Scourge - Shadefire

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Part of the current metagame.

Our curator decided this build is in the current metagame regardless of rating. The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great.

Focused on: Condition damageBoon removal.

Designed for:


A PvP Scourge build centered around AoE boon corruption and condition damage. Offers higher pressure than Blood Sage at the cost of lower sustain/utility, making it less popular in ranked but much more common at automated tournaments where its reliance on support from the team isn't a problem and roles are more defined.

Usually paired with a Bunker Firebrand which serves as an enabler for Scourge in team fights while it shreds the enemy bunkers (and the team in general).

Skill Bar


Slot Changes


  • - vertical mobility with a touch of group utility.
  • - stun break and more condition management.
  • - AoE boon corruption.
  • - a single target, more frequently available, burstier version of Well of Corruption.


  • is also a viable option if condition cleansing isn't a problem.



  • adds a good proc to the build, and far better Weakness Weakness uptime which also helps with survival.


  • is a more forgiving but potentially weaker option.


Superior Sigil of Agility
Superior Sigil of Agility.pngSuperior Sigil of Agility
Gain 5 seconds of swiftness and 1 second of quickness when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Revocation
Superior Sigil of Revocation.pngSuperior Sigil of Revocation
On hit, remove a boon. (Cooldown: 10s)
Superior Sigil of Annulment
Superior Sigil of Annulment.pngSuperior Sigil of Annulment
Your next attack after swapping to this weapon while in combat will remove 2 boons from your target.
Superior Sigil of Escape
Superior Sigil of Escape.pngSuperior Sigil of Escape
Remove movement-impairing effects from yourself when swapping to this weapon while in combat.
Superior Rune of the Nightmare
Superior Rune of the Nightmare.pngSuperior Rune of the Nightmare
(1): +25 Condition Damage (2): +5% Condition Duration (3): +50 Condition Damage (4): +10% Condition Duration (5): +100 Condition Damage (6): When you use an elite skill, deliver an attack (240 radius) that blinds enemies and transfers one condition.(Cooldown: 45s)
Deadshot Amulet
Deadshot Amulet.pngDeadshot Amulet
+1050 Precision +1050 Condition Damage +560 Vitality +560 Expertise

Equipment Changes


  • offers higher condition damage ticks, but lower duration.
  • should you need better mobility, although your damage will be somewhat lower. Popular choice for solo players.


  • Carrion Amulet Carrion Amulet
    Carrion Amulet.pngCarrion Amulet
    +900 Power +900 Vitality +1200 Condition Damage
    trades condition duration for more HP and slightly higher burst damage.


Elite specialization basics

  • is replaced by shade skills, but shroud related traits still work. Life Force (LF) is no longer drained passively or upon taking damage, but instead serves as a resource used by F2-5 skills (F1, which places the shade, is free).
  • adds a bit of range to the build and acts as somewhat spammable boon corruption.
  • Even with no active shades you can make full use of your kit, as F2-5 skills also go off around the caster. The effects however do not stack - if the target is in range of both the caster and the shade, he won't get hit twice by the same skill.
  • will proc on every single shade skill, including Manifest Sand Shade.
  • and
    are activated by
  • is activated by
  • Every shade skill inflicts Burning Burning (5s ICD), Cripple Cripple, and Torment Torment.


  • Superior Sigil of Agility Superior Sigil of Agility
    Superior Sigil of Agility.pngSuperior Sigil of Agility
    Gain 5 seconds of swiftness and 1 second of quickness when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
    's Quickness Quickness can be used in many ways, like pulling off the
    combo better, or just getting your heal off quicker and with less risk.
  • Do not spam your staff marks on the ground while out of combat, as a single dodge can undo them all. Placing
    on chokes to detect enemies crossing in stealth is fine however, as it's a rather short CD and weak one.
  • converts a condition into a boon upon placing it.
  • The last skill of the Scepter auto attack chain corrupts a boon into a condition.
  • Scourge mobility is rather bad, so try to make use of the terrain with proper positioning. Make it hard for enemies to reach you especially ranged ones - pillars are your second best friend, right after a bunker Firebrand.
  • The build has 2 mass cleanses -
    (3 if you took
    ). Consider using
    before your heal for the Stability Stability while under heavy pressure.
  • is a rather powerful skill, but also easily avoidable. Don't just drop it randomly at the start of the fight, wait for the right moment - look for a situation where you can make your opponent overcommit. Place it on enemies trying to revive their downed teammate, or under yourself on low HP to either scare them off or take the bait.

Life force management

  • As your shade skills cost LF, being efficient at managing this resource will be crucial for both your damage and sustain. We're going to list all the sources and provide a few tips for getting the most out of them.
  • All staff skills generate life force:
    • is a rather weak skill and there's no way you'll be able to use it much under any pressure. It does however generate 5% LF per target hit, and you should use it for the occasional ranged poking. Alternatively, right after you won a fight (and no enemies are nearby who could rez their downed allies) you can use the downed bodies as batteries and just spam staff autos at them for a substantial amount of free life force.
    • Marks are unblockable and generate 3% LF each.
      can be used freely for just pressure and LF building, while
      are more powerful and should be kept for the proper occasion (Putrid for mass cleansing and Reaper's for interrupting).
  • On scepter/torch you have 2 such skills:
    • should be used with at least 4 conditions on the target, both your burst damage and LF stacking benefits from the higher number of conditions on the target. Make sure that this skill lands by CCing the target with either
    • is rather straightforward, just try to hit as many targets as possible including Ranger pets and Mesmer illusions.
  • isn't tied to any weapon and you have 2 of this in the build, one on your bar and the other as a proc from
    . This is an excellent defensive tool as it breaks stun, applies Protection and generates LF for defensive abilities while under pressure. Keep in mind that these do not stack, using Spectral Armor after a Last Gasp proc will just override it.
  • Finally, boon removal (not just corruption, but any kind of removal including some of your sigil effects) grants 5% per boon on a 5s CD via
    . You can corrupt boons with the end of your scepter auto chain,
    , or any of your Punishment skills (heal, elite, etc).

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Build rating - 5 stars
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15 Ratings
4 stars
Baescons gave this build 4 stars 2 weeks ago

Pretty much the curses build to play. However most agree it's near impossible to use in solo q, just expect a much different role than in organised at's is all i have to say

5 stars
Shiroshiro gave this build 5 stars 3 weeks ago

Ridiculously underrated. This build provides hard AOE pressure and high sustainability as well. The only counter is range dps (soulbeast and deadeye).

Note: if you can't burst a scourge down in 5secs, run.

5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars September 2018

Scourge is the elite spec with the highest pressure in PvP as of now. It's broken to the point where there are probably a dozen working versions so it's hard to pick one, we'll stick to this for now.

September edit: still one of the best thing to have in an AT comp.

12 More Ratings
5 stars
Nathanel gave this build 5 stars April 2018

still massive AOE pressure and till now one of the great picks in a meta comp.

5 stars
Kourros gave this build 5 stars February 2018

still the same complaint about how much blood sage is better but if you really look into it shadefire is still efficient and will remain better in the eyes of many as you can take down people much faster and fight for a long a time if you don't waste your skills.

5 stars
Vicolgnr1 gave this build 5 stars February 2018

Even after 6th Feb patch, this build is still a very much viable condi Meta, like it should be...

5 stars
Pwadigy gave this build 5 stars February 2018

Required for any successful team in an automated tournament or in upper-tiers of rank. Bunker+Necro is simply too grindy, and can survive just long enough to win team-fights against the move bursty of comps

5 stars
Wolfengrin gave this build 5 stars December 2017

This build seemed to take a bit of a hit in the meta as people adjusted to the boon corruption and condi flood, and as people learned to play FB bunkers better. With the recent barrier buffs, however, Shadefire is back on top. You see two on almost every team again. The extra survivability and support it gives is more than enough to make a good Shadefire necro a real pain to deal with. Feels like a quasi-bunker, if you know how to keep your barriers up at the right times.

5 stars
Ninjaboy6728 gave this build 5 stars November 2017

Okiecub is silly, this build is great. Provides tons of aoe condition damage. Good amount of crowd control, condition removal and shields on yourself and your team. The only thing lacking with this build is mobility, but when your a bulky, high damage, large aoe, killing machine it doesnt matter

5 stars
Rincewind gave this build 5 stars November 2017

It removes boons, kills things, and wins team fights. Once hunted by the nefarious spellbreaker, but now really only contested by mirage. There are a lot of small variations you could make on this build, and it would not lose any strength, because that is how good it is.

5 stars
Rawrakai gave this build 5 stars October 2017

today's update had no impact on this build. bug fix only mattered with multiple shades, shade timers irrelevant without multiple shades, dhuumfire missing on shroud still makes it deadly, increased recharge on nefarious favor makes the spellbreaker matchup worse, but they got nerfed way harder so it will likely actually be easier.

5 stars
Sweatyman gave this build 5 stars October 2017

After with today's update with bug fixes and ninja nerfs, the reduced timers on sand shades and with dhuumfire not procing as much as it used to resulted a loss of dps, all on all its still a decent build on ripping boons away from guardians and warriors, but now deals less damage. My rating would change as soon as adjustments were done to this build to make it feasible.

5 stars
Serana gave this build 5 stars October 2017

Offers the highest pressure out of any PvP build at the moment. Best when supported as the survivability isn't the best though the burst condi DPS is unmatched. Fairly easy to play with no outstanding weaknesses.

5 stars
Nox Tox gave this build 5 stars October 2017

It is insanely easy to play and the damage output is incredible. It is a hight pressure build with a proper condi burst. Survivability is good - nearly great. From my perspective the whole build is way to good and leads to a annoying condi spam in every game. Has nothing to do with skill but is awesome if you want to hit the buttons on cd.

5 stars
Foxman525 gave this build 5 stars October 2017

While I find this build to be meta type since Scourge is simply high on the pvp balance ladder at the moment, some of the choices of the original build are a bit flawed. Sand Flare is obviously superior to Consume Conditions for cast time and CD, and etc. Unending Corruption seems to be only good at 1v1 against boon bots like warrior and guardian, but against other professions like another Necro seems to do very little since we have so much corruption anyways.

I suggest adding Sadistic Searing to at least optionals, and mention how Sand Swell is buggy when used on the Y-axis, and how it disappears before it's duration.

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