Spellbreaker - Shoutbreaker

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Focused on: UtilityDirect damage.

Designed for:


The Shoutbreaker combines the frontline utility of old worker builds with the great boon removal from the Spellbreaker specialization.

Skill Bar

First Weapon Set


Weapon Variants


Trades damage for crowd control.

Skill Variants


  • Additional shout useful for its endurance refreshment.
  • constant regeneration and additional access to Resistance Resistance but less personal sustain against a spike.


  • additional boon removal.
  • access to superspeed and resistance.


  • when the additional cleanse from Shake it Off is not needed.

  • when running Hammer or being generally low on Immobilize in the squad.


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Superior Rune of Durability
Mighty WvW Infusion






  • Add Berserker's for a higher damage potential when surviving is still possible.
  • A full set of Minstrel's armor is able to play this build in a healer role but sacrifices all of the remaining damage.
  • A mix of Zealot's, Cleric's, Magi's and Crusader's can be done to benefit from the healing power for the shouts while also maintaining some tank and damage stats.


  • Superior Rune of the Trooper Superior Rune of the Trooper
    Superior Rune of the Trooper.pngSuperior Rune of the Trooper
    (1): +25 Vitality (2): +35 Toughness (3): +50 Vitality (4): +65 Toughness (5): +100 Vitality (6): Shouts remove a condition from each affected ally.
    Additional cleanse but less defense.
  • Superior Rune of the Scholar Superior Rune of the Scholar
    Superior Rune of the Scholar.pngSuperior Rune of the Scholar
    (1): +25 Power (2): +35 Ferocity (3): +50 Power (4): +65 Ferocity (5): +100 Power (6): +125 Ferocity, +5% damage while your health is above 90%.
    Pure damage option.


  • Coordinate
    with your team to lock down and kill enemies stuck inside.
    • If you go to your keybinding options, you can assign a "Stow Weapon" key. If you press your stow weapon key during a long weapon animation (Winds of Disenchantment) you can cancel the cast and put it on a 3 second cooldown instead of the full duration. This is excellent for baiting dodges from your enemies, as well as cancelling skills you know won't connect.
  • Be mindful that your Weapon Swap cooldown is considerably high on this build (if you are not running Discipline). Think carefully before swapping (see Control and Support) so you can be as efficient as possible.
  • is a difficult skill to use for maximum effect, as it's integrated heal is fairly low. Instead of using it to heal back up after a spike, try to anticipate when you are going to get damage and use the Stances secondary effect to heal you completely.
  • grants you great mobility. Use it offensively to approach enemy's zerg. Or defensively to reposition yourself.
  • Use downed or CCed enemies as a setup for
  • deals substantial damage and should NOT be used only for its mobility.
  • Both, warhorn skills and shouts, should provide you with more than half of the adrenaline needed for the burst due to
    • When not being pressured, try to prioritize
      to supply missing adrenaline. Rather use the other shouts and warhorn skills when condition pressure rolls in.
  • resets the cooldown on your burst skills, make sure to use them before full counter.
  • is a strong immobilize and its animation can be canceled by "Stow Weapon". Also Stability Stability doesn't affect Immobilize Immobilize. Coordinate with your group to use it, along with
    if possible, to lock in enemies inside bubbles and necromancer's wells.
  • is probably your most important cleanse due to its low cooldown and targeting of the most dangerous conditions. Use it often but don't waste it while having none of the affected conditions on your group.
  • targets conditions mainly used for covering. Use it against a condition overload and when "Charge" is on cooldown or to blast Combo Fields (i.e., water, light).
  • is another large cleanse, it does not target specific conditions however. Use it mostly when the group is overwhelmed by conditions as the reload time of the charges is considerable.
  • and
    are the main control skills on Hammer, use them to disrupt passing movement.
  • cripples enemies on range and should be used right before an engage or reengage.
    • Be mindful of your opponent's dodges and boons: look out for Aegis Aegis and Stability Stability when attempting to CC. Count their dodges, too; if you see an opponent dodge twice in a row with no stability it is time to unload.


Build rating - 4 stars
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3 Ratings
3 stars
The Blue Rangerr gave this build 3 stars March 2019

A hybrid of two builds, both of which are mostly superior to this one. Brings good utility, CC and of course Winds, but not incredible compared to other builds bringing the same and more.

5 stars
BenBiervernichter gave this build 5 stars January 2019

Played around with this build already a few month ago, in publics and gvg environment. Tried different gear options. In that kind of setup i preffered a mix of magi, cleric an or zealot gear for additional healing power. With that gear, and stacked out healing power and effectiveness i have reached shouts that healed 5k+ per target... So 25k for your group, If everybody is missing that much. While maintaining regular 3k hits with hammer crits, which is enough for a frontliner imo. 3k+ armor and above 20k hp and 30% critchance without fury and around 2-2.2k power.

Overall a solid build that doesnt just stand around while the zerg is shipping at 1200 range.

The gear is honestly a matter of choice, if you want to be more Dmg heavy or more the support type of person. I wouldnt recomment minstrel tho, since it lacks healing power compared to other stats and boonduration is pretty much wasted on warrior.

4 stars
Tyroxin gave this build 4 stars January 2019

The impact of the bubble has been reduced bit by bit in the recent patches, now with the latest nerf of Full Counter, people are slowly leaving the full damage route. The alternative that sees use is utilizing the tactics line and warhorn to regain old "Worker" functions. While this is certainly not detrimental, especially in groups that still don't expect much more of a Spellbreaker than placing a, now considerably weaker, bubble, it isn't exactly necessary either. The shouthealing is a nice topper at best, even when using healer equipment the standard dedicated healers Firebrand and Scrapper are still better at continuous and burst healing respectively. Similarly the condition cleanse while certainly strong, affecting up to 10 players, often removing 3 or more conditions at once, is not that integral to condition counterplay which is usually sufficiently covered by the standard classes.

What's left is the bubble which is independent of the rest of the build and could still be run on the DPS build just as well.

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