe it never made it off the ground floor. Maybe we based our better ideas off of it. Basic builds are anywhere from downright bad to just shy of being good enough to showcase. These builds share the widest ratings and can lead to wildly differing levels of success.

Focused on: Solo RoamingParty RoamingDuelingCamp CapturingPoint Holding.

Designed for:


This build focuses on self sustain and party sustain while retaining the ability to kill other roamers efficiently; it can also capture camps up to tier III by itself, but is relatively slow at the task in contrast with other builds with better cleave. Through high mobility and permanent swiftness, it is also able to travel between objectives, chase after fleeing roamers, and disengage more proficiently than most roaming builds. When dueling, the Bunker Roaming Druid will normally turn the battle into an outlast competition, which it will win against most other roaming builds due to sufficiently-high damage pressure combined with very high sustain, enabling it to hold control points as well.

Skill Bar

Juvenile Smokescale.png
Juvenile Bristleback.png

Skill Variants


  • can be used to replace (at the cost of lesser condition cleanse) in order to gain better cleave and a source of stability, with the perk of passive healing.


  • When roaming with a party, it might be best to swap one of the pets for an Electric Wyvern (at the cost of decreased personal damage) in order to gain better crowd control through and wing buffet.


  • can be taken instead of (at the cost of decreased crowd control ) for extra damage.

  • can be taken instead of when roaming with larger parties for a solid increase in party damage.


Cleric stat icon.png
Cleric stat icon.png
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Cleric stat icon.png
Cleric stat icon.png
Cleric stat icon.png
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Cleric stat icon.png
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Superior Rune of the Pack
Mighty WvW Infusion


Stats: In essence, this build aims to emphasize four attributes: power (to deal direct damage), healing power (for party sustain and self sustain), toughness (to prevent power burst cleaving), and precision (to proc sigils for added damage pressure). The result of the presented combination of gear (excluding infusions), traits, skills, and consumables, results in the following stats:

  • Power: 2533 (2783 with full sigil charges)
  • Healing Power: 969
  • Critical Chance: 48.41
  • Armor Rating: 2911

Any combination of gear, consumables, and skills that yields a similar combination of the above stats without diminishing critical chance below 34%. The minimum base stat requirements (without signets, traits, runes, food, and sigils) is as follows:

  • Power: 2100+
  • Healing Power: 900+
  • Precision: 600+
  • Toughness: 600+


The accuracy sigil on the greatsword can be replaced with a superior sigil of air, and the accuracy sigil on the staff can be replaced with a superior sigil of fire.



  • Potent Superior Sharpening Stone Potent Superior Sharpening Stone
    Potent Superior Sharpening Stone.pngPotent Superior Sharpening Stone
    Nourishment (1 h):
    Potion.pngGain power equal to 3% of your precisionGain power equal to 6% of your ferocity+10 Experience from kills
    : This works for all situations; it is very cheap and synergetic with high toughness.


  • Plate of Truffle Steak Plate of Truffle Steak
    Plate of Truffle Steak.pngPlate of Truffle Steak
    Nourishment (30m):
    Food.png+100 power+70 precision+10% Experience from kills
    : When running solo (though it functions well in a party).
  • Spicy Chocolate Cookie Spicy Chocolate Cookie
    Spicy Chocolate Cookie.pngSpicy Chocolate Cookie
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Food.png+100 healing+70 precision+10 Experience from kills
    : When running with a party (though it functions well solo).
  • Omnomberry Pie Omnomberry Pie
    Omnomberry Pie.pngOmnomberry Pie
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Food.png66% chance to steal life on critical.+70 precision+10 Experience from kills
    : A very cheap option with increased survival capability.

Budget Option

  • The food and utility available from the Permanent Portable Provisioner which provide the same stats and effect combinations as the ones mentioned above are viable as a budget option.


Damage Dealing

  • Ranged: The most consistent source of damage will come from the staff's auto-attack, , which is an excellent way of applying pressure together with the pet's attacks. It is easy to execute and provides very consistent and reliable damage, despite the lack of cleave.
  • Melee Cleave: The only weapon cleave available in this build is on the greatsword; in order to execute it, one must (ideally) wait for an opening (e.g. the Smokescale's use of takedown, the oponent's recent use of a double dodge, or the opponent's recent use of a stun-break or block skill) and cast , then immediately cast (which will refresh ) then cast again, hopefully activating in the process. It is very important to be able to combine this combo with the pet cleave (explained below) in order to bring down enemies with sustain-oriented builds.
  • Pet Cleave: The Bristleback's F2 skill, , is a great way to cleave down foes, but should be timed properly to avoid blocking or reflection; alternatively, as a combo immediately after casting or if said skill is on cooldown, swapping to a the Smokescale pet will normally trigger its smoke assault skill within a second (with a 1 second margin of error), which is strong cleave on a single target.


  • Damage Reduction: While under the effects of regeneration, will reduce the amount of direct damage received by 5%, whereas while above 90% health, will mitigate direct damage by 33%, thus it is best to attempt to meet both conditions as often as possible; the former condition has synergy with the trait.
  • Regeneration: will allow very high regeneration up-time through the use of the three shouts in the build, which will in turn charge very fast; make sure to be in range of as many allies as possible when utilizing shouts.
  • Indirect Healing: will turn the staff's auto-attack into a constant self heal as long as there is an ally (e.g. the pet) between the caster and the target, therefore it is recommended to stay behind a pet or ally when possible while wielding a staff; it is also worth remembering that it is important to use the staff auto-attack to heal one's pet and allies for the sake of healing them, not only for the sake of one's own indirect healing.
  • Blast Combos: can be blasted with for a strong area heal; in case of an emergency, the field can be blasted one more time by entering and blasting a second time with , or it can be used as a self-heal by leaping over it with .
  • Celestial Avatar: grants access to, , , , and , which can easily burst heal for 8k before exiting.
  • The Skill Everyone Forgets to Use: is a very useful, consistent, high-healing skill, which people tend to disregard in every fight; make sure to spam this skill while on staff.

Damage Prevention

  • Greatsword Auto-attack: Despite having buildup time, the auto chain on the greatsword has an evade on every third attack, , which can be timed to avoid some hard hitting combos while remaining on the offense; it is possible to complete the auto chain without actually hitting a target while in combat if needed.
  • Blocking: on the greatsword has a long duration block with a low cool-down; it is possible to utilize the full duration of the block by aiming away from the target or remaining outside melee range from said target during the duration of its cast (in order to avoid its reaction), after which it is possible to cast the reaction skill if aimed back at the target before the skill's animation ends.
  • Leaping: on the greatsword can be used defensively at melee range as an evade.
  • Projectile Blocking: on the staff is the easiest way to prevent projectile damage (while transforming it to healing).
  • Invulnerability: is a great panic button against power damage, but should not be used unless attempting to survive and disengage or to secure a kill.

Condition Cleanse

  • Passive Cleanse: combined with will remove 4 conditions from oneself every 10 seconds; although no action is necessary for this to occur, it is best to keep track of their shared timer in order to manage cleansing under heavy condition pressure.
  • Emergency Cleanse: will pull all current conditions on oneself unto one's pet; in order to avoid the pet's death, it might be necessary to swap pets immediately after transferring all conditions unto it; due to the limited range of the skill's condition transfer, it is also possible to sacrifice a pet in case of an emergency by swapping pets immediately before the usage of the skill to ensure its proper functioning.
  • Full Cleanse: Entering will cleanse all current conditions on oneself; while in , it is possible to cleanse conditions off others by spamming the skill on the target ally's area as needed.


  • Swiftness Stacking: Activating followed by will provide permanent swiftness for yourself and quasi permanent swiftness on allies.
  • Leaping: The easiest way to race between locations is to cast , then , then again, and repeat the rotation off cooldown.


  • Optimal: Enter , cast , exit , use the duration of the effects of to run towards the best available escape route, then immediately use and in whichever order they are available (though preferably then , if possible), and follow up with either or depending on the currently equipped weapon for added precaution.
  • Situational: In case is not readily available and is too far from being charged, it is possible to execute an escape by swapping to (or remaining on) Smokescale and executing its F2 ability, which will yield a smoke field. Once the smoke field is ready, there are two ways of utilizing it for an escape. The first one is to aim the camera through the smoke field and away from the enemy, and cast through the field, which will yield invisibility and create an initial gap from the enemy, then immediately swap to staff, begin running in the desired direction, and just as stealth is about to end, cast in the desired direction away from the enemy. If cool-downs do not allow for the first option, the second option is to use to blast the smoke field which will yield area invisibility, begin running in the desired direction away from the enemy, then immediately before exiting stealth (or as soon as possible), swap to greatsword and cast in the desired direction away from the enemy to build a gap. The second option should not be used if the first option is viable.
  • Emergency: In case neither of the above options is available due to cool-downs or high pressure, it is best to activate signet(s) and/or as needed in order to survive and start fleeing until one of the two above options becomes available.


Although this build possesses the ability to (at worst) stalemate against any build--at which point the best option is to disengage, unless specifically holding a position (e.g. a Shrine or Camp)--there are two specific hard counters that will force this build's user to merely survive them with little-to-no chance of killing them:

  1. Thieves: Specifically, thieves with full power builds, e.g. the D/P Roamer and Staff Daredevil on this Wiki.
  2. Power Mesmers: While their condition counterpart's damage can be successfully mitigated through this build's abundant condition cleanse, the pressure from constant waves of direct direct power damage will make it hard to stay on the offense. An example is the Burst Shatter build on this Wiki.

Alternatively, a soft counter would be any power build with large amounts of crowd control with very high damage burst, although normally these can be disengaged or outlasted until submission if carefully fought.

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