Revenant - Basic Revenant

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Focused on: Strike damageDpsSustain.

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A strong core revenant build that can perform well in most areas of open world

Skill Bar


Weapon Variants

  • Mainhand Sword - highest DPS mainhand
  • Offhand Sword - best offhand
  • Offhand Axe - provides some CC and a short-range teleport
  • Staff - high CC weapon
  • Hammer - our only ranged option
  • Mace - avoid for this build; condition weapon


Build Code



Ascended gear and stat infusions are not required; you can use exotic gear with the same stats.

Standard Equipment

Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Scholar

Variant Equipment


  • Berserker stat icon.png Berserker's - highest DPS
  • Marauder stat icon.png Marauder - efficient gear but may overcap crit; slightly increased HP but slightly lower DPS
  • Knight stat icon.png Knight's , Soldier stat icon.png Soldier - can be mixed with other stats to add extra defense


  • - highest DPS
  • - hits 100% crit with berserker gear
  • - budget option
  • - extra defense


  • , - highest DPS sigils
  • , - burst sigils
  • - high DPS sigil that spikes heavily if enemies are stunned.
  • , - defensive sigils


Event Farming

  • Any ascended food is superior to any other food you could use. Steak for power, flatbread for conditions.
  • - Use for general farming.
  • - Use for when you need to max out magic find.
  • - more sustain (requires crit chance)
  • Anything - Any food is better than none, but you should prioritize the food above before using any other food.
  • , , - general farming
  • - good damage option with +karma

Solo Play

  • - good budget option.
  • or for your utility.


This build is very simple to use. While in Shiro, use while auto-attacking and using Chilling Isolation and . While in Jalis, use to CC mobs and reduce your damage taken and using the same attacks.


  • Sword: Auto attack while using Chilling Isolation and
  • Hammer: Auto attack and use Hammer 2 off cooldown.
  • In Shiro, use
    • Legend swap off cooldown to maximize your energy usage.


  • Always dodge and sidestep attacks where possible. Your actual defensive skills cost energy, so manage them carefully and predict when you need to avoid attacks in advance.
  • You can use or as an evade.
  • blocks attacks.
  • Swapping legends will break stun thanks to Can't find such trait "Empty Vessel"! Please refer to our trait index.
  • provides very high damage reduction.


  • If you're in trouble just .
  • heals quite a lot

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Build rating - 4 stars
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1 Ratings
4 stars
Onlywrin gave this build 4 stars July 2020

A decent starter build for revenant; it's not capable of competing with the more powerful condi renegade or power bombardment build but can hold its own for leveling purposes.