Revenant - Ventari Renegade

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Focused on: SupportHealing.

Designed for:

Expansions required:

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Support build with access to Alacrity Alacrity, personal Stability Stability, and condition removal.



Legend Variants


Alternative to Mallyx when condition mitigation is plenty.


  • More baseline heal if the regeneration uptime in your group is bad.


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Superior Rune of the Monk
Healing WvW Infusion




  • for faster rez


  • direct heal on activation.


  • Before a fight, start in Mallyx in order to proc
    when switching to Ventari.
  • Stay in Ventari when your group is fighting as long as you can as both the main portion of your healing and alacrity require access to the tablet.
  • Try to stay aware of where your tablet is, it has incredible sustain. Try to keep your group in between you and the enemy. Move the tablet with your group via
    , or into the enemy for the knockdown on
  • is your main healing skill. This should be used as often as possible in order to keep up Alacrity, although this skill heals for very large amounts.
  • is a strong condition clear for yourself and your allies, use when it is needed.
  • Make sure to use
    , on cooldown if you can. You can easily maintain 100% uptime on Alacrity Alacrity when combined with your main heal
    . You can also grant Might Might with
    , if your party is having trouble keeping stacks.
  • Enter Mallyx and use
    to apply Resistance Resistance when it is needed before swapping back to Ventari.
  • You can move your tablet and cast tablet abilities while you are picking up a downed ally. Watch out for stacking circles but you can heal yourself or continue to heal other party members while rezzing.
    blocks missiles as well, but watch your energy.
  • Hammer is the replacement for losing Shield from Herald, the damage is dismal now but
    can still provide valuable CC.
Build rating - 3 stars
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2 Ratings
3 stars
Sgt Kry gave this build 3 stars 16 hours ago

You should seriously consider using the Renegade stance. It provides tremendous healing with the Breakrazor's Bastion, as well as -50% condi damage to those in it. Icerazor's Ice provides cripple and tons of vulnerability. Darkrazor's Daring is 6s of daze to prevent rez/stomps and interrupt burst rotations, and Soulcleave's Summit provides insane lifesteal (likely to backline).

I run (with Ren/Ventari stances):

Salv 3/3/1

Invo 1/1/2

Ren 3/1/3

Provides masterclass healing and support, and only loses a little bit of condi control. :)

3 stars
Messiah gave this build 3 stars last month

staying longer than 10 sec in ventari you will lose invoking harmony buff. its seems that you gain bit more alacrity but lose more resistance and regeneration for group. thus this build required FB and scrapper. the mesmer with the share boons also needed due to cc. so this build doesnt bring much to the team.

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