Soulbeast - Condi DPS (Fractal)

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The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good.

Focused on: Condition damage.

Designed for:

Expansions required:

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A condition DPS Soulbeast build for raids and fractals. The build is very straightforward to play and presses its skills off cooldown to deal high Bleeding Bleeding, Burning Burning, and Poison Poison damage. As it has a high ramp up time, it works best in long boss fights without phases.
For an even simpler version with less reliance on melee, see Soulbeast - Condi DPS Shortbow/Shortbow.
This guide is focused on fractals. For the raid version see Soulbeast - Condi DPS.

Skill Bar

Juvenile Lynx.png
Juvenile Warthog.png
Short bowHealingUtilityElite


  • Use Juvenile Warthog Juvenile Warthog instead of Juvenile Lynx Juvenile Lynx for
    Brutal Charge Brutal Charge
    Brutal Charge
    Charge your foe and knock them down.
    Damage.pngDamage: 1,173
    Knockdown.pngKnockdown: 3 seconds
    Combo.pngCombo Finisher: Leap
    Range.pngRange: 300
    for more CC at a small DPS loss.
  • Your second pet usually won't matter, as unmerging is a significant DPS loss, but you should equip a strong CC pet in the slot to save your group if CC is really bad.
  • If you have enough time to precast, you can use Juvenile Bristleback Juvenile Bristleback and precast Sharpen Spines Sharpen Spines before the fight, then switch back to Juvenile Lynx Juvenile Lynx for a small DPS increase.

Slot Changes

Healing Skills
Utility Skills



Sharpened Edges.png Sharpened Edges

Hidden Barbs.png Hidden Barbs

Quick Draw.png Quick Draw

Wilderness Survival:

24px Taste for Danger

Ambidexterity.png Ambidexterity

Poison Master.png Poison Master


24px Live Fast

24px Predator's Cunning

Leader of the Pack.png Leader of the Pack


Ascended Head (Medium).png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Shoulders (Medium).png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Chest (Medium).png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Hands (Medium).png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Legs (Medium).png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Feet (Medium).png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Back.png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Accessory1.png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Accessory2.png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Amulet.png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Ring1.png
Viper stat icon.png
Ascended Ring2.png
Viper stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Nightmare.png6x
Superior Rune of the Nightmare
Malign +5 Agony Infusion
If you cannot afford stat infusions just use standard agony infusions to reach 150 Agony Resistance


  • Koi Cake Koi Cake
    Koi Cake.pngKoi Cake
    Nourishment (20 m):
    Food.png+100 Expertise+70 Condition Damage+10 Experience from kills
    Rare Veggie Pizza Rare Veggie Pizza
    Rare Veggie Pizza.pngRare Veggie Pizza
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Food.png+100 Expertise+70 Condition Damage+10 Experience from kills
    or Red-Lentil Saobosa Red-Lentil Saobosa
  • Toxic Focusing Crystal Toxic Focusing Crystal
    Toxic Focusing Crystal.pngToxic Focusing Crystal
    Nourishment (30 m):
    Potion.pngGain Condition Damage equal to 3% of your PowerGain Condition Damage equal to 3% of your Precision+10% Experience from Kills
    • Tuning Icicle Tuning Icicle
      Tuning Icicle.pngTuning Icicle
      Nourishment (30 m):
      Potion.pngGain Condition Damage equal to 3% of your PrecisionGain Condition Damage equal to 8% of your Expertise+10% Experience from Kills
      or Potent Master Tuning Crystal Potent Master Tuning Crystal for a cheaper alternative


The logic behind this rotation is to always Quick Draw.png Quick Draw Bonfire.png Bonfire and Poison Volley.png Poison Volley and fill in the gaps with other condition damage skills.

Opening Rotation

  1. Sharpening Stone.png Sharpening Stone + Vulture Stance.png Vulture Stance
  2. One Wolf Pack.png One Wolf Pack
  3. Viper's Nest.png Viper's Nest
  4. Poison Volley.png Poison Volley
  5. Crippling Shot.png Crippling Shot

Loop Rotation and Skill Priority

  1. Weapon swap to proc Quick Draw.png Quick Draw and use Bonfire.png Bonfire
  2. 24px Double Arc
  3. Throw Torch.png Throw Torch
  4. 24px Double Arc
  5. Bonfire.png Bonfire
  6. 24px Double Arc
  7. Throw Torch.png Throw Torch
  8. Weapon swap to proc Quick Draw.png Quick Draw and use Poison Volley.png Poison Volley
  9. Crippling Shot.png Crippling Shot
  10. Poison Volley.png Poison Volley
  11. Poison Volley.png Poison Volley
  12. Crippling Shot.png Crippling Shot
  13. Repeat from 1.

Fill in gaps between weapon skills with utility skills in this priority order:
  1. 24px Maul
  2. Viper's Nest.png Viper's Nest
  3. 24px Primal Cry (if you have time before a weapon skill comes off cooldown)
  4. Autoattacks. Be sure not to interrupt your dagger auto attack chain.


Build rating - 4 stars
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5 Ratings
4 stars
Ahemix gave this build 4 stars 5 days ago

I don't think we can say "high" ramp up time, soulbeast dagger torch - shortbow have a kind of burst in opener and perform well for non organised group

2 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 2 stars September 2018

Condi Soulbeast performs poorly in fractals due to its high ramp-up time. Play the Power build instead.

5 stars
Bearpaws5 gave this build 5 stars August 2018

This is still a good, all-around build for beginners. You can be super lazy and use a simplified rotation and still achieve over 10k dps. The ramp-up time makes it a little lame for bursty fights, but the damage is still respectable.

2 More Ratings
5 stars
Screaming gave this build 5 stars July 2018

While condition builds aren't optimal for fractals, the nature of conditions meaning they'll be worse the better the group you're in and better the worse the group you're in, this build having a simple rotation ideal for beginners while also bringing some minor group support via stances. As long as a group isn't asking for power DPS only, this build is more than viable to use.

5 stars
Troupe gave this build 5 stars January 2018

Strong potential DPS, but rarely has the chance to fully ramp it up due to the short, bursty nature of most fractal encounters. Provides minor group DPS buffs through shared stances and can contribute a decent amount to breaking defiance bars.

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