Scourge - Condi Healer

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Focused on: AOE HealingAnd Group Sustain.

Designed for:


An thematical successor of the Blood Magic Scourge. This build continues the path to full support, utilizing and to provide constant sustain under AOE pressure. Provides significantly less DPS than full Condi builds.

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Superior Rune of the Monk
Healing WvW Infusion


  • Recommended food for healing purposes
  • Main option for healing.


  • Cleric stat icon.png Cleric's More power damage when using axe and wells.



  • All of your shade abilities are supportive, and instant cast. They will pulse around you, and your shade, so use wisely. Try to place the shades on enemies for , only use it on allies when they are close to death.
  • Do not hesitate to use since it procs , and will pulse healing around you. The goal of this build is to be constantly pulsing healing for 9 out of 12 seconds during combat. Maintaining constant healing up-time will give your squad confidence and allow them to better judge how much risk they can take.
    • Inconsistent healing will cause allies to rely on personal healing skills and be less effective in combat.
    • Focus on your positioning. will continue to teleport downed players for the full 9 second duration, so try to make sure you don't bend and res until you are in relative safety. It is not your fault they died, and not everyone can be saved.


  • Staff auto attacks are your best friend. They may not do much damage, but they maintain your life force.
  • Use , , and to generate additional life force, and pressure on the enemy.
  • usage should be more careful, try to save it to dump conditions if when you are under heavy condition pressure.
  • Interrupt key skills with the fear of .


  • Switching to this set when the battle moves from range haze/pirate ship towards brawling.
  • Generates significant life force, and is a great skill to use on downed players.
  • Is an interrupt and knockdown. Use it to snare escaping players or interrupt channeled skills.


  • Your shade skills activate around you as well as all active shades.
    • Placing a Shade on your frontline and activating will give barrier to the players of the frontline near the shade as well as the players around you.
  • All of your shade skills will proc the strike of
  • Shroud traits proc as if the shade skills counted as that shroud skill. For instance, is activated by . Traits like that proc on going in/out of shroud proc on .


  • YouTube:
    [DUI] Rixzaw
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5 stars
Rixzaw gave this build 5 stars December 2017

After several weeks of testing, and arm twisting other necros into testing with me. It seems that about 1 for every 10 players in the squad seems to be the right mix without over capping the healing. The 600 range AOE pulse healing that is uninterruptible and will overflow on to other players once it caps off initial targets seems to provide constant healing where it is needed without much attention from the Necromancer. Ideally this build will move back towards more damage, once it is more widely used. For now there is plenty of health bars that need as much healing as you can throw at them.