Scrapper - Healing Scrapper

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Focused on: SupportCleansingHealing.

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Impressive amounts of healing and cleansing packed into a single package. Can sustain through some of the hardest instabilities and Fractals and keep going. In some instances, it can even sit in Flux Bombs and be none-the-worse for wear.
Works best with the Afflicted Instability, but We Bleed Fire also make it shine. Condi-heavy instabilities bring out some incredible buffs, and will typically cap regeneration duration in these instabilities.
Super effective in Volcanic, Cliffside, Mai Trin, Uncategorized, Underground, Siren's Reef, Molten Boss. Not weak in any other fractals, but it can really shine in these ones.
This version of the build is focused on healing and condition cleansing. However, if you would like more fury, might and/or protection uptime in exchange for some survivability, try out the turrets variant.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants

Utility Skills

  • TURRETS VARIANT: can be used instead of to grant Protection Protection
  • TURRETS VARIANT: can be used instead of to grant Might Might
  • TURRETS VARIANT: can be used instead of to grant Fury Fury
  • can be used instead of in fractals where condi application is not as strong.
  • can be used instead of to speed up healing in situations with low condi application.
  • can be used instead of for some AoE might blasting.

Elite Skills

  • TURRETS VARIANT: can be used instead of . Be warned that Supply Crate has a very long cooldown.
  • is a great option for skipping trash mobs in certain fractals, or activating the switch in Underground.



  • TURRETS VARIANT: allows you to provide fury, might and/or protection uptime with the rifle, flame, and thumper turrets instead of


  • provides passive healing while a kit is equipped.


Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Monk
Healing +5 Agony Infusion


  • Zehtuka's Armor Zehtuka's Armor (Harrier's gear) provides a great alternative to Minstrel's gear, with increased concentration and power at the expense of toughness, vitality, and (some) healing power.



  • Delicious Rice Ball Delicious Rice Ball
    Delicious Rice Ball.pngDelicious Rice Ball
    Nourishment (30m):
    Food.png100 Healing Power+10% Healing Effectiveness (Outgoing)+25% Magic Find during Lunar New Year


  • Bountiful Maintenance Oil Bountiful Maintenance Oil
    Bountiful Maintenance Oil.pngBountiful Maintenance Oil
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Potion.pngGain 0.6% Outgoing Healing Increase for Every 100 Healing PowerGain 0.8% Outgoing Healing Increase for Every 100 Concentration+10% Experience from Kills


Trash Mobs

  • Blind with
  • Spam for minor injuries on allies
  • Use or for major injuries

Cleansing like a crazy person

Remember that every condition you cleanse procs . Cleansing can provide significant buffs to your team for this reason, especially with instabilities such as Afflicted and We Bleed Fire. Fractals that inflict lots of conditions, such as Siren's Reef, Volcanic, and Twilight Oasis are also where this trait really shows off.
  • removes 5 conditions from 5 people (excluding yourself).
  • pulses cleanses every second and can serve as a water field for blasting
  • pulses cleanses every second around the scrapper.
  • , , and provide light fields that can be blasted for additional cleanses.

Healing like a crazy person

makes heals applied to yourself heal your teammates as well. Any forms of passive healing apply. Regeneration and Fractals Savant/Champ/God will also apply healing.
  • is healing filler that can be used between major heals.
  • can do over 5,000 healing per use.
  • typically does 4,000 healing on the first hit, and 600 healing per pulse for about 5 seconds.
  • and 's water fields can be blasted with , , and/or for 2,000 health AoE water finisher heals.
  • typically heals around 4,000 health.
  • Activate prior to big enemy hits. You can also block with while it's active to stop incoming damage.
  • Both and provide protection
  • Point blank use of can inject a massive amount of health on individuals. Typically >7,000 healing at point blank.
  • If you're doing decent cleansing, your should be healing over 600 health per pulse, or about 1,200 per second.

Other functions

  • can do some impressive CC when timed with certain boss attacks
  • does impressive projectile destruction plus stability
  • is a stunbreaker if you need it
  • On Cliffside, you can hit all the chains between sections by cleansing immobilize once to grant yourself resistance. Similarly, in Volcanic, the immobilize spam from the lava elementals turns into resistance spam thanks to
  • If you know an ally will go down (failure to dodge, too low health and too far), pretarget them so that when they do go down, you can immediately activate and start rezzing.
Build rating - 3 stars
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4 Ratings
4 stars
Vagrant gave this build 4 stars July 2020

Revisiting this build. I still think ANet could do some work to make scrapper more useful in high-end PvE, but if you're not focused on speedclears, this build will hard carry even the dumbest of players through tough fractals.

4 stars
Vash Shepard gave this build 4 stars May 2020

I'm in love with this build, using it for a couple of weeks now in T4, overhealing over content even in the most clown fiesta parties.

Trying a variant with Blast Gyro that, with a couple of blasts, can keep a decent 20 stacks of might on the group and still having far too much healing.

Also the amount of superspeed you can give is very useful for harder content where it helps people avoid things easier.

Of course nowadays what we're trying to do is not to avoid things but to stay in the middle of those and finish it asap, so for those you can keep people up but not give all the myriads of aggressive buffs top supports give.

TL;DR, this build is hella fun and can breeze through fractals no problems, if you want to speedrun just go in the recommended section.

2 stars
Archon Wing gave this build 2 stars April 2020

Completely outclassed by basically any common support class because the main strengths of scrapper, mass condi clear and mobility, are not valued in fractals as much.

Conditions are rarely fatal in fractals and can be outhealed and other support classes can clear condis even without being a healer. It also brings no offensive utility besides might (quickness, alarcity, spirits, banners) and thus cannot fit into any support pair except for Chrono because you would still be missing either quickness or alarcity without one.

It does have some use in skips and also can be used for afflicted Siren's Reef and Mai Trinn as those fractals can warrant some staying power. However, there is still no reason to take one over Ventari Renegade, I don't think it's worth gearing an entire character over it though. If you already have one geared from WvW and cannot find support, then this can work in a hitch, but otherwise, don't bother.

1 More Rating
3 stars
Zhao gave this build 3 stars February 2020

Not really welcome in most fractal groups since Firebrand and Renegade are dominating the support role, but I feel like if you're going to play this in fractals you should play the turret version for the boons. I use flame turret and rifle turret with full set of Harrier's, and I can maintain perma 25 stacks of might, fury, and regeneration, and high up-time on protection. That along with great healing and condi cleanse, and this build isn't so bad. Maybe best to pair with a Chrono to cover the quickness and alacrity, but of course any comp with anything but a firebrand or renegade support is going to have lower overall dps.